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  • Did I do the right thing by asking for some time?

    I've been dating him for 4 months. The relationship started off VERY fast. Since we started dating, I've felt as though he's smothering me. He also has been living with me for the last 3 months but hasn't actually moved in. He's been living out of my dresser drawer. I kinda felt used because he hasn't been able to help with bills and the chores around the house he does are very minimal. He admitted that he hasn't been pulling his weight around the house and he knows that I put in a ton of hours for work.

    I have asked for some "time off". I'm hoping I did the right thing but if this relationship is going to work, he needs to make changes in his life and get it together. Technically, he's not divorced, separated for 4 years. Ex is psycho (aren't they all?) that has a control issue and is using his daughters as a weapon. He has thyroid cancer and recently had a mild heart attack. He allows just about everyone to use him as a door mat (conditioned for the last 15 yrs from the ex) including his daughters.

    All of these issues and a few more are piling up and I can't handle it all. His issues need to be handled by himself and it took me breaking off for him to see.

    My question: Did I do the right thing?

    This may only be a temporary break because I do love him very much and I do want to make things work but we can't make it work if our lives are in so much turmoil. Counseling will be set for both of us when we get back together!!!

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  • To marry this guy or that?

    I'm in a relationship that's only been going for a few months. I'm falling in love with my current man who treats me so well and he treats me like a queen. I'm not used to being pampered and given a life that every woman deserves.

    My ex and I have been good friends since our last breakup (this is the 2nd time) but he threw me a curve when he asked me to marry him. I have always believed that we're meant for each other but it's not right for us. He treats me very well too but there is SERIOUS chemistry when we've been together. I broke it off because he lives over an hour away and I'm planning on moving which makes it at least 2 hours away (new man is wanting to move with me!!)

    Should I stay with new man, go back to ex, or just dump all of them and start over. I'm in my mid 30's and sick of the games!! I know that both men have treated me very well and a good man is hard to find.

    Suggestions will be helpful. Counseling may be benefitial!! Ha

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  • My cat now lives in the bathroom after I changed his food to an adult formula. Is this behavior normal?

    I changed the cat's food to an adult formula since he's an adult cat. Since then, he lives in the bathroom & sleeps either in the tub or on the toilet. He's dropped weight (which is good since he was fat) and only goes downstairs to eat, drink, & potty. What is wrong with him? He doesn't play anymore and his behavior changed from socially active to hermit.

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