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  • Sick of Smear Campaign Agaisnt UKIP?

    It seems the main stream parties and leftist EU worshiping press are desperate and scared of UKIPs rising support so we have daily pathetic smear stories. We now have Orwellian News Speak EUracism what utter tripe if you support UKIP and are EU sceptic you are a racist outsider I say wake up Britain it's not racist to want to have a independent county it's your democratic right! Agree ?

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  • Is it time for a revolution in Britain?

    Poor shafted again and again the disabled and sick robbed of vital welfare and support while the rich get tax breaks this vile Tory shower is hell bent on destroying the safety net and the right wing media are cheering them on. How many more wrecked lives and suicides will it take for Britain to rise and overthrow this fascist elite?

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  • The ugly face of so called British democracy?

    Yesterday we had the vote on scrapping the absurd and dangerous bedroom tax sadly the vote was lost by 26 votes. For me what really makes my blood boil was the contempt and sneering of the Tory vermin to the stories of disabled kids etc effected by there sick policy witnessed by many in the gallery this so called democracy in 2013?

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  • Why Are So Many Clueless About The Effects Of Child Abuse?

    Again and again on here i read why did not Savilles victims come forward at the time ? i don't say i am a expert but i have read about the lasting effects of child abuse fear and depression and the fact that at the time kids where not believed (seen and not heard). There was a couple of statements given in to police in 2007 about a children's home but sadly not enough to go forward he used his position and fund raising to stop stuff coming out to press as well. Wish people would educate themselves and listen to the opinions of experts before making such insensitive and poor comments.

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  • ATOS Sponsorship A Sick Joke?

    The firm which has caused misery to many disabled people is sponsoring the Paraolympics in my opinion a insult. Its has been shown in documentaries and research that ATOS are helping push many genuine disabled and sick of benefit using a pathetic computer assessment. Many lives have been ruined and have even been deaths. The tests ATOS use are banned in the USA and the firms country of origin France. There are protests this week sadly the BBC will not give much coverage and the right wing media will twist the truth as always.Support local protests or the big one friday outside ATOS headquarters check out DPAC website for details UK Uncut are helping on friday shut ATOS down!

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  • Does IDS have a decent advisor after sick comments on those without limbs?

    IDS and his Tory toff mates seem to not have got the message and are continuing there vile attacks on the disabled. We have the moron saying having lost a limb does not mean you qualified for DLA ok some can get around reasonably ok but the comment i believe is sick and ill judged many soldiers loose limbs serving there country. Also its the continuing focus on stripping the disabled using ATOS still which has shown time again to be unqualified making many genuine lives miserable while the fat cat bankers are of the hook. Please lets kick them out in 2015 and start to repair the damage.

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  • Is Breivik Mad Or Evil?

    Its the old question is there such thing as evil how do we assess it are there some who are born bad. Some say it was the lure of rabid racist blogs and sites on the internet that drove him mad a inner loathing a blame the other in his case the immigrants and a so called "traitor" left wing. I feel a pull towards evil the fact he regrets killing more his cold calculated acts his love of the lime light reminds me a bit of the so called Cannibal Crossbow Killer here in the UK who was annoyed that he was not getting enough coverage in the press complained from his cell another evil coward.

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  • Do Anyone Agree With Me The Government Trashing Of Lords Welfare Amendments Was Crossing The Line Of Decency?

    So the Tory vermin pressed ahead ignored the views of disability charities and others and overturned some decent amendments which included protecting the benefit of cancer patents and disabled kids. The right wing press are happy ignoring facts so misleading its readership about why the Lords where right in being concerned. It did not really surprise me this is the most vile government in living memory could not give a **** wants the poor and sick to pay of the deficit so there rich mates can have a easy ride. I hope now legal action is taken against this bunch disability group are thinking about taking action . Its needs to be done for the sake of many i believe.

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  • At Last This Vile Government Is Getting Opposed Thanks To The Lords?

    Due to some decent crossbenchers like Lord Patel and Labour and rebel Lib Dems the dreadful welfare reforms which could cause misery to the disabled was voted down. Liam Byrne shadow welfare minister has suddenly realised he is in opposition and rightly said that the tory reforms cross the line of British decency.A glimmer of hope but there is still the DLA reforms coming i am hopping the opposition will continue and this shower are flattened and exposed as vermin.

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  • Is Cameron's Rabble The Vilest Bunch In Living Memory?

    What i mean is the fact it looks like Cancer patients will have to face Work Capability Tests after all. Its bad enough the Disabled and sick are facing these dodgy tests by poverty pimps IT firm ATOS 48% of appeals get there money back after huge stress making the use of such a firm a waste of tax payers money. Eton boy Cameron and his lackeys propped up by joke Clegg seem to want to beat Thatcher as the nastiest piece of excrement by pinching the little money the disabled have now they want harass cancer victims i mean what a bunch of scroungers so you get cancer can you walk ? hold a pen? then surely you fit for work! can he get any lower? What happened to dealing with the bailed out banks ? of course its easier to pick ob the vulnerable don't want to upset his rich mates scum of the earth agree?

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  • Why is Ken Clarke still in the Tory Party?

