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  • Has anyone tried to fly a prior-booked Spirit flight after cancelling the rewards card?

    I'have had my Spirit Airlines Mastercard for almost a year now. It's free for the first year but afterwards they start charging a fee. I determined this year that I likely won't use the card often enough to make it worth paying the fee, but I have miles accumulated that I would like to use.

    Has anyone successfully booked a flight on Spirit Airlines using miles but cancelled the credit card before the date of the flight - and still been able to use the flight?

    (Y'all can save the Spirit hatred. Yes, I know, everyone hates Spirit, their customer service sucks, etc. I don't disagree but if you have more flexibility/time in your schedule than you have money and you can travel with just a backpack, and you don't expect anything more than what you paid for, you can make it work. Though, I am cancelling the card so if anyone has recommendations for my next rewards card, let me know. I have 'Excellent' credit. I will not pay an annual fee, and I won't be enticed by low interest rates as I pay my balance off every month.)


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  • What are the smallest schooling fish?

    I have a 10 gallon tank, so I'm pretty limited in the amount of fish I have, but if possible, I'd like to keep a small school. Of course, I want enough of these fish that the school will be happy, so I'd prefer if the fish were as small as possible so they don't feel cramped in their tank.

    The size is my first priority. I'd also want for the fish to be okay in relatively small school. Other than that, I'm also considering an african dwarf frog or two for my tank, so I'd prefer the school populate the middle or top region.

    In addition, if you have any advice for maybe one or two other small solitary fish that would work in this tank, or even if you have advice for a completely different community, I'd really appreciate it. I'm really open to any tropical freshwater fish that are good community members and relatively hardy. I have a 10 gallon tank, I use gravel as substrate, and I'm not planning on having live plants (unless you can make a recommendation for one or two that would be easy and cheap to keep). I would really like an african dwarf (I've had them in the past, I'm not an expert but I know to be sure they are getting food since they eat slower than the fish, and I'd prefer to avoid other bottom dwellers so as to avoid any potential conflict). Hardiness and good community are my first priorities.

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  • How can I hook up a mac to a Television?

    My brother has a Macbook and wants to hook it up to his Television (I assume for movie watching purposes...?) So my mother and I set out to find an inexpensive way of hooking it up. One special cord was super expensive, but I think this combination of cords and adapters and whatnot that I was able to find cheaply online should work... will it?

    For audio, I would just hook up an audio cable from the headphone or speaker jack into the red and white RCA things on the TV (It's an older TV, not HD)

    Then, I would get a Mini DVI to VGA female adapter, plug in the DVI side to the computer, plug the VGA adapter into a male to male VGA cable, plug a VGA female adapter into that, then plug in a VGA male to RCA female adapter, then get a male to male RCA cable, which would be plugged into the TV (the yellow one). I tried to find this with less cables/adapters, but they were all super expensive and I can get each of these parts for under $4.

    Will this work?

    Thanks so much.

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  • How can I disable sharing/uploading in utorrent?

    I know people get all sort of **** for this, but I'm at college and they shut me out of their internet access because no ones allowed to share here. I'm not going to download anything here, but it's automatically uploading even when I'm not using it and getting me in trouble. So, if you guys don't give me a ton of ****, I won't download or upload while I'm at college, and I'll freely return to uploading while I'm at home. But for now, I'm looking to not get kicked out of school.

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  • How can I dye only the tips of my brother's hair?

    My brother wants to dye the tips of his hair blue. Because he's a boy with short hair.. I'm not quite sure how to just dye the tips. Also, he has a I guess some of his hair is different lengths..Thanks for any help or suggestions you can provide.

    2 AnswersHair9 years ago
  • What happened to Megabus?

    Remember the days when two people could take a bus from Baltimore to NYC for under $10? Well gone are those times. The cheapest fare I'm finding for my trip is $26 and that's only if you leave at 1:00 AM. Any reasonable time is almost $50. Is there a cheaper bus company than Megabus?

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  • Can jewelry BEGIN to turn skin green?

