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  • Would this be considered flirting?

    I was sitting next to a married woman who was talking to a guy and when he finished saying something she asked "how are you still single?" in a non sarcastic way. I don't differentiate flirting from just normal teasing so what do you all think? Thanks!

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  • I woke from a nightmare and immediately thought of him. What does this mean?

    I had a nightmare the other night and woke up from it to immediately thinking of a guy and wishing he was there to comfort me. What does this mean? How bad do I have it? 

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  • Work didn't schedule me this week?

    I have been working at a retail sales job for over three months now. I'm not a bad worker, if anything just slow to learn. However, I think I have been learning. I've noticed though that they've been cutting back on my hours since I started another job elsewhere as well. I made it so that I would work at the one place in the morning and the other place in the evening. However, I have noticed that they stopped scheduling me weekends and then started to only schedule me one day a week. After a few weeks, they stopped scheduling me altogether this week. I could have brought it up with someone however there isn't an actual manager at the store. Plus everyone there behaves like a bunch of gossipy high schoolers. I never really fit in there at all and They probably saw that. Anyway, I tried emailing my district manager my two week notice but she never responded. Should I contact the store to let them know or just assume she talked to them? She's always sending emails at least when I worked for them. 

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  • Should you size up or size down in jeans?

    Ive bought Jennifer Lopez skinny jeans which I love how they look on me. However I got a few pairs in a size 6 and they fit great at first but really started to stretch and loosen up throughout the day. It got to the point that I have to keep pulling up my pants and wear a belt. Even with a belt they fall down a lot. I eventually decided to try a size 4 which is quite a bit better. They don t fall down half as much. The only problem I have is they are a little too snug around the waist but not unbearable. But I like that I dont have to keep them up with a belt. What do you guys think? If you re between sizes in jeans usually should you size up or down? From my personal experience, I think down especially if you dont dry them.

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  • Is 34C a big size in bras?

    I personally consider it pretty average. I do have a smaller frame though, am 5'4 and 116lbs

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  • Would you consider it creepy if a significantly older guy secretly took pictures of you?

    There's a customer (probably early to mid 30s-I am 20) that comes in frequently throughout the week and he always comes through my line or goes to self checkout if I am over there. He never goes anywhere else. He comes in with his mom during the weekends and they both seem to be really nice and I try to be nice to everyone as much as possible. However, I do think that sometimes my being polite and friendly gets taken advantage of. For instance, one time this old guy probably 60 to 70s (who regularly flirts with me shamelessly btw) came up and hugged Me. Now I know hugs aren't a big deal but between that and the obvious flirting I feel like he's pushing his bounds that he has as a customer. The only rea son I never stopped him was because I didnt know how without being rude or it becoming super awkward and unpleasant. Anyway, with this guy, he always comes up and messes with me and talks a lot every time he stops by. Well today when he was checking out, I didnt realize it but he secretly took pictures of me while I was working at the computer without me realizing it. The only way I found out was through a cashier who was at a checkout lane nearby who saw him snapping pictures at the last second. I don't even want to know why he wanted the pictures but it makes me really uncomfortable thinking about it. I'm planning on bringing it up the next time he comes in.

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  • How to get over an attraction for a manager?

    So there's a manager at this grocery store I work at. I can literally talk to everyone but him. Whenever I say anything to him it sounds stilted and awkward. Most of the time when I see him around I just pretend he's not there. At first i was in denial and hoping that any sort of feeling wasnt there. However, i just spent the entire day thinking about him. Ive barely talked to him much yet i feel attraction even though hes not what i am usually attracted to. Its weird because theres another guy that ive been talking to fairly regularly at work who i thought i had a crush but then i keep thinking about the manager. How do I get past this? I dont know if it's that my hormones are all out of whack (I am 20 btw) and for all I know the guy has a wife and kids. He may even be in his 30s. I am not entirely sure. I just feel like such a mess and that I need/want to just chill.

  • How to stop finding my older brother irritating?

    I don't know how to describe it. I can't really put my finger on it. There's just something about him that I find kind of irritating. I used to like him the best out of all my brothers and I have four. However as of late, any time I see a post on facebook by him or he makes a cmoment I find myself wanting to ignore them or other things. His life almost seems too perfect and he's always seemed super sure of himself and what he's doing. He moved out at 18 didn't go to college but winded up doing what he's wanted to do with people backing him up and encouraging him. He got married at 21 and is still happily married to this day with their first child on the way. I'll admit I find myself a little jealous and that's probably the biggest reason why I find him irritating and feel like keeping away. To be honest, they tend to keep away more and more lately anyway. I underst and there is a baby on the way so there's a lot of preparation but they never have time to spend with family. Maybe that's a good thing since ive been feeling like avoiding them or running away everytime theyre around. I guess they just make me feel insignificant even though I'm sure they don't mean to. I mean I'm still living at home at 20 never dated anyone and I feel like anything I've attempted to do I always seem to get backlash. Anyway sorry this is long. I just have a lot on my mind.

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  • I spent $10.65 on a bag of grapes?! Is this normal??

