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  • Will this product give me the color I want without messing up my hair?

    I recently (about 2 weeks ago) had my hair dyed professionally from blond to a deep dark red. Because I went from blond to red, the color didn't hold well. Now its brown. I want to just glaze it to turn it red again before I go back to have it recolored in a few weeks. Will a product like this do what I want without messing up or damaging my hair? Or should I shell out the big bucks to have it redone 2 weeks after I had it done originally?

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  • Can anyone help me find this childrens book?!?

    I was trying to tell someone about it but I can't remember the name of them or the author. They're these kids books about this little porcupine family. And they teach little kids lessons and stuff. If you have any idea what I'm talking about, please answer

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  • How can I keep my hair color from fading?!?

    I dyed my hair a really dark redish, purplish, brownish last friday (permanent dye). I am already noticing that it is turning a dark redish blondish. Does anyone have any tips for keeping it dark? I really love this color, but I don't want to have to do it every week.

    On Average, this is what I do to my hair:

    I wash it almost every day (but every other if I can, although it gets greasy fast)

    I usually blowdry it for about 1 minute (I have thin hair) about 5 times a week

    I use a color-keeping (don't actually know what to call it) spray to keep the color ever time I shower

    I switched to a color keeping shampoo

    I use conditioner once a week

    I don't go in the sun very often

    Any suggestions of what I should do or change to make my color last longer?


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  • Ok.. What do you think of this hair color?

    ok... I really like it and I'm thinking of dying it next week, but I've dyed it weird colors before and people think I'm like... Crazy/stupid. Does this look like a bad color? It the lead singer, she comes in at about 14 seconds. And btw, would this look better on a tan person or a pale person?


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  • What are all the bands playing for Projekt Revolution?

    I really really really wanna go to the Projekt Revolution concert this summer. Does anyone know of all the bands that will play at the Va beach, Virgina concert? Thanks so much for all your answers!

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  • Algebra help please!?

    Ok, I have this math problem I just don't understand. The problem is: x - 9/x over 3/x + 1

    If you could please show me the steps to getting the answer I would really appreceiate it since I have similar ones to do as well. Thanks so much for your help!

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  • Ok, neep hair help fairly quickly.?

    Tomorrow is Easter sunday and I want to look really nice (but not especially fancy). I am wearing a dress for the first time in years and I need to know what to do with my hair. It's only an inch or two above my shoulders, mostly straight (the ends flip out just a little) thin and fine, and I have side bangs. So what nice hairstyles would you try for a 16 year old for church tomorrow? Please and thank you! Oh and I also won't have a ton of time so it can't take forever or anything.

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  • I need ideas?

    Easter is this Sunday and I need help thinking of what to do with my hair. I have shortish hair (about an inch or two above my shoulders), kinda thin and fine, and I would like some ideas on what to do with it. It's pretty straight. So any thoughts would be appriciated. Thanks!

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  • Anyone have a really simple but good mud mask recipe?

    It's been a long day and I'd really just like to relax. Anyone have a simple mask they like?

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  • What are some Christian bands similar to Skillet and Flyleaf?

    I love like hard rock but I am looking for Christian music as I am trying to be more conscious of what I'm listening to. What are some heavy rock Christian bands? Please and Thank you!

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  • Algebra help?

    Solve the system by substitution.




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  • Algebraic mixture problem... Need help?

    I am getting so frusterated with not understading this problem. I need to put it into a table to solve. Help?

    A chemist has 2 solutions. Solution A is 8% acetic acid, and solution B is 20% acetic acid. If he wants 4 liters of 11% acetic acid , how much of solutions A and B should he combine?

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  • Algebra distance question... Help???

    Mr. Smith leaves "Sawville" for "Tunetown" and travels 48mph. Mr. Jones leaves "Tunetown" for "Sawville" at the same time traveling 50mph. If the 2 towns are 294 miles apart, how long does each man travel before they meet?

    I just need help filling in my table... I know r*t=d but I don't know what to put in the "t" section. Help please?

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  • Find the slope of the line going through (3,7) and (3,-5). Need help writing out answer?

    I did the work and came out with a slope of m= -12 over 0. I'm not sure how to write it. Leave it as that, or reduce? And if I reduce would I leave it as zero?

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  • Does anyone know the negative side effects of getting high through bodyspray?

    I mean like Axe and Tag and those kind of bodysprays. And if you do know can you please tell me what they are? I am trying to help a friend, but I need to know some facts about it... Anything will be helpful. Thanks for any info you can give me!

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  • When is it time to drop a friendship?

    My good friend and I get into fairly large fights every few weeks or so... As in, we won't speak to each other (or if I try to talk about it she refuses to talk to me), and our other friends (we share several friends) end up splitting up so that neither her nor I am alone during the fights. The fights usually last for about a week and a half... Last night another was started and I'm getting a little tired of our on and off friendship. The fights are always over something petty, but we both end up worked up about it. I love spending time with her otherwise , but this is just getting annoying... Any thoughts?

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