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  