    So I am still a teen still living at home which is explains the reason as to why I am asking a question like this. I recently got a job and have decided to try to eat better. I went to the store today and decided to get some grapes just the normal sized bag and when I went to check out I entered the code had them weighed and it said it was for 10.65. Is this a normal price for grapes without any discounts? I know i may sound completely clueless and stupid and possibly spoiled. What makes it worse is I didn t have a store card so it didn t go down to the sale price of 1.99...I feel like banging my head against a wall for doing something like this

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  • Can you marry your cousin in law?

    So my 28 year old sister has shown interest in my grandpa's daughter's son and I was just wondering if it was legal for her to date and marry him. My grandpa met and married my Nana when they were in their 70s after decades of her being alone.

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  • Is 9 years a big age gap?

    So I am turning 19 tomorrow and have met this 28 year old guy over a social app. We had talked etc a lot at first and then after a while stopped completely. I decided to text him again today and he seemed really happy to hear from me. I honestly think if i gave him the chance he would date me but seeing as I have my whole life ahead of me and he s that much older I don t I will. However, things do happen and if in the next five years or so it won t seem as drastic and I may be ready to date then. If we still keep in touch (highly unlikely) but if we do is 9 years still too big?

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  • What kind of girls do lifeguards like?

    I know this is a rather strange question but I m curious. A lot of them seem to like girls who are tan and bleach their hair etc instead of fair skinned girls

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  • Why do my friends agree that I will be the first one to get pregnant?

    So all my friends agree that I will be the first one to get pregnant. However, I don't understand why. The thing is is I do not consider myself easy or anything. I am what people would call a square. Everyone that ever knows about me always says how I am a good kid etc. I've never smoked, drank, or even been to a party. Ive never even had a boyfriend while the friends who have said that have. I have never even held hands with a guy and I am 18. So why would they say this? I don't throw myself at guys. Sure I say I am attracted to different ones etc. but I don't try to get with them.

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  • Why are people mean to nice people?

    There is this girl who I used to sit with at lunch this past semester who I guess considers herself a "friend" of mine and that I consider her a friend (which I don t) and she acts ok and sometimes nice at points but most of the time she is flat out rude and mean to me for no reason. I haven t done anything to her and I am considered a nice and sweet person based on what other people have said to people I know about me. What I don t understand is why she is like this towards me. For instance, the other day when we were getting ready to play volleyball we got split up into teams and I ended up on the same team as her and she just had this serious grumpy look on her face and I asked if she was ok and she said im fine in a short sort of tone. My guess when thinking about it later is that she just wasn t happy that I ended up on her team. Then later when we were playing she kept picking on me and telling me to either stay in one spot or move etc and just being mean. The only time she was nice that entire period was when I hit the ball. It s weird because other people failed to make the ball go over the net and stuff and she wasn t bitchy towards them. She didn t make any comments towards them. I just don t get it....And call me sensitive but I had already have been having a pretty bad week and she just made it worse...I don t know what s wrong with me...

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  • Is it ok for a male teacher to call a female student sweetie/sweetheart?

    A few weeks ago my class was taking a quiz and I had to ask a question. My twenty something married teacher came over and said "what s up sweetie?" Or something similar under his breath. We were all spread out so nobody probably heard. He also called one of my friends sweetie or babe or some other term of endearment at one point. Then today we were in class and we were answering questions going around the room and when it got to me he said something and then called me sweetheart in front of the rest of the class. Would this be deemed inappropriate? I have to admit I felt a little uncomfortable but I figured he probably has said similar things to other girls before. Plus he s really friendly so I m not really sure.

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  • Is it wrong to like a teacher whos married?

    So I like one of my teachers who is in his late 20s. I don't think I like him as a crush neccessarily but I have to admit I think about him quite a bit and look forward to his class everyday. He's just an overall nice guy. He never yells at anyone or gets mad and he's pretty funny and easy to be around. He's not good looking by any means. Looks really normal actually older than his age but he still is a really like able person. Is it wrong to feel this way? Especially since he's married?

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  • Is it wrong that I?

    Whenever I get horny I realized that the best way for me to get relieve is to sext random guys. I recently met this guy whose in his late 20s whose nice and we both enjoy sending pics and videos to each other. I m 18 so there is a pretty big age gap and he realizes this and respects me if I don t want to do something. However I feel sorta bad though because I feel like I am the only teen who does it more than I should. Is this so wrong? Do other people do it a lot? We don t save anything so I m not worried about them getting out but I just feel alone on the whole deal.

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  • Is it wrong that I enjoy sexting?

    Whenever I get horny I realized that the best way for me to get relieve is to sext random guys. I recently met this guy whose in his late 20s whose nice and we both enjoy sending pics and videos to each other. I m 18 so there is a pretty big age gap and he realizes this and respects me if I don t want to do something. However I feel sorta bad though because I feel like I am the only teen who does it more than I should. Is this so wrong? Do other people do it a lot? We don t save anything so I m not worried about them getting out but I just feel alone on the whole deal.

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  • How did you think babies were made when you were little?

    I used to think that the wife just became pregnant any time after she got married. That the baby just popped up in her belly unexpectedly. xD

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