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Miles from Michigan!!

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I'm a Christian who will fight anyone and everyone who wants to take my God given American rights away!!

  • freedom of speech, is it or is it not?

    today I heard a liberal say, this is not exact, freedom of speech is a prolific right!! meaning if we don't have the freedom to say what we want, we don't have progress!! we stop being productive!! is this right? if so, why do so many liberals have questions deleted simply because of the way it's phrased or a word or two they don't like?? and is it time to stop that?

    It's in the Constitution that we can!!

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  • how funny is it, liberals still blame President Bush, yet won't give this shut down to obamas credit?

    obama came out and said he won't negotiate with Republicans!! I'm finding it a bit hypocriitical and a whole lot un-American on this whole mess!!

    all the shut downs that have occured in the past thirty years have been liberals/democrats!! have they no shame?

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  • What's next for juror b29?

    First I expect to be deleted for these questions. I ask that liberals man up, as they say, and answer me!!

    She's female, she's black and she was a juror on the zimmerman trail!

    As we all know zimmerman was found not guilty!

    About a week after, juror b29 comes forward and says she thinks zimmerman is guilty!! WHY?

    Why did she give a not guilty verdict?

    Doesn't she know if she would of said so, the jury would of been dismissed and a new trial would of started?

    Or does she really think zimmerman is not guilty?

    Is there going to be a rally against her?

    Will stevie wonderboy and the rest stop their boycott of Florida?

    Will blacks have a different take on this whole thing now?

    Will Conservative get an apology from liberals?

    Will Conservatives get an apology from obama?

    Just asking!!

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  • The Fourth? fact or fiction?

    Today is the Fourth of July!

    It has meaning for Conservative/Republicans, but what about liberals/democrats? July 4, 1776 the Constitution was ratified by the Colonial Congress!! Being the Constitution is outdated and useless these days, how are you going to honor those who drafted and signed it? How are you going to honor those who fought and died to keep it? Or will it be a few burgers or brats and watch fire works, ohs and a ah?

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  • Can you spot the violation!?

    The question was - Why do churches spend billions on stained glass, marble and statues when there's people starving daily?

    The answer was - And when was the last time you took a homeless lady out for dinner is when? That's what I thought!

    Can you spot the "misuse of the question and answer format" in this?

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  • What do you say America?

    Before anyone jumps on their band wagons, Please read!!

    The judge who put the injunction on Arizona's illegals law only did the US good!!

    All the illegals had to do is obey the law and nothing would come about!! They obey the laws and they don't get stopped!! No one ask for their papers, no one would know the difference!!

    Instead this nice judge turned up the fire and now Americans are more watchful, more eager!!

    Those who protested were stupid enough to show their faces for when the law goes into full effect!! Those who ran like scared mice made themselves know for when the law goes into full effect!!

    I see this as a good thing! They turned themselves in and when the law goes into full effect, it will be just a matter of putting out an arrest warrant for them and deport!!

    So to use a few lines from Bill O. That's my take on it! What do you say America???

    Even those who are opposed to the law, you should be saying, "damn he's right, what have we done"?!! What do you think obama is going to say when this happens??

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  • I asked a question about the spelling of a word...?

    I asked the spelling of a word that I think liberals/democrats are soon going to change. They have change on their minds and I just want them to answer the question!

    As you may think, it was deleted as a hate question. So, this is a two question, question.

    1. what do you think? and

    2. the other question ran along the lines of are they going to change the "C" in America to a "k"?

    Come on liberals/democrats, it's not a hate or hard question to answer!!

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  • Headlines read " Obama defends war as he accepts Nobel Peace Prize"?

    I need to know from liberals/democrats, what is wrong with that headline?

    For me it's hypocritical, but what can we expect from liberals/democrats?

    Any and all answers welcome, but I'd like to hear from liberals/democrats!

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