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  • I am mad and cannot why our florida policitians cannot figure out what to do?

    On the news, there was an announcement that because of the other insurance companies Citizens will have to ask for a 55% increase in insurance rates. Our politicians are wringing their hands and say they do not know what to do. Well, I have a suggestion (1) Allow anyone to join Citizens and have Citizens roll back the premiums to the rate of 3 years ago. (2) have a law that insurance premiums cannot increase more than the Federal Cost of Living Adjustment. (3) have a fee leveled at all insurance companies, no matter what kind of insurance they sell (say 1% of premiums) that will be used to pay any damages over the amount of money Citizens collects for homeowner insurance. (4) If any company wants to offer homeowner insurance, they cannot go to Citizens insurance for policyholders unless they will give as good benefits and as low a premium (in other words no one can be forced off the Citizens Insurance (5) reduce the decible for wind damages down to level of other damages. SOUND GOO

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  • Want to find a ceramic christmas boot w child's name that I can pick up. I am about 40 miles from Tampa, pls

    I am about 40 miles from Tampa, pls give all available info such as name of shop/person, address and telephone #,

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  • what is unsecured debt and why is it called that.?

    I have a friend that told me he had unsecured debt and that if he does not pay there is nothing the credit company can do. (He has since moved and left no address) It does not seem quite fair to me that the credit company,after trusting him has no recourse.

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  • what does it mean when ur coolant light comes on but ur car is not running hot?

    Today on my way to the store, I was using my air conditioner, the gage for my temperture was not running hot, but a red light came on saying I was low on coolant. I cut off the airconditioner and went on to the store, after I came back to my vehicle, I used the air conditioner on the way home and the light did not come on again. Do I need to put more coolant in my car or just keep an eye out to see if the red light comes on again

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  • need help with formula for decreasing balance.?

    I do not need this for homework. I am trying to find what your payments would be on a mortgage at different interest rates. I need the formula and an example of how you work it out. FOR EXAMPLE

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  • exactly what is a bail bond.?

    I was going thru the questions and I found a question asking if a bond could be revoked that was put up thru a bail bond so that he would not have to pay the full bond if his daughter did not show up. I always thought that went you used a bail bond company you only put up a percentage of the bail. The bail bond company kept this as their fee for putting up the rest and if the bail was forfeitted, they were the ones who had to pay the rest of the bail and then they were the ones that tried to find the person who skipped and bring them back so that they would get their money back from the court..

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  • Has anyone tried any of the cyber junky methods of making money. i.e. typying at home on the internet?

    they keep sending my e-mails that I can make money by typing ads for companies on the internet. Like anyone else I could use some extra money. I do not want to get scammed. Let me know both the good and bad on this company.

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  • what do you know about invent-tech or invention technologies inc.?


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  • I would like some receipts for homemade wine?

    I have a mulberry tree in my backyard. I have the mulberries in the freezer. I though I might like to made some wine for Christmas

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  • are there any invention companies out there that is not a rip-off?

    I have an itea that I think would sell. I found a place called Davison Design, however, when I ask Yahoo about them, 48 people came on and advised not to go with them. I'm no fool so of course I'm going to heed the advise. Since I have no idea how to get my idea developed, I am hoping that someone can tell me how or suggest a honest company to help me.

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