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  • Wedding Invites in several languages?

    I need help finding companies within in the United States that are able to print wedding invites in Russian and English. Many companies that i have contacted and stores like Hallmark for example can not print the invites I want because the russian language doesnt consist of the same letters as english

    Do i need to look outside of the US?

    What should I do?

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  • 2 year celebration?! yah or nah?

    Alright; my future hubby and i will be celebrating our 2 year anniversary soon and i was curious of any ideas on top of what i have come up with or should i just stick with what i have planned...

    my plan:

    I plan on cookin dinner for him (i never do) then we are gonna go to this place called sybrias (sp) its like a private hotel/pool/spa thing... do our thing.. romantic and all stay the night there

    what have you done in the past to celebrate a milestone in a relationship; what not to do and what to do...

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  • How often do you have sex?

    Alright.. my fiance and i are having this little discussion..

    he says i'm a nympho bc i want sex more often in which we already have.. we have sex on average 5 times a week. i think that number should be doubled.

    what does everyone think is the average.. what is to little and what is to much?

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  • Swinging? (swapin partners)?

    How does everyone feel about swingers?

    my boyfriend and i have a great active sex life.. but i was always thought it would be fun to swap; and go to like a swingers club.

    Has anyone ever tried this? and advice.. concerns? how should i approach my boyfriend?

    (sorry like 10 questions in one)

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