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  • Where can i find it.....plz plz help?

    Can anyone please tell me a good website which can help me to choose best carrier for myself??


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  • My friend's crush loves

    I have a best friend with whom i share every bit of mine...Shez like a shadow for me....she loves this guy deeply and madly..who however is in love with me and says that he cant even "think" of someone else....

    I dont have any feelings for him...but my friend thinks so....and she started cutting off....she isnt comfortable with me now...even she doesnt reply my phone calls...

    i tried making her understand but still...and obviously I cant force that guy to love my friend...

    What should i do??

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  • What shud i do?

    I hv a boifrnd and we r deeply madly in luv wid eachother..esp me...i luv him like nething...its like i can do anything for him...he loves me too...

    but now a days m finding sum difference in his behaviour towards me.He finds me irritating at time (wid no reason).He takes me for granted.FOr instance when we talk on fone for hours..he sits quite or speaks too less..m the one who keeps on saying "baby say sumthing"

    I die to talk to him or to be wid him...but its not the same wid him...evrything is just ok for him.

    what shu i do? shud i behave the same so tht he realises how it feels? or whatelse?

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  • pimple scar removal??

    i've many dark brown marks on my forehead left by pimples..they look hideous...

    helpp me plzzz

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  • Help wid Eye Make-up..urgently needed?

    We're gonna hv a christmas Function....and im wearing a Dark Pink(Magenta) colored saree(Indian Dress).Im hosting the i hv to be on the stage most of the time...

    What kinda eye make-up goes best wid this color and situation.....??

    I have Dark Brown Eyes...and wheatish complexion..

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  • Help wid Eye Make-up...urgently needed?

    We're gonna hv a christmas Function....and im wearing a Dark Pink(Magenta) colored saree(Indian Dress).Im hosting the i hv to be on the stage most of the time...

    What kinda eye make-up goes best wid this color and situation.....??

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  • Wanna get rid of these

    Friendz...i have black heads on my nose(the side part) really look hideous....I also boght one pore cleanser machine but it didn't help...

    I use the scrub twice a week but still ...

    Plz tell me wht shud i do?

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  • Plz HELP me b4 it increases?

    I have sum allergy...that occurs every year during winter season...

    my fingers become red in color and also swollen..i feel itchy and they pain a lot...due to this im unable to write or do any has not started yet but i can see the symptoms ...such as itchiness...

    Plz tell me some home remedy to avoid this...or which produnt shud i use??

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  • Am i pregnant?help?

    Me n my bf have had sex some 2 weeks and sum days back...widout any protection...but he didn't hd deep after 1 week i had my periods.

    so that means im not pregnant now,right?

    and also im having a slight pain in 1 of my ovary...

    i just want to know that since i hv finished my periods this am safe now??or is thr any chance?

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  • I need help otherwise Im dead!?

    friends please help me

    I have a debate and haven't yet prepared ..the topic is "Literature perfects the human personality" im in favor....plzzzzzzzzzzzzz give me sum points!

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  • how can i shape my waist?help me?

    im 17yrs old .....5'7" weighing 50kgs.....i had a good figure...but from past few months i've lost it....I need to shape up my waist....plz tell me how to do it?

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  • Marks on my forehead..due to shaping eyebrows?

    i shape my eyebrows regulary(with a gap of 2 weeks)....lately i've discovered some Marks left by pimples......I tried many creams etc ...didn't looks hideous ...wht to do?

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  • Need help desperatley for my body?

    I want to lose weight till the christmas time.Im 17, height 5'7",weight 50 kgs.

    What to do?

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  • My sister got married secretly to her cousin!?

    My sis who is 9 years elder to me got secretly married to our cousin (dad's sister's son).they had loved each other since 5-6 years.but were waiting for our parents permission.our parents knew it but they strongly oppose it.they dont noe about her marriage.I was also there supporting my sis.But now im feeling guilty,My dad trusts me so much.I dont know when he'll come to know this,what will happen.I love my Dad a lot and also my sis.My sis and her husband migrated to other country,they're happy.My dad thinks that shez alone there...doing her higher studies.what should i do?

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  • My waist color seems to be darker than my other body parts!help?

    im 17.Wheatish in complexion...comparing my Other Bod Parts my waist and tummy is darker.....what can i do to bring it back to its normal color?

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  • How can i remove ungly stretch marks from my waist?

    im 17.I have Stretch marks in my Waist,Hip and thighs..i love wearing trendy looks hideous when i wear low waist trouse and short top.Plz tell me how to remove or lighten these marks?

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  • whom shud i choose?i need ur help ASAP.?

    i hv a bf frm past 4 years.He loves me a lot but hez not at all caring and never even tries to understand me.He also wants to be sexually active with me.I love him alsoattracted towards him a lot.but therez an another guy in my life,we used to be just friends then we became best friends,slowly we came close to each other.He has started loving me like anything.hez very much caring.and hez the only 1 in this world who can understand me,guide me.Im sure he'll keep me happy.No doubt I cant live without even talking to him a day.Hez a hindu and Im a christian,my parents will neveraccept him.On the other hand I dont want to break my bf's heart.Somtimes i feel tht he really loves me(my bf)but sumtimes i feel like its all fake.but im 100% sure that te other guy(my best frnd)really loves me.Once when he left me (just to test me),i became mad i cried like anything.this feeling never comes for my bf.Is this love?How should i choose my right life partner?I dont want to lose both of them.

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