    I've had this old bracelet my mum got me in Mexico for several years and while I only wear it once in a while, it has never turned my skin green until today. I've read that this green is caused by reactions between chemicals in lower quality jewelry to chemicals in your skin. Since I'm not sure the quality of the jewelry can change, can the chemicals in your skin change? Or is there another reason it may have begun to turn my skin green?

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  • Is there a way to see everything you've copied or cut or pasted?

    Quite often, I will type something & copy it & before I paste it where I want to, I will need to copy something else, therefore losing the original thing I copied. Is there any way to look back at a history of all that I've copied?

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  • Is there any way to see all that your computer has typed?

    I had typed this long, important thing to send on the internet, and then my internet connection failed & closed & all my words were lost. There's no saved record of it anywhere & I was wondering if there was any sort of program that could like, look back at everything a computer has typed?

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  • Do you know of female duets?

    I'm looking for duets between two females (preferably one soprano and one alto, but it's not really such a big contributing factor). I was also hoping for answers other than like, the ever-obvious "For Good" etc. I was sort of looking for something new, or just something people don't do too often.

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  • Are there any duets where the characters are brother and sister?

    I would like to know of duets, preferably from musicals, where the characters are brother and sister. My brother and I are looking at doing a duet and I was thinking it may be sweet to do one where the characters are actually brother and sister, as opposed to anything romantic..

    4 AnswersTheater & Acting1 decade ago
  • Do they make any sort of toy that flies(or moves) on it's own?

    Basically my reasoning behind wanting something like this is for something to use as a snitch in Quidditch. I've seen variations of the game but honestly, all the ideas I've seen for a snitch, which of course, doesn't move on it's own (as I believe it should), are lame. I know they make cars and helicopters that move via a remote control, so why couldn't someone make something that moves around on it's own, just a tiny ball with essentially an autopilot option. Does anyone know if such a thing exists? Or, is there any sort of company I may go about suggesting this to?

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  • What did Juliet use to fake her death?

    In Romeo And Juliet, Juliet fakes her own death using some kind of poison or drug. What was it?

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  • What should I do for my sweet sixteen?

    I want to do something unique. My original idea was to have a huge party on a boat but my mum said no. Then I thought maybe a beach or something. I don't know. Basically, I want it to be amazing, and my main thing is I want something unique that most other people don't do and nothing that seems immature or dumb.. you know?

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  • Can you convert a car into a convertible?

    I'm looking into buying a car (on a limited budget). And I've always loved classic mustangs. So I've come across a few, but none that are convertibles. And I would really love for my car to be a convertible. So, I was wondering if there's a way to have a car converted into a convertible?

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  • Has anyone seen this icon?

    I had it saved on my computer once, and when the computer crashed I lost it, and now I'm looking for it to put on my Myspace.

    Anyway, it's just this little thing, kind of like an icon, with all these adjectives like beautiful, creative, outgoing, et cetera. Things like that. It sort of rotates through all these different adjectives of different colors and fonts and such quickly. I was wondering if anyone had it saved themselves of had a link to one. I know I could probably find it somewhere on an image hosting site, but since I don't know what to call it, and it'd be unreasonable to try to browse millions of images, I was hoping someone else had the image. Thanks!

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  • What is SoD?

    I've heard of this thing, SoD, and I'm not entirely sure what it is. Not sod, like the grassy thing you put on your lawn, SoD. I think it's a game..I can't find anything about it on the internet though.

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  • how do u make the music notes?

    ok, u no haow u make those little like, hearts. ♥ well, how do u make the music notes?

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  • Does anyone go to loch raven middle and know this teacher?

    ok, so, i personally dont go to loch raven but i was bored and was exploring teacher sites at different baltimore county schools and while looking at loch raven, i noticed their was a teacher who was listed as "CHENOWITH , K" and i realized that was very similar to Kristen Chenoweth, who was Glinda on Broadway in Wicked. Their is a one letter difference in the last name but i figured that it was very close and i just had to ask someone. If anyone knows her, do you know her fist name?

    1 AnswerTheater & Acting1 decade ago