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  • after a break up, how to keep mutual friends?

    is it possible to be friends with people who are also friends w/ my ex? it wasn't the nastiest break up, but it's not exactly great. i now have to find a new church to go to because his parents go to the one i was serving...and i dont want to deal with all the questions and stuff.....

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  • relationship issues...?

    can a man Learn how to take care of a woman's basic needs: food, water, shelter?

    in the past 6 mo, i have had some very trying times w/ my bf. there have been some intense incidents where i've been scared and needed him to make me feel safe (i was scared a person who kept attending group functions in which he had spoken about being violent to women), and my bf got irritated cuz he thought we couldn't stop the guy from coming out.

    i just needed him to say "ok, i'll try to watch out for you."

    later on, i was at a camp for kids, helping out, and was extremely exhausted. he was also there, and when we were together i asked him to walk a bit slower because i was so exhausted. and he snapped at me saying he had to go eat cuz he was hungry.

    all i needed was for him to say "come on, i'll walk with you. we should hurry so we can get there on time for dinner".

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  • how do u do that cute "poof thing" up at the top of the hair?

    kinda like gwen stefani or something, but easy to do and still looks glam? do u have to have specially cut bangs, or can u do it with long hair too? what to use, bobby pins, hairspray etc? i can never get it to look like i want it to..

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  • how do you line the bottom lash line without it looking messy or dirty??

    whenever i try to do the bottom eyelid w/ eyeliner pencil, it always comes out messy looking! how do i stop that? also how do i stop the Top liquid liner from smudging onto the bottom of my eyes? it makes me look tired and stuff.. bleh

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  • Movie: The Notebook?

    ok. i have a bone to pick. i think the mother's character was not well developed. if she had only explained to the audience somehow her motives Behind hiding the letters from allie for that long...besides the obvious of not wanting her to marry poor.

    i think mother & daughter needed a Showdown. the mother needed to have broken her facade a bit somehow, like this:

    1) "I did this for YOU. you didn't know what you were doing! i was Forced to make that decision for you!"

    2) "If i can't be happy, why should YOU be allowed to!"

    either of these (and perhaps other lines) would've really added some oomph to the mother's reasons for doing what she did. instead she showed allie the guy she pined over. that was lame.

    something along these lines, i think, would've given us (and allie) some understanding into why the mother was crazy b****. instead, she shows allie the guy she watches sometimes at the lumber yard. that is the absolute stupidest explanation Ever imo.

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  • started my first Glycolic Acid facial, now skin is so dry!?

    been recommended to get 5 facials, once a week, for my cystic acne/oily skin.

    i still need to go to work and hang out w/ friends.. how can i moisturize correctly and put makeup on when halfway thru the day it's peeling like Crazy!!!! i am even putting on lotion every 5 minutes, and it gets more peely!!

    should i exfoliate and moisturize, and then put on makeup? help!

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  • are the new Starburst: Berries & Cream good?

    i think the commercial is funny.... albeit a bit weird :)

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  • weird "bruise" like discoloration?

    my mom's hand (round the knuckle area) is purple, like a bruise, but she says it doesn't hurt and she doesn't remember hitting it on anything. there are also 4 little white bumps, one of which is large and looks possibly like a blister. is this something that need medical attention immediately? could it be a bug bite, or a bruise that doesn't hurt?

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  • Have u ever returned/exchanged ur glasses at Lenscrafters?

    they have a policy about 30 days....are they nice about it?

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  • what type of Easter Sunday dress do you wear to church?

    is it usually a pastel color? or i hear ur supposed to wear white? what are the suggestions? :)

    for someone ages 25-30

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  • has anyone tried Joppa Minerals?

    how did u like it? currently i've tried everyday minerals and the intensive formula is ok, but i'm still searching for the perfect makeup!

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  • is this rude?

    i was a bible study group that i attend every week, and we always go out to dennys afterwards for late dinner. the other night my boyfriend wanted to go home right after denny's so we were taking separate cars, and my friend told me to hop into her car w/ some other girls. so i did, left my binder and books in her front seat. after dinner, me and my boyfriend got detained by some guy asking for directions, and then asking for money.... and then when we looked up the girls had just LEFT...!!!!! so my bf had to drop me off to get my car AND that girl took off w/ all my stuff!!

    isn't that rude? if someone rides in ur car, u should at least ASK before u leave right??

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  • mineral makeup seems to make my skin More oily after awhile?

    currently trying out everyday minerals, but when i first buff it in it looks pretty good, after awhile throughout the day my skin gets SOOO oily!!!!! i think the oil sits on top of the mineral makeup??? how to combat this?

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  • my mom had a heating pillow made out of corn kernals....?

    it was cloth on outside, filled w/ corn and u heat it up in the microwave for 2 minutes. she used it everyday for awhile, and one day i guess it got too hot and caught on fire!!!

    is it possible to make a new one w/ new unpopped popcorn that i buy at stores, or would it have to be a "special" type?

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