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  • My mother hates me..?

    I've gone through a lot but I'll try to make this as short as I can.

    My mother hates me. She's told me before and she tells me a lot that she hates me. It started when I was twelve and my grandmother died. She did it before but when my grandmother died it seemed to get a lot worse.

    She says a lot of really mean things. One time when we had a disagreement she told me that I should tie a rope around my neck and jump off a bridge. Since I'm really feminine she always calls me a ******. Recently, when she was finished verbally abusing me I couldn't take it anymore and I told her that I hated her. It felt so good to get that off my chest. But then she started laughing and said that she hates *******.

    Another time when I emotionally exploded she tried to attack me and when I held my arms out to keep her away from me she hit my arms and said that I hit her when I didn't. She called the police and since she's very manipulative they believed that I hit her and I got a domestic violence report when I was THIRTEEN.

    She says a lot that she wishes that I was never born and that I should do her a favor and leave permanently. I try to but when I do leave she either acts really nice and persuades me to go home or she threatens to call the police, so I HAVE to go home.

    I don't know what to do anymore. I know that because of her I have really low self-esteem and I am depressed. I have suicidal thoughts sometimes and I've attempted suicide a few times. I do not self harm but I seriously consider it. Please tell me what do I do because I know that I can not take this until I'm eighteen. I'm fifteen currently.

    - and before anyone asks - no I am not a bad child. I do have moments when her abuse gets to me and I explode but I do not rebel against her, I do chores when told and I'm doing good in school. I don't smoke, drink and am still a virgin. I'm not a bad child at all.

    thank you.

    2 AnswersFamily7 years ago
  • Good Titles For A Love Story?

    I'm writing a love story and i need a good title. Amy suggestions?

    3 AnswersBooks & Authors8 years ago
  • Where is a good place a teenager could work.?

    I'm just curious, I need some options as I will be 14 next year and that is when I'll be starting Summer Youth. However, if I don't get picked... Where else could I work? What is the legal age to work??

    5 AnswersOther - Careers & Employment8 years ago
  • How can I make money?

    Pretty straight forward-- I need money, but my mother won't give it to me because she says she doesn't have it. How can a 13 year old make any money? Also, please-- don't suggest the usual lawn mowing or lemonade stand, it's quite hard to do these things when people dont have lawns to mow/lemonade stands simply don't work. Thanks!

    Small Business8 years ago
  • Are you excited for Pokémon Black and White 2?

    BQ: Which version will you be purchasing. I'm getting White (I currently have black)

    BQ: Who do you prefer, Reshiram or Zekrom. Why? I personally prefer Reshiram.

    3 AnswersVideo & Online Games8 years ago
  • (Poll): It's so hot outside!?

    It's so hot! I can barely get up and do my daily routines, which includes EATING BREAKFAST! Plus, the AC is being repaired. -.-"

    How're you guys bearing? Is it hot where you live too? What're you doing to stay cool?

    7 AnswersPolls & Surveys8 years ago
  • Powerpuff Girls Question?

    In the episode 'Him Diddle Riddle', Him has two Ms. Keane's over a boling pot of hot water (with sharks). He allows the girls to ask one question, and Blossom says something like this:

    "Who will the other Ms. Keane say is the real Ms. Keane?"

    ... I don't understand that logic--sorry. Can someone emphasize. Thank you.

    2 AnswersComics & Animation8 years ago
  • Does cutting yourself really relieve stress/depression..?

    I've just been feeling extremely stressed out lately and that stress is slowly turning into depression.. Should I cut myself, does it relieve the mental pain?

    Note - I don't need help/I'm not crazy. I'm just really stressed out and slightly depressed..

    5 AnswersMental Health8 years ago
  • Did I make the right decision?

    This may be pretty long, because I have to tell you about my Middle School first.

    Okay, so I'm in eighth grade, and my school is, unfortunately, one of those schools where people are separated. In this case, there's this girl called Megan, who's really 'popular' just because her father is the principal/she always gets what she wants. She came last year, and already she has this dumb entourage who starts trouble every day. Everyone is scared of her (for whatever reason) so they always do what she says. She even has this thing called 'Megan Approved Style' where if you where what she recommends, you're 'cool'

    Now, at the beginning of they year, a new girl came. Her name is Amber. She isn't ugly, stupid, etc. That's what Megan says. Amber didn't know that Megan was popular and tried to be her friend, but Megan shunned her, and now everyone (excluding maybe ten people) are horrible to her. Some aren't, but ignore her. She seems depressed.

    So, earlier today, I saw her sitting at a table alone, and I sat with her. She's really sweet, and I her friend, but will they treat me like they treat her? I do know how to defend myself, but still...

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  • What's the point of Pokémon Black/White 2?

    Alas, it has been confirmed... But what's the point? How will it be any different from it's prequel?

    6 AnswersVideo & Online Games8 years ago
  • Why can you feel your dreams?

    Lemme elaborate, let's say in your dream, you're falling. Why can you feel that outside of the dream state?

    3 AnswersDream Interpretation8 years ago
  • Why does nostalgia hurt so much?

    If you were born in the 90's, 80's, etc, I think you can see how this current generation is well, quite frankly, crappy. But why does Nostalgia hurt so much? It feels like I'm dying from the inside when I reminisce.

    4 AnswersOther - Health8 years ago
  • How do you tell someone to leave nicely?

    There's a friend of mine staying at my house for the Spring Break, and he is kind of annoying (always playing jokes, talkative, etc...). He spent the night yesterday and now he's saying that he wants to stay for the whole break! What is an excuse or something that will Make. Him. Leave. I don't want to be direct with it, I just want him outta here.

    8 AnswersFriends8 years ago
  • What causes Deja Vu and what is Deja Vu?

    Like, seriously, how can you remember something that didn't happen? It doesn't make much sense, does it? What causes Deja Vu?

    3 AnswersPsychology8 years ago
  • Is Nintendogs (+ Cats) worth the buy?

    I had the original Nintendogs for my DSi, and on the first few days, the game was really fun. It still is, but it's not as fun as it used to be. So, is Nintendogs (+Cats) any better than the first?

    3 AnswersVideo & Online Games8 years ago
  • What songs on Talk That Talk (Rihanna) should've became singles?

    I personally think Talk That Talk (Ft. Jay-Z) would be better off not being a single. It's a great song, but the amount of cursing makes me cringe. The songs that would/can make great singles are:

    We Found Love

    You Da One

    ********* (Love It)

    Where Have You Been

    Watch N' Learn

    What do you think?

    1 AnswerRap and Hip-Hop8 years ago
  • What's your favorite Pokémon (and why)?

    Also, which generation do you think is better? My favorite Pokémon is Buneary, it's so cute and can really pack a punch! My favorite generation would have to be Generation 2 (Johto).

    7 AnswersVideo & Online Games8 years ago
  • Should I adopt this Raccoon?

    Well, I initially was going to get another dog to keep Faith (my Dachshund) company. As I was going to the pet shop I saw that there was a breeder in town and I wanted to see if there were any exotic pets (I was actually looking for a Sugar Glider). As it turned out, they didn't have any sugar gliders so I planned to leave. Then I saw the cutest baby raccoon and the breeder said he would kill it because it was weak. I don't want it to die, so should I keep it?

    3 AnswersOther - Pets8 years ago
  • What dog breed should I buy?

    Well, I currently have a Miniature Dachshund (Faith), but lately, it seems like both Faith and I could use some company around the house. I'm actually more worried about Faith though. He seems extremely bored and lonely throughout the day. So, what dog breed should I buy that loves to play and is relatively small?

    7 AnswersDogs8 years ago