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  • Anyone know where I can buy a replica of Supernatural's 4 horsemen rings?

    CW show Supernatural in S5 had the Four Horsemen each had a ring that the boys got I would love to buy them I'd be grateful for any info on where I can get them. THANKS ^_^

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  • I need the names of famous woman that were pregnant in 2003.?

    So I got this pregnancy journal and I filled some of it out but I was 21 in college and working so I didn't get it all done. Anyway one of the questions is famous women pregnant at the same time I was and it's trivial and well 5 yrs later but I really want to finish my journal. I did some searches online but wasn't to lucky any help would be so greatly appreciated. THANKS!! ^_^

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  • How to discipline a autistic child?

    My son {my only child} is now 5 yrs old and was just recently diagnosed with Mild Autism he's very friendly and outgoing so he was misdiagnosed until it was time for pre-school .He has trouble speaking in full coherent thoughts and I don't know when he does or when he doesn't understand. This last week he has been getting kinda mean with his school mates. After school him and a few other stay afterward to play he's usually very friendly but lately he's being mean and rude and even giggles when he makes his little friends upset. How do I know when it's the autism and when he's just being bratty . I know boys are rough and don’t always want to share but when I try to tell him he’s not being nice he starts yelling uncontrollable. How do I get though to him? Or is this just normal for kids even without autism? Thanks!!!

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  • Need info about chat room for cutters?

    I used to be a cutter for 5 yrs and haven’t cut for almost 6 yrs. It started when I was 15 and my brother was murdered by his girlfriends husband long messy story. Once in a while I have the urge to cut and I really need like a chat room or some where I can turn to and interact with other cutters because if you haven’t been there you just don’t get it. AND PLEASE NOT COMMENTS ON YOU NEED HELP THIS AND THAT. I’m aware of what I need and I’m doing the mature thing by trying to find what I need though others who share my pain rather than cutting I don’t plan on cutting because I’m not that lost 15 yr old anymore it just would be nice to have someone really truly understand. Thanks ^_^

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  • NBC show Fear Itself?

    NBC has {or had} a show called Fear Itself it was on Thursdays night before the Olympics but I assumed once the Olympic ended the show would be back and it hasn't does anyone know if it's been cancelled? It was supposed to have 13 episode I believe only like 8 aired .

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  • Looking for Websites!!!?

    I found this cute e-game and my son loves it. So my son and I would love website that have easy and FREE games for him to play with. Also my computer is rather slow so nothing with downloads I'm looking for more sites like this one THANKS ^_^

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  • Looking for Websites!!!?

    I found this cute e-game and my son loves it. So my son and I would love website that have easy and FREE games for him to play with. Also my computer is rather slow so nothing with downloads I'm looking for more sites like this one THANKS ^_^

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  • Passions What's the deal with Elena?

    So I haven’t watch Passions since it changed to DirecTV but time to time I read up on what been happening . So I read that Pillar has another daughter called Elena. What's her deal why haven’t we heard of her before now? is she older than Antonio? Is her father also Martin? Where has she been? And do the Lopez-Fit-whatever know that she’s their sister? In other words I would like to know anything about her without having to read all the episode recaps. Please and Thank You ^_^ DJ

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  • Bad Girls Club. Why did the first girl leave?

    So I was watching a bit the other day and I know once left because she refused to do her job but I saw a promo that had a girl I’ve seen in the few eps I've seen so I assumed she left early one. So I was curious and wanted to know why the first girl left the show. Thanks ^_^

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  • Raw Song!! I'm looking for the song playing as Rick Flair says his goodbyes.?

    It's the song that comes at the end after all the wrestlers come out. It's a guy and the only word I remember is "memory". Thanks ^_^

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  • LIFE IS WILD on CW I want to know a song from tonights episode?

    It's the last song when Katie is breaking up with her boyfriend. I was hoping the would announce and the end of the show since CW sometimes does that but they didn't. I need singer and song manes Please!!! Thanks ^_^

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  • PASSIONS SOAP *~*~* What is Pillar's secret? *~*~*?

    She said the secret would be the death of her family. Does anyone know what is her secret. PLEASE THE MORE DETAILS THE BETTER . Thanks ^_^ DJ

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  • Help with a Movie Title from years ago {cartoon movie involving princesses}?

    I remember this movie when I was a girl {I'm almost 25 so I'd say like 10 to 15 yrs ago} and they recently remade it with Barbie called 'Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses'. I can't remember the name of the original version I think there was only 3 sisters and they traveler to this other world where like the trees grew gems and they would dance the night away but everything turned dark at one point. I don't know why after so many years I want this movie but I really do. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks ^_^ DJ

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