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  • Is something wrong with me..if so what?

    For the past 4 months or so I've been in this really weird mindset. I enjoy my life but I don't really enjoy living if that makes any sense. I know this may sound kind of crazy but I can't get over the fact for some reason that I'm living in the first person and not the third. Like its new to me or something when obviously it's not..I feel like I can't enjoy my life because I'm obsessing about this and every time I see someone I try and imagine what their seeing/thinking and what life is like through their eyes..and whenever I talk I feel weird it's like like whoah I'm talking and walking but I can't see myself and I just keep thinking how can I be independent or this type of person if I can't see myself..I know this sounds weird and crazy but I hate this mindset. Can anyone relate or tell me why I feel this way or what's going on? Any help would be greatly appereciated. Thanks!

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  • Who are the most influencial/greatest music artists of this generation?

    When kids of this generation grow up who do you think they'll look back at as "the greats" or "classic" music artists that helped define this generation. Name a few who you think

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  • I plan on having sex tomorrow around 3?

    I just masterbate will I have recovered and be ready to go by that time tomororw

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  • What do you do for fun after school?

    I'm 18 now and everyday when i get home from school I feel so bored. I'm to old to go play at the arcade we have nearby or just go ride my bike around the neighborhood because thats what little kids do. My friends and I are so bored..we have nothing to do and we mostly just drive around bored looking for something to do. I also don't have much HW cause im a senior and am taking easy classes. everyday is sooo boring.

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  • Why didn't I get hard last night? HELP?!?

    My girlfriend and I were about to have sex for the first time last night so I decided to masterbate about 5 which was about 20-30 minutes before she showed up so I could last longer. Then after she was over for about an hour I couldn't get hard so i went into the bathroom and tried to get hard by masterbating but ended up cumming again so this was around 7 and I told her we'd do it after dinner. Then around 9:30ish we tried with these "for her pleasure" condoms. I still didn't get hard so I thought something was whack with the condom so I ran out to buy regular condoms and we tried this is about 10ish and i still wasn't hard! We gave up and I felt so embarrased. Today I haven't been hard really at all not even once and we might try again tomorrow..what do I do?! i don't want to not be hard again and how can I before tomorrow?!

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  • What should I wear to work?

    I work as a teacher assistant for a Sunday school. What would be most appropriate?

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  • In the 80s did teens dress up everyday for highschool?

    I was looking at my dads highschool yearbook and it seems like every kid dressed nicely for just any random school day. Did people really do this? And how did they afford it?

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  • Should all things have logos on them?

    What kind of shirts do you think should have logos on them?

    Polos, plain button ups, sweaters, solid v-necks, etc?

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  • Problem w/Facebook like pages?

    So for my like pages (for instance) my tv shows section I have about 5 on there, I used to have 14 but i've unliked some stuff and it shows the 5 I've liked but it still says I've liked 14. Is there a way to reset this or fix it?

    Facebook7 years ago
  • As a teenager which is better?

    Is it better to have a small really tight group of friends (4-6) people or several groups of friends everywhere?

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  • Are the following classy/preppy?

    Vneck t shirts

    Striped tshirts

    Baseball shirts

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  • Gonna start dressing classy...?

    So I'm gonna start dressing classy this means button ups, polos, sweaters, etc. but I still wanna wear tshirts sometimes, what type of tshirts are considered classy?

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  • Why do I always start the text convo w/my girlfriend?

    I know she's started text convos w/other before some even guys but I feel like whenever we text I always start the convo even though she seems to have alot to say

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    So in early August I started feeling like my head was full/pressure or something and it would switch between my left and right side of head. I'd been to three doctors who all said it was sinus related and gave me meds which none helped. Then in October I went back to the first doctor who told me to take nasal spray and I should see results in 7-10 days. Well now I feel somewhat better but it's turned into now my face feels full of maybe mucus or something or pressure upwards towards my forehead from my face. And sometimes it feels just like either my left or right ear is full...not clogged like when your on an airplane and your ear clogs it just feels full. The doc said I could get a CT scan but thats expensive and I'm sure this isn't something lethal. Can someone please explain to me what this is? Is it sinus related? If so how long do I need to take the spray for before I'm completely better?

  • Does anyone know what this is?!?

    I was at a summer camp working and around early august I started feeling strange. My head feels like a pressure or fullness or heaviness or something, very hard to describe but it doesn't feel quite right. My left ear is also constantly popping. And from my cheek towards my forehead over my eye it feels kinda full as well. The weirdest part is it switches between my left and right side of the head. Never both at the same time. And its constant. Never goes away. I've been to two doctors who said it was a sinus infection, gave me meds didn't work. I then went to a ears, throat, and noes specialist who said it wasn't a sinus infection, and that I seemed completely healthy and doesn't exactly know what I have. He said I could do an MRI, but it would be pointless because I seem fine and the only reason I'd want is for peace at mind. Its been almost two months like this now. My biggest fear is that no one knows what this is and I'll be stuck living like this. Please let me know if you have any idea

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