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  • How can I make my cat behave? ?

    About 10 months ago, I adopted two cats from the local shelter. I got them the same day, and from the same "habitat" (room). My theory was that they would already be familiar with each other, and they'd be more likely to get along. Which was true.... at first.

    For the past several months, the male cat has been increasingly agitated and territorial. He meows constantly; he'll sit outside my bedroom door and howl and cry for hours. He has also started hissing and growling at the female cat, and even sometimes he'll hiss as my husband or I, and try to attack our feet when we walk by him.

    I've been giving him some "calming" kitty treats, which haven't made a difference so far. Any suggestions?

    Please help! He's driving me crazy, and I feel bad for the female cat.

    P.S. They are both spayed/neutered.

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  • How long can someone get unemployment checks in California?

    One of my friends was laid off from his job in January, and started collecting unemployment checks in March. It's November now, and he is still getting checks. How long does this "benefit" last?

    I'm wondering when he'll actually be forced to get a job, any job, even if it isn't the one he really wants! And I'm not sure of a polite way to ask him. :-)

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  • Liquid squirted from cat's butt when I picked him up?

    I picked up my cat the other day, and a bunch of brownish liquid squirted from his butt. What could cause this? This may be TMI, but it didn't smell like regular cat poop -- it just smelled icky.

    Generally, he seems healthy -- shiny coat, wet nose, eats regularly. He does seem to drink a lot of water.

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  • Is it okay to eat products containing chicory root while pregnant?

    I keep seeing chicory root in products, like Fiber One bars, Clif bars, etc. I like eating these bars because they help with regularity. But I'm wondering if it is okay to continue eating them when I get pregnant?

    2 AnswersPregnancy1 decade ago
  • Best pizza in Healdsburg, CA?

    I'm looking to order a bunch of pizzas for a party in September, and I'd like to know -- who makes the best pizza in Healdsburg? Since I'll be ordering about 15 pizzas (which will probably cost a lot), I'd like to know they'll be good! Thanks for any advice.

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  • Where is the best place for a September honeymoon?

    My fiance and I want to go somewhere tropical and relaxing for our honeymoon, but we're having trouble figuring out where to go. We'd love to do a cruise, but isn't that hurricane season? Suggestions/info are much appreciated!!

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  • Anyone had a wedding at Oakmont Golf Course in Santa Rosa? How was it?

    I'm considering getting married at Oakmont Golf Course in Santa Rosa, California. I'm curious to hear reviews from people who have been married there, or attended ceremonies there.... how was it? The food? The service? Thanks for your input!

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  • Is it poor taste to have a baby shower for the second baby?

    My friend is having a shower for her second baby -- she already has a little girl (who is 4) and is due to have another girl. I got an invitation for the shower (which her friend is hosting), and it even mentioned where she was registered. I wouldn't mind going to a shower to celebrate the upcoming addition to the family, but isn't expecting gifts a little greedy? Just wondering if anyone has input on this.

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  • How long will it take me to drive from Santa Rosa to San Francisco?

    I need to be in San Francisco at 8:15am this Friday. What time should I leave from Santa Rosa?

    4 AnswersCommuting1 decade ago
  • What's the best gas BBQ grill in the $500 price range?

    I am looking to buy a great BBQ grill, and I've discovered there are hundreds of choices! Since I'm not a grilling expert, I have no idea what the best ones are. I'm looking for something that will last a long time, heats evenly, has a side burner, and has wheels. I'm willing to spend up to $500, possibly a bit more for the "perfect" grill. Ideas?

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  • Is All-Clad really better than Calphalon tri-ply stainless?

    I am hunting for a great set of pans, and have narrowed down the field to two: All-clad stainless and Calphalon tri-ply stainless. The most obvious difference is the price, but does anyone have experience with these brands? Which is better and why? Thanks in advance for your advice!!

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  • Are the Irish exempt from being pinched on Saint Patrick's Day?

    My boyfriend says I am not allowed to pinch him on St. Patrick's Day, because he is Irish and they are exempt from this rule. Has ANYONE else ever heard of this?

    He also has a tattoo with green in it (it's a leprechaun), and that supposedly exempts him as well. What do you think????

    8 AnswersSt. Patrick's Day1 decade ago
  • What is the current interest rate in California for a jumbo home loan ($550K) if I have A+ credit?

    I am hunting around for interest rates, trying to find the lowest one for my situation. Buying a home at $600K, $50K down, so I need to finance $550K. I have excellent credit (score hovering around 800). Any suggestions where to find the lowest rate? I'm probably looking for a 30-year fixed (steering clear of interest only). Any advice/info would be great. Thanks!!

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  • What is the best mid-prices police scanner I can get? I know NOTHING about them!?

    I want to get a police scanner/radio for my boyfriend for Christmas, but I have no idea what all the different models are. He just wants to get the 411 about car accidents, etc. I'm hoping to spend $100-$200, but not sure if this is realistic. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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