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  • How to fix wood that has been urinated on?

    Unfortunately when we first got our puppy, he was going to the bathroom on our wood floor in the back room near the backyard. He was close, but still couldn't hold it. He is 2 years now, and still sometimes goes on the floor. Sometimes I will take let him out 2-3 times before I leave for work, and then he will come in and still pee on the floor after he just went and after I have left the house.

    So my issues is this. The wood on the back floor has obviously taken a beating. Is there any way to replace or fix just pieces of a wooden floor, or am I going to have to replace the entire thing?

    The floor where the damage is, is near our backdoor of our apartment which is a small dining area, and that same wood floor leads out into the kitchen and the living room as well. It's one giant room connected. There are no "tack" strips down to seperate the areas, so I am assuming that we may have to replace the entire floor throughout the entire room. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you.

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  • What lenses can I use for shooting a "newborn" session?

    I am looking into renting some lenses or a lens that will work with my Nikon D40. I plan on taking pictures of my new niece, in September. I am in the beginner stages of photography. I don't really understand ISO settings and all of that stuff yet, but I was wondering if having a better lens may help me achieve what I want rather than using the lens that came with the camera.

    Any help is appreciated!

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  • Hosting LOST party, need food ideas please?

    I have asked this question before, but never really found an answer that worked.

    I want to think "tropical" but also keep it within the themes of the show.

    I was going to serve Popeye's chicken and make a Mr. Clucks Chicken logo for the box. Going to make some Coconut Rice, Chicken and pineapple (skewers on bbq, or some sort of dish in oven).

    I may even pick up some Salmon.

    Do you think this is a good enough spread for about 8-10 people?

    Any other ideas would be appreciated.

    Mostly inexpensive please.

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  • Throwing a Lost- Finale party. Need food and decoration help please!?

    I figured I would decorate with the blow up palm trees, and some coconut shells or w/e.

    I want to get this Australian wine that has a plane ticket as the label. I thought that would be fitting.

    Food wise, what should I make?

    Also, if you have any ideas as far as costumes or other decorations, I would appreciate it. :)

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  • I am a Vegetarian. But, what do I eat?

    Being serious, please.

    I don't eat meat

    I want to stay away from seafood as well

    want to cut carbs

    Have to cut sodium intake

    and I want to limit dairy

    Can anyone offer some help please? I would appreciate it. :)

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  • Need help with Roxio Creator DE, please?

    I am trying to create a copy of a master disc, through Roxio Creator DE.

    My problem is this. If I am making a copy of this disc, and other people get the copied disc, if they don't have Roxio they can't open it right? I have tried to open one of the copied discs in another computer, and it doesn't open up.

    I don't see anywhere on the Roxio Creator where I can select how to save the file as something else so that other people can see it on their computer that may not have Roxio.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you!

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  • Chocolate cake with flavorings added to it?

    I have been trying to find a way to create a super moist chocolate cake. I was thinking about baking the cake, and then after I cut the layers I would possibly brush on some sort of liqueur depending on what flavor I wanted to use.

    Is it just as easy as brushing it on, or do I have to mix it with something like a sugar syrup. Will this help give it that moistness that I am looking for?

    Thank you!

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  • What are some Vegan shampoos/conditioners?

    That are Vegan and are also Paraben free?

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  • I would like to start a compost pile.?

    I live in an apartment and have the use of the backyard. Not very large, but it could weild a decent size garden for the needs of myself and my husband. I would like to start a compost pile.

    I have been reading that you can dig a hole and throw your organic material into the hole. Or , you can buy a bin. I really don't want to have to wait for my compost pile to grow. (I know, so impatient). Can I just throw my organic materials (fruit peels/vegetable ends/etc) into the soil throughout the season?

    I am hoping to grow:



    some type of lettuce





    Thank you in advance for your help.

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  • How to use luster/pearl dust?

    I wanted to use something glittery on my fondant and chocolate decorations for my Valentine's Day cupcakes. I am mixing the luster/pearl dust with drops of alcohol, but it's not really working the way I expected it to. It's seperating and when I paint it onto the fondant, it doesn't seem to show up. Should I use lemon juice, or vanilla extract instead? Help please!


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  • Can I use chocolate tofu in my Vegan chocolate cheesecake?

    I have a recipe from that calls for tofu, but not chocolate tofu. Would it be a horrible decision to use chocolate tofu? Will it change the taste dramatically? I have never had it, but I have seen it in the supermarket, and I figured it would be a great idea perhaps to add that as well. The recipe calls for bittersweet chocolate, and cocoa powder. Will this be overload? TIA

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  • So I purchased a package of Polenta. What do I do with it?

    I have hearda bout Polenta for ages. I finally picked up one of those "tubes" in Trader Joe's. What exactly do I do with it? Can I heat it up and maybe mash some butter and garlic into it, like potatoes?? I am a Polenta noob! Help!

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  • Can I make buttercream the night before?

    I am making cupcakes for an engagement party. I always have time management issues b/c I always try to do the frosting the day of so that it's as fresh as it can be. Since I am the only one working on these cupcakes, I need to figure out a better way to manage my time, rather than waking up at 4:00 in the morning to make butter-cream.

    Can I make butter-cream the night before, and keep in the refrigerator? If I just leave it out after it's chilled, will it warm back up and become usable again? Or is it a goner after I have chilled it?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • What is Crushed Carob?

    Someone from work gave me a gigantic bag of this stuff. They challenged me to make something with it. I have yet to find any recipe that calls for "crushed carob". Anyone have any recipes?

    Also, is Carob powder the same as crushed carob just ground up?

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  • I forgot to add vanilla to my red velvet cupcakes.?

    I forgot the vanilla extract. The cupcakes are now in the oven, and I can't do anything about it. Will they taste horrible?

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  • Where can I find Wheat in a Can for Pastiera Di Grano?

    I have a coworker who wants to make a traditional "Wheat pie" or Pastiera Di Grano, and the recipe she is looking for uses wheat in a can, she can't seem to find any. Does anyone know where I can find this in the Long Island, NY area?

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  • Can I use Meringe powder in place of Cream of Tartar?

    I was wondering what the difference is between the two. I know that meringe powder is almost like substitution for egg whites, it helps to stiffen up right? And cream of tartar I thought did the same thing?

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  • What does Milk do in baking?

    I was trying to make a pumpkin pie without any dairy product or soy milks due to an allergy my uncle has. I wound up using soy milk , but at first I thought he couldn't have that either. I just wanted to know what exactly does milk do in baking that I could possibly substitute it for?

    I have been reading my science of baking book , and I can't find anything in there that explains exactly what milk does in the baking process. Even online it was hard to find anything to explain it.

    I thank you for your help. =D

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  • can I color sour cream? ?

    I wanted to make some sour cream look like blood, can I add food coloring to it? Or does the extra liquid in the food coloring make the SC very runny???

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  • can you take any cake recipe and turn it into cookies? ?

    any cake or bread recipe?? I have heard of people taking cake mix and making cookies with them, but what about bread recipes?

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