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  • Will child protection services respond to all requests?

    Went to a therapist the other day, I’m over 18 for some abuse that’s happened to me by a fam member.

    Unfortunately the CPS request was made by her since she thinks my minor siblings could be at risk for abuse

    This could make my life worse If they come, so I was wondering if CPS responds to all cases?

    She doesn’t have much infor on me other than my name and the gen idea of what happened no details cuz I refused to share

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  • I think I got chemical poisoning !?

    So over the weekend, my friend and I went shopping and I found this cute set of perfumes that said "scented with fruity flavors". The bottles they were in (came in a set of 4) were all designed with the fruit the smelled like. So I actually thought that you were supposed to spray this on food to create that flavor. This morning, I opened the grape bottle and poured about two spoons if it over my pancakes because I thought it would add a grape flavor. In my first two bites, I didn't taste any grapes instead it tasted really gross and I thought I was imagining things. Then later on, I felt nauseated and realized after reading the label, it was PERFUME TO SMELL GOOD AND NOT FLAVORING. Should I go to see a doc ? I still feel nauseated.

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    Drank some bleach this morning to wash down my breakfast of battery acid pioured over pancakes ,,,.my stomach feels weird, my pupils turned to slits and I think I can fly now. What's happening to me??

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  • eye flashes?

    I'm getting a lot of eye flashes of recent. It starts as a light in my peripheral vision and goes around as a semi circle around the corner of my Visio. mostly followed by two or three accompanied by some more in the right eye,

    and lately I've been seeing small lights floating across my vision

    it's scaring me so I went to the docs, there all full of ****, and said maybe it's mineral deficiency with sarcasm when they coudnt find anything, taking there words to heart I bought vitamins but it hasn't worked yer

    please help. maybe if u had something similar or know anything it would be great, I'm beginning to get desperate and I don't think it's retinal detachment since it's over a month now .

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    why does Apple now require that we put in biking info to get an app account

    even if all your going to get are the free apps

    is there a way to avoid this?

    and how would jail breaking be harmful

    thanks in advance

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  • Attachment image

    What anime is she from?

    Please tell me what anime this girl is from, I saw many pictures of her and want to watch this anime!!

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  • Whats this song???!!!?

    The main chorus lyrics are like "I got you, ohhh I got you"

    A female sings the song , i think its like hip hop /pop song

    I heard it on Black Friday like five times in Kohl's

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  • What happens in the ending of the manga Nana?

    I know from the anime and the manga summaries that she has a child, Satsuki and she lives in apartment 707 with the rest of the band members. Then Ren dies and Nana cuts of all ties and leaves Japan. so Komatsu Nana is waiting in room 707 for Nana Osaki to come back. What happens???

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  • What race do u think has the most ugliest people what race has most pretty people?

    Don't give a garbage lecture on how much beauty is in eyes of the damn beholder cuz I already know I just want ur opinion ok?


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  • What song is this???1?

    So I heard it in the mall.

    The chorus is something like "let's get high" or "the worlds gonna get high"

    It was sung by a guy

    Please please please help me

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  • Who are the lamest patheticest anime characters?

    Go ahead!

    Rant about the patheticest anime characters you have ever come across that just made you want to pull your hair out!

    Here's just a small part of mine:

    (No particular order, cuz they all tied for first)

    1. Sacchan from Glasslip,

    Like what the **** is wrong with her? She is so weak, lame and pathetic! And gets jealous easily. If I was part of the group, I would push her off a cliff. She said no dating allowed in ep.2

    Like who the hell does she think she is??? No one gives a ******* **** about her!

    2. Yukki from Mirai Nikki.

    Like dude, I lost hopein him after the first episode, he was a lame pathetic dick head! He cries like a frikin baby all the time, and refuses to hurt people. uhh.

    3. EVERYONE from Akane no iro somaru saka, especially his heinous sister Midori or whatever the hell her name is. She's so disgusting it makes me why the **** did she have incestious feelings for her horrendous brother!? WTF!

    4. EVERYONE from Kamigami no asobi. first, Yui the pathetic SHITHEAD who is so energetic and retarded. If she was a real life person, **** would go down. And all the guys in there, esp Balder were disgusting and rapistic.

    5. Chi chan from brothers conflict.

    I hated how retarded she acted, esp at the ******* choose someone already!!! She was so lame and weak.

    6. EVERYONE from Da Capo. Like I totally regret watching this pathetic shitty anime. It was just a bunch of disgusting slice of life, incest, and babyish ****.

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  • What's this song!?!?!?

    I heard it in a shop and in someone's car before.

    A female sings the chorus , she kinda sounds like Katy perry

    And then a guy raps (I think he's black, I'm not sure, but he raps reall good)

    And he is definitely not Eminem

    And the song is not Dark Horse


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  • Attachment image

    What anime is this from?

    Please tell me!

    I really need to know.

    Here's the link to the video, it shows all the scenes with them

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