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  • What should I do? Continue to pay me family's bills or help my boyfriend of 16 years?

    I m stuck in a weird situation, what should I do?

    I ve been with my boyfriend for 16 years, but have only lived together for 2 years due to my family situation. I ve been the mean bread winner for my mom, 4 siblings since I was 18 years old; I m now 35. For the past 5 years I ve also been taking care of my niece and nephew. My 2 sisters moved out, one brother goes to college and my other brother works at Wendy s. One of my sisters doesn t contribute financially to the house at all, and the other pays $300 towards the rent. My brother going to college pays $100 a month, so that leaves me with about $1400 to pay beside the bills at my house. To top it all off my boyfriend has been unemployed for 6 months. He s been physically looking and sending out resumes like bits. So now I have to pay everything at our house. Needless to say I am looking for a second job.

    My questions is who should start cutting finances with, my family or my boyfriend. This probably sounds like a silly question to a lot of you, but I honestly don t know what to do. I m and my breaking point.

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  • I need advice?

    I am 35 years old. I ve helped my mom raise my 5 younger siblings since I was 17. I dropped out of school and got a job. My father or step father never really helped us, and my mom has never worked; she doesn t drive either. So needless to say for the past 18 years I ve been the driver to doc appts, schools, store, softball practice, band practice, you name it. The first vehicle I bought a age 23 was a mini van to accommodate my family. My youngest brother is now 18, so I ve got more freedom lately than I have had in the past. My boyfriend and I can actually leave town and go on trips without worrying about picking someone up from school. Now my mom was given custody of my niece and nephew because CPS found out their mom and my brother were using drugs. I know this probably sounds terrible, but the first thing I thought was "here I go again". My mom still doesn t drive or work. My niece and nephew are 2, she had custody since they were 3 months old. Yesterday my mom got upset with me because I never take my niece and nephew out with me like I did with my sisters anf brothers. I have a very demanding job, so I work a lot of hours. My mom told me it s not normal for me to not want to take them out. Even though I don t really live ate home, but I still pay $900 for rent and a $320 suv payment for my mom, which puts a strain on me financially. What should I do....I m in the wrong? I need advice.

    Thank you.

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  • I need advise for my friend.?

    My friend is 43 yrs old he lives with his mother. He moved back home about ten years ago to help his mom with her business and his dad with cancer. Ever since he went back home he has not had a real job, he says he's parents take up so much of his time. Four years ago his father pasted, and about five months ago his mother was taken to an elderly facility. The mothers home is about to be seized by the state, I don't know what to tell him, he is about to become homeless. I think he should get a job secure himself with a place to stay and then try to help his mother. Instead he has spent the past five months writing letters to different agents trying to get help regarding his mother. APS just took her out of her home without saying a word to my friend. He never abused her, they have found no proof. In the mean time I have been buying him food, gas, and helping him pay bills. What can I tell him, please give me some advise?

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  • I am I right to be mad at my sister?

    I am 31 my sister is 22. When I was 17 I got my first job, I paid for her to go to school in a cab for 2 yrs. It cost $200.00 a month. When she started middle school and high school I was able to drive, from 6th grade to 12th I took her everyday, all her dances, softball practice, band, etc. Mind you I had to sneak off work sometimes to get her, my bosses would get mad at me for having to leave work to get her. I also could never go anywhere or plan anything for a whole day because I always had to stay in town to get her. The most time I would have was 4 hours. I didn't start doing things until she was out of school. To this day she still can't drive, and I was hoping she could take a load off me but no. Now she has moved out of me and my moms house with her boyfriend. For those 6 yrs I could hardly ever go anywhere with my boyfriend until recently. Sometimes I have such bitter feelings toward her, but I don't want to. I feel like she has never helped me with anything, she has never even given me a thing for my birthday or any holiday for that matter, and she has a job. I feel kinda used because I put my needs aside all the time for her, but she never has for me. There is a lot more issues but I can't fit them all in. Should I be mad?

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