    Am i the only one who thinks Ken is a wet liberal i mean i only read in the papers how he attacks fellow tories for being real tories( patriots etc) . The man is a Eu Fanatic he does not fit with the grass roots mocks those who question the Human rights act and its effect on deporting foreign criminals. He is one of the remaining Heathites Ted Heath was also a liberal pretend tory who betrayed the country Heseltine is a other. Cameron if he had a spine and was a genuine patriot would do good by ditching him.

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  • Do You Think 17.5 Million Of Public Money Spent On Bailiffs To Remove Some Travellers Is A Good Use?

    I mean this is what is estimated the local council will spend to evict some families of there land over some issue with planning law. Yet the Tories are looking at watering down planning law for developments on green belt for private developers. It will cost taxpayers as well for rehousing of families with kids and the elderly i say a waste of money and bloody hypocrisy!

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  • Is Russell Brand a clueless moron?

    I mean yet again he has put his foot in it before it was offending a ageing comic Andrew Sachs with help from prat Jonathan Ross. This time he thought lets copy arch git frankie "not very funny" Boyle and have a pop at the disabled by describing the para olympics as nothing but a bit of novelty .It seems only the liberal anythings game crowd who are defending him.

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  • Are You Sick Of Left Wing Opportunists Using Norway Tragedy To Bash Conservatives?

    What i mean is already there is liberal left commentators trying to use this moment to brand certain conservative views like EU scepticism the real problem of political Islam ( that is not a attack on all muslims) and Immigration as extreme. This man is a lunatic a cold hearted murderer he might share certain views but that does not make them less a legitimate view or make them extreme. It as a disgrace to high jack this tragedy to score points and undermine free speech. do you agree?

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  • UK March for disabled in London virtual silence in right wing media surprised?

    Hardest Hit March supported by loads of charities and left wing mps and celebs in London against the cuts to vital services and the abhorrent tests for Employment Allowance by unqualified racket ATOS. There are thousands protesting also protests against ATOS all over the country as have been before i hope in time ATOS contract will be scrapped and qualified GPS etc will be used . The nasty media like the Daily Hate Mail have been misleading the public in fact been the supporters of ATOS scum and implying that the vast majority are lying scroungers thankfully there head quarters have been targeted to . If you can please support protests and charities send a message to Cameron and his lap dog Clegg the disabled and there families will not put up with it anymore scrap ATOS and create a fair system that protects the vulnerable fund maybe by taking more from the bailed out banks .

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  • Is It Time George Galloway Was Put On Trial?

    George Galloway a Scot who i believe is still leader of the Respect Party has for years been stirring up hatred of Britain and America and the West in general . He was pals with Saddam Hussein and many other dictators and terrorist groups he makes vile speeches spouting poison about the west and supporting violence . Yet he has the cheek to shout down anyone for reminding him of the truth he is a outright liar there is loads of evidence on Youtube to show this. The most saddest thing he said was he was devastated at the fall of the Soviet Union i would bet he believes Stalin was super.He is a commie unrepeated but that is not my real problem its the going over to the Middle East and supporting the enemies of Britain while being a leader of a party here he should be tried on the grounds of giving support to terrorist regimes which wish harm to Britain and cause harm to the local people.

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  • What would you keep the Monarchy(UK) or EU membership?

    What i am getting at what is better for Britain in the long run not just financially but what unites the nation together and gives us something on the world stage. For me it has to be the Monarchy because regardless to what Republicans say the are cheaper than being in the EU at this moment we give more than receive when it comes to the EU. The Monarchy is above politics and unites us with our past yet has evolved as William shows ( should make a great king) . Monarchy is simply more colourful ok some will say so what but i think a bit of colour and heritage gives something to the nation . The EU is a drab bureaucratic headache which benefits the political class which we would be better of out.

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  • News of the Screws demonising EDL?

    Just read a misleading article about the English Defence League in The News Of The World that bastion of honest reporting. It claims to have gone under cover and interviewed a few drunken marchers one was a Asian a Indian who made a remark about Pakistan. It was trying to make out this proves that its a racist organisation but in fact it was a hack job that proved nothing about the aims of the EDL itself only showing it has asian supporters not so white supremacist after all. The only other comments was there might be some ex BNP members who march well big deal the EDL know and have stated racists causing trouble will not be tolerated and there slogan is Black and White Unite against extremism I wonder what this sunday rag is up to of course Murdoch the global opportunist is now on good terms with Saudi Arabia does not want to upset muslims so is going to expect his papers to tow the line so know its open season on the EDL. I agree with the EDL boycott Murdoch's rags send a message the British people are not going to be taken for mugs so you can expand your ugly empire . Support the EDL!

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  • Is Anyone Sick Of Leftists Calling The EDL ( English Defence League) Racist?

    I know i have asked this question before but the habit is getting worse it seems anyone who wants to challenge extremist Islam is racist in the eyes of the blinkered left . They want to ban patriots from marching on our own streets and displaying our own flag yet don't seem to have a problem with Muslim hate clerics spouting there poison . It seems the real extremists are the leftist UAF which is a SWP front which supports censorship for English/British patriots time in my opinion to tell them to get lost its our country and we will defend its culture and free speech!

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