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  • Can an adult file child support on a father that never supported her?

    My father left when I was 2 years old and he never took care of me, I am 34 now and I finally had a chance to speak to him. I have always wondered if there was a way to file child support on him because my mom struggled to take care of me he never even called me in all that time, now he is old and trying to contact me and I am not accepting the excuse that he was on drugs and just got his life together. What can I do?

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  • If I have a food handlers license, can I sell food out of my home?

    That is my question.....I live in San Antonio Texas. Where can I find information about this? I wanted to sell sno cones.

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  • do U think an 11 year old power rangers jacket will be worth anything?

    It is denim and I bought it 11 years ago for my son and he still has it, should we keep it to see if it will be worth anything later?

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  • How can I get a felony expunged in Texas?

    I have 2 felonies. One from 94' and the other from 98'. I was in my 20s and was living a really bad life. Now I am a mother and law abiding citizen. I really want to have a great life, but everytime I try to get a decent job, they bring up the felonies. What can I do to get this off of my record? I am in Texas. Someone please help and I dont need any negative remarks, so keep the negativiity to yourself! Thank U!

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  • I am 34 and cant drive?

    I am 34 and never learned to drive. I have a fear of driving. I really want to learn. I live in a bigger city and it is hard to get around and I dont know many people here. I cant really afford to pay for lessons right now, but when I can I want to take them and get my license. Does anyone else have or have had this problem? How do I deal with the fear?

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  • I lost the screws to a brand new bed?

    I lost the screws to a brand new Iron sleigh bed. I tried to contact the company it came from, but they have no info online. How would I be able to get the right screws to go to my bed? Or does that even matter? Someone please help me!

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  • What should I do about my ex, we have a child together?

    I have a 4 month old baby girl. Me and my ex split up very shortly after she was born(he broke up with me) I was really hurt and tried everything to get him to stay with me, it took me a couple of months to accept the split and realize that it was for the best. I still love him, but we are toxic and he has a lifestyle that is so different from mine and isnt willing to change, fatherhood has changed him very little. We had finally got to the point where we could talk about the baby and deal with parenting issues and be somewhat "Friends" then he started trying to get me to hav sex with him, telling me that he will always love me, but I stood firm. Last night he came over to see the baby and he was trying to feel me up and kiss me, telling me I am the only person he loves me. I found out that he has had a woman with children living with him for 2 months now! I was very upset and have been crying all day, cursed him out and I dont know how to deal with him from this point on. Any adivice?

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  • Do you think it is foolish to go back to an Ex in the name of Love?

    My ex (and father of my child) wants me back. We broke it off 3 days after the birth of our daughter. I was willing to give him 2 months to shape up, but he said I was too difficult and I said well, we should just not be together then. Well, almost 3 months have passed since then and now, he is trying to get back with me. During the first 2 months, I cried all the time, I missed him so much! I still love him, but I have had time to see clearly how messed up things were between us. He says he will never change for a woman, and I am not trying to make him change for me anymore. I know this is true, he has to change for himself. I cant see myself being with another man.He treated me real bad when I was pregnant and I dont think I can ever forgive him for that. We are both strong willed, but I do know how to compromise and I just want a life partner, would prefer it to be my childs father, but I will never go back to the way things were. I love him and I shouldnt!! What should I do?

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  • Do men treat large women and slim women equally?

    I am a BBW (Big Beautiful Woman) and I get alot of men wanting to "Date" me. Thing is, most of them are attached, or if they are single only want to sleep with me on the down low. I am not saying all of them, but I feel that most of them are this way. I dont dress provocatively, I dont flirt, I know I dont give them a reason to think they can just have sex with me. When I meet someone and we talk about going out, it seems like they are usually trying to persuade me to just meet them or let them come over to have sex. Not a real date like, dinner, movies or anything that is public. I was engaged and my ex fiance took me out all the time, so I am not used to the "Lets just hook up and have sex" thing. Especially online...There are so many men trying to hook up with BBWs on the low, and they have skinny girlfriends/wives. Whats up with that? Do men really feel we dont deserve the same treatment or what?

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