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  • How to select quotation marks within quotation marks?

    Need to select data enclosed within quotation marks. Tried using the \ (backslash) method as used in formatting but to no avail.

    Example being A1 contains IF(A2=VALUE("1"),etc and I want to select the text "1" to use in SUBSTITUTE(A1,""1"","~") it generates an error if using double quotation marks. Excel thinks the first 2 marks as what needs to be selected.

    Has got me perplexed; anyone out there got a solution please.

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  • Can't judge a Miss by her name?


    Miss Ile- found just off the coast

    Miss Judge - top legal lady

    Miss Take - could appear before previous Miss if caught (court pun intended)

    Miss Creant - naughty girl

    Others please

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  • What illnesses do medicine balls cure?

    and how do you administer them?

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  • Anyone else fed up with the incessant insurance ads on TV (Aus)?

    Every break on every channel has at least one of these. They are so insincere. Do they make you vow never to deal with the company(s) on principle. Your comments

    3 AnswersOther - Television9 years ago
  • Anyone else fed up with the incessant insurance ads on TV (Aus)?

    Every break on every channel has at least one of these. They are so insincere. Do they make you vow never to deal with the company(s) on principle. Your comments

    7 AnswersPolls & Surveys9 years ago
  • I see YA is telling me via a wiggly red line that I have made a spelling error.?

    Not everyone on this planet is USA oriented. English was written and spoken long before the USA was envisioned. While I'm not begrudging the US spelling and grammar differences, why has YA inflicted this annoying indicator upon us. Surely they have the resources to be able to check multiple dictionaries, thesauruses, etc and be able to allow for differences in spelling between countries. If a word has different US and English spelling, give the questioner and/or answerer the benefit of the doubt and allow the spelling to go as entered. By all means use a spell-checker to bring attention to incorrect spelling but let differences between countries go.

    Any comments welcome, for or against.

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  • All my life I've wanted to to be a conductor....? my mates finally nailed me to the chimney.

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  • Variable column reference in INDIRECT function (EXCEL)?

    I am having trouble in an easy way of referencing a variable column number in the INDIRECT formula. I can understand how by entering INDIRECT("B"&row(4)) will return whatever is in cell B4 but how do you enter a variable column reference? You can't enter an variable alphabetical reference directly (eg "AA")

    Say the result of a formula needs the data from column C ie column 3 but the next calculation requires the data from column E ie column 5. How do you reference the column using alphabetical strings ie "E" or do i need a different way of referencing.

    I currently use INDIRECT(ADDRESS(1,COLUMN(numerical result of previous calculation say 5)) to give me a cell reference E1.

    Is there another way of entering the column reference number as an alphabetical string in the form of "E" &number?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Three Words tell it all?

    Which three words, associated with the church, give a bride's summation of a wedding's outcome?

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  • Excel and Quotation marks in custom formats?

    Anyone out there know how to include quotation marks into custom formats so that the format displays the quotation marks? I usually use 2 apostrophes enclosed within quotation marks as a substitute but was wondering if there was a method to use actual quotation marks.

    3 AnswersProgramming & Design1 decade ago
  • Compaq Laptop key transposition?

    My daughter has a Compaq laptop. the annoying thing about it is the @ symol is shown as a shifted 2 and the " mark as a shifted apostrophe, however they are transposed. To get a " mark I have to type SHIFT+2; an @ sign requires SHIFT+' .

    Any way to change it so they appear on the correct keys, it's disconcerting as they currently are?

    Do I have to obtain a different keyboard layout file off the net or is it just an OS fix?

    Help would be much appreciated.

    3 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks1 decade ago
  • Excel 2003 SUMIF problem?

    My problem involves the criteria section of the SUMIF formula.

    Firstly I have a list of dates in column A. In column B there is a corresponding list of numbers. In E1 I have =TODAY()-90. This cell is the criteria in the SUMIF formula; only problem is it doesn't work as I want it to work. If I insert it as =SUMIF(A:A,E1,B:B) the result obtained is corrrect, BUT I want the sum of the intervening days ie sum all the days greater than or equal to E1. I've tried >=E1, ">=E1", ">="E1, >="E1" but nothing works. I've tried formatting E1 as text, number, and date, still no dice.

    Do I have to put quote marks around the quote marks to get it to work. I can't remember the steps to do that, I've seen it done somewhere.

    The problem is driving me nuts, any advice greatly appreciated,

    5 AnswersProgramming & Design1 decade ago
  • Derive 99 using each of the digits 2,3,4 and 5 once only?

    I was given a puzzle to do which involves using the digits 2,3,4 and 5 once only in an equation to derive all the numbers from 1 to 100. I did it, but 99 proved to be the difficult one to answer. Can anyone out there derive 99 using the four digits. Any mathematical method/symbology is allowable, only constraint is to use the digits once only?

    1 AnswerMathematics1 decade ago