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Pretty simple and I like things simple. I am very content. I am married to a wonderful woman. I am disabled and started learning the computer late 2007. If I can't be kind to you I won't speak to you, please do the same. I learn a lot by reading other question and answers. Best to you.

  • There's a hole in my bucket!?

    I have a bucket of water with me while I am painting, today I noticed that it is leaking. Dear Liza what should I do, there is a hole in my bucket?

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  • Have you ever made things more difficult than they are?

    My sister's bathtub/shower was stopped up. Her husband tried to unclog it for a week using a plunger and 3 different products made to eat through the clog. During this week they had to stand in water as they showered and then remove the water.

    Her husband was working on plunging then suddenly stopped and said "I think I know what's wrong!"

    He flipped the lever to open the stopper and the water drained right away!!

    14 AnswersSenior Citizens8 years ago
  • My wife was in a parking garage fire, who is responsible for medical?

    My wife is coughing very much. She was on the third level of a parking garage and did not realize there was a fire until she was breathing a lot of smoke. She went down the three levels and the firemen called an ambulance but she told them she has no insurance. They told her the fumes are toxic and to call 911 if she continued coughing.

    I will see to it that she gets to our doctor. We are struggling with medical bills already though so, if ethically and legally, someone is responsible that would be nice. Not seeking anything more than to get checked out. I am worried about her coughing but it has only been several hours.

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  • Can you help me understand?

    I might have posted a question in the wrong category-;_ylt=Aj7fK...

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  • Please explain if this is legal.?

    In Kansas my son has a CDL license. He is periodically pulled over for a DOT check and his CDL license is ran. He has no problems. His most recent DOT check was in January 2012.

    In summer of 2011 he was pulled over (in his car) and cited for not having proof of insurance. The following day he went as required and showed his proof of insurance that he was indeed insured.

    At the end of January he was arrested for having a suspended license. He went to court today. The judge said that he can see that he did show his proof of insurance but the information was not entered correctly into the system. The judge stated that it his his responsibility to check the status of his license every few days. ?? 800 dollar fine for driving with suspended license! I think there was also an illegal lane change or something, failure to signal on entrance ramp in his car.

    If he was checked by DOT in January and his license was clear, wouldn't that be sufficient evidence as knowing your license was in good standing (reasonably)

    And the juge said that it was a mistake at the court house inputting data that resulted in the suspension but he is still guilty for driving because the result of that mistake made his license suspended and he was supposed to somehow know that.

    He had to miss 3 weeks work already because of this, we don't have 800 dollars.

    1 AnswerLaw & Ethics9 years ago
  • Maybe you can explain this to me.?

    My wife is preparing to bake a cake. I hear some kind of distress so I go to see if I can help.

    "I am looking for a pan" she says. I open cabinets and all I see are pans. "I am looking for the brown one" she says, "It's been missing since Thanksgiving."

    I asked if she remembered what was in it. Green bean casserole. "That's why we couldn't have green bean casserole for Christmas!"

    ?? She has reluctantly decided to use a pan the exact same size and material but a different color.

    But I am thinking I'll never have green bean casserole again unless I find the brown pan.

    There is nothing but pans in that kitchen! Does green bean casserole have to be cooked in a brown pan? And how will a clear pan affect the cake that should be in a brown pan?

    19 AnswersSenior Citizens9 years ago
  • Can you help me find a Paul Harvey story?

    I was listening to Paul Harvey one day and he said before you do those weekend projects around the house wait for page 4 or something to that affect. Then he came back to explain that the cupboard door that wouldn't stay shut, the floor board that squeaked, the door that stuck, etc. were the things a person remembers about their home. That's part of what made it home. I'm not sure about the exact contents( ie door, floor board ).

    I have over the years jokingly used that as an excuse not to fix things. (She never accepted it)

    Does anyone remember that or have more details? Thanks!

    2 AnswersSenior Citizens9 years ago
  • I need a roof repair?

    I have an old 8" flue from an old floor furnace. The furnace was removed a couple of years ago but the chimney was left. This morning the roof started leaking there. I have plywood and shingles but am not able to do the repair. How much could I expect to pay to have the old flue pulled and the hole patched? It is no more than 2' below the peak on a steep roof. The roof is less than 3 years old in good condition with new decking.

    3 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs9 years ago
  • Scanning with HP OfficeJetJ5770 All-in-one?

    Can you scan multiple photos on flatbed and import as individual files with the HP Officejet J5770 All in one? If so, how?

    I know how to do it with an HP Photosmart all-in-one but can not find the option on the Officejet all in one.

    Thank you.

    2 AnswersScanners10 years ago
  • Recent examination reveals no knee jerk?

    I have already been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy and use a cane. I also sometimes stutter and have problems speaking. My condition has worsened since a fall some years ago. Today my new doctor is urging me to be checked for brain damage. Why do they suspect this? I have already had two surgeries, lumbar and ulnar nerve. I am very reluctant to have further tests because I have had to pay for them but she thinks I should. Why? I thought the neuropathy caused me to walk awkwardly and I thought spasms caused my speech problem(not always). It takes me awhile to pay for these things so want to know more before I give in to further tests.

    2 AnswersBiology1 decade ago
  • How do you or can you project a DVD slideshow to a wall or screen?

    My niece has asked me to make a slide show with music. I can put it on a DVD no problem. She wants to play it in a restaurant. What equipment will be needed to enable multiple viewers to watch it simultaneously? Can it easily be done?

    1 AnswerOther - Visual Arts1 decade ago
  • How do you or can you project a DVD slideshow to a wall or screen?

    My niece has asked me to make a slide show with music. I can put it on a DVD no problem. She wants to play it in a restaurant. What equipment will be needed to enable multiple viewers to watch it simultaneously? Can it easily be done?

    1 AnswerPhotography1 decade ago
  • Do you ever feel irritated when your dog wants out in the middle of the night?

    My dog pestered me to go out in the single digit cold at 3 am. I reluctantly let her out and she began barking immediately. A man stepped out of my shop, I called the police and they chased and caught him and recovered several hundred dollars worth of items from my shop as well as someone else's property.

    I'll gladly let my dog out next time she pesters me at 3 am. LOL

    5 AnswersDogs1 decade ago
  • New HVAC installed. Why does it blow fuses?

    I just had a new central heating/ac unit installed. Worded fine for 4 days then quit. the company came out and replaced 2 fuses and installed a 30 amp breaker in lieu of the 20 amp breaker. They said they had the wrong fuses in it. It worked fine on heat for 12 hours then blew the fuses again and tripped the main house breaker. They will be out tomorrow again but the inspector is also scheduled in the morning.

    Any ideas why it would work fine for awhile then blow fuses using gas heat. I am beginning to be concerned? We have never experienced problems with the house main breaker being tripped.

    4 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 decade ago
  • How do you file taxes for $1500 energy tax credit?

    If I were to install a new heat system eligible for the tax credit how do I see that. Do you have to go long form or anything like that? I need the credit if I get the new heat system.

    3 AnswersUnited States1 decade ago
  • I am looking for a song from the 80's I think?

    I think the name is You can't stop love. But the lyrics describe a pregnant woman working in shoes too small for her feet. The father of the child has left but comes back in the end. Can you help us? It is a country song. Thank you.


    2 AnswersCountry1 decade ago
  • My 40 - 50 year old furnace went out? New floor furnace or?

    I had maintained my old floor furnace pretty good but was keeping a close eye and this year saw two pin holes in the chamber. I thought I needed central heat which I cannot afford but I just spent 9 tubes of caulking and closed the crawl space vents and with a 1000 watt heater with thermostat at one end of the house at 40 degrees outside the house dropped 2 degrees at the point furthest from the heater. Quite comfortable 68 degrees. I am thinking a floor furnace will be sufficient now with all the weather proofing we have done. Opinions please.

    8 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 decade ago
  • How do you feel when someone says they will help you then?

    drives over 200 miles and upon arriving grabs a scraper to scrape paint without even coming in the house. I am overwhelmed my sister did that for me and put two coats of paint on my porch. How was your day?

    18 AnswersSenior Citizens1 decade ago
  • How do I best put my scanned photos on CDs?

    I have family photos scanned and digitalized on my computer. I would like to make them available to all family members. If I just copy them to a cd would they be able to have some printed from the cd? Some may not own computers.

    I have made DVD slide shows but want to be sure they have the option of printing or downloading from the disc I send them.

    Any tips are appreciated, thank you!


    2 AnswersPhotography1 decade ago
  • Steep roof has new deck and felt but no shingles.?

    It rained a little overnight. Should I allow roofers to install shingles if the felt is moist? I know they are in a hurry to finish the job but should I allow them to start at 7 am after overnight rain?

    4 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 decade ago