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My name is Thomas age is 23 and I am a History major/English minor at CSULB. I am a conservative and a Christian. I'll try and put a lot of thought into whatever questions I answer. I am proud to be American and hope to help ya out. Feel free to e-mail me.

  • Question about Guns?

    Are guns what kill or is it the person holding the gun? If its the person holding the gun then doesn't that mean nearly any object they hold can become a weapon?

    If we accept this as being true then doesn't that mean severe gun restrictions/laws are unnecessary and even unconstitutional?

    (Note: We are provided rights which remain unnamed in the constitution)

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  • Author Peter Green?

    I am finding myself in a bit of a pickle...I cannot for the life of me locate any substantial bibliographic information on the historian and author Peter Green. Any recommendations?

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  • Here is a question for all you GLOBAL WARMING Folks...?

    No, I am not denying the possibility of global warming. I dispute the possibility/probability that it is caused directly by the actions of mankind. When I question the theory of man made global warming often times (it is only a theory YET to be PROVEN!!!) responses will include this phrase "Even if that is so (that is I am right) isn't it better to be on the safe side?"

    Does this sound anything like logic? NO.

    If this is your method of reasoning, does it not make perfect sense to continue using the death penalty on convicted felons? One may argue that "We should not take the risk of ending the life of an innocent person!"

    I may simply respond "But, isn't it better to be on the safe side and be rid of another convicted felon, one who may commit some other heinous act?"

    What say you to this line of thought?

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  • John Edwards strikes again...?

    Recently John Edwards stated that he believes that the wealthy don't pay enough in taxes and that they owe the nation for where they are and should pay accordingly ($200 K + income bracket).

    He wants to raise their taxes from around 15% to a 28% income tax.

    What do you think about this?

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  • Check this Out...?

    Just read this article, figured this would be a good jumping off point to get people thinking.

    Our government is interested in shielding reporters from juries so they no longer have to give their sources. What this means is that if they find out government secrets (illegally) they don't have to point out the mole. If they deal with known criminals they don't have to point them out or help to prosecute them.

    What do you think?

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  • Katrina stuff...Why?

    Why do the liberal media and democratic party blame Bush for the disaster of Katrina when it was the incompetence of the Governor and the mayor of New Orleans that was to blame? The governor had to ask for assistance from the Federal Government and she didn't! The New Orleans mayor was supposed to prepare and take care of the citizens of his town and he failed miserably. So why are these idiots hailed as heroes and the President cast as the villain? Well..?

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  • Elections? What say....?

    Elections huh? What say we fix the system in place and get rid of the electoral college. Whoever gets the votes of the individual will win the position. What do you think about this?

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  • Abortion~Death Sentence?

    It strikes me as odd when folks say that abortion is OK, but the death penalty is wrong. How does this make sense? An unborn person is cut off from the flow of life when they haven't even had time to commit a crime! Whereas the hardened criminal deserves to live after slaughtering innocents himself. How is this just or right?

    I already know some of the arguments for abortion "rape" "economics" "etc.". I don't buy it. Are you saying that the unborn child should be punished for the failures of the parent or the sins of the father?

    What say you?

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  • According to your faith?

    How often do we as Christians bow to the pressures and societal norms of our culture and the world? We are told to speak the truth; the great commission, to live as Jesus wished us to live. Yet, we cave in. Give up when the going gets tough. How many times have you met someone on the street who may have needed to here the word? We are not told to live comfortably, but boldly and righteously. We will stumble along the way; we're human, but we must still try. What say you?

    God bless...

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  • The Gena 6...What?

    This whole "Gena 6" business. Why have these 6 young men been made into heroes? They beat another person unconscious and should be tried for that crime. If a group of white beat a single black man there would be ranting that these 6 'white' men must be prosecuted. But here we have 6 black men and so it is of course racist to arrest and prosecute them. Bull pucky! Don't buy it. What do you folks think about all this?

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  • What is this Gena 6 business?

    Sorry for my ignorance but what the heck are you folks talking about?

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  • About mankind and the presence of other Hominids..?

    I have wondered if the legends of trolls, gnomes, and other such humanoid creatures may not derive from prior knowledge of or interaction with other hominids. Is it possible that mankind, in the ancient times had dealt with other Hominids and later inserted them into their legends?

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  • About abstenance...?

    Whatever happened to waiting to have sex till marriage?

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  • Athiests...this one is for you...?

    I present a challenge to you, it is simple in theory but difficult in practice. Prove that God did not create man or the UNIVERSE. How did something come from nothing? I'll be waiting for your intelligent and well thought out answers. You see, I do not doubt your intelligence, only your reasons for disbelieving in God.

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  • Religion in the US?

    Do any of you folks out there think that government has been taken from the people and that it drives us to conformity? Consider this, through actions by our government the expression of faith has been severely limited and nearly expunged from the public eye. Was not religion, a source of moral clarity and a means of civic guidance? What will happen to a nation with no morality or sense of decency?

    Already I see the effects in young school children who quite shockingly speak of sex, and violence as though it were of no consequence. Such children even go so far as to cuss at adults! What say you people of yahoo!

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  • Limit the years of "service"?

    Should we limit the number of years any politician can be in office?

    I mean being a politician for 10, 20, 30 or more years is a bit much. What say you?

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  • Just another Global Warming question...?

    I have asked before and received only the common stanzas from the man mad global warming crowd. When will folks out there provide real information instead of political mantras? Further, many times I find people stating "Even if you take the man made part of global warming out of the picture isn't it a good PRECAUTION to cut down on pollution?"

    Oh, that is all well and good but doesn't that mean that the Man-made global warming crowd is very much willing to mislead people and cost many jobs and financial strains on people simply to ensure that their own agendas are ensured?

    Possibly my mind isn't working right but this is a problem I see in the Global warming debate. What say you people of Yahoo?

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  • Global Warming? Give me hard facts...?

    How many of you believe the hype that man has caused the natural global warming of the earth? Do you think that folks are giving you all the facts? I don't. I especially didn't like Al Gore's film "An Inconvenient Truth". No its not a documentary but an opinion. I much prefer "The Great Global Warming Swindle".

    What say you?

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  • Try to answer this...what?

    What do you folks think about this. We are doing a disservice to society by saving the stupid people from themselves thus we increase the population of morons and weaken the population of relatively intelligent people.

    In the words of Carlos Mencia "If a De marries a De then their kid will be De De De..."

    What do you think about this?

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  • Global warming?Is it really "Man-made"?

    I accept that the earth is warming. I do not believe it is due to man made global warming. The warming and cooling of the earth is a natural process which is quite honestly a necessary phenomena. Also, the change in temperature is not subject to any gradual change as has been espoused by the left or 'some' climatologists'. At times the climate shall change gradually whereas at others it shall shift dynamically. Furthermore, man made global warming has yet to actually be proven. It is as of yet still a theory and not some law that has been accepted as gospel truth.

    What say you, is man made global warming real? Persuade me. Please no empty generalizations that you can neither prove nor disprove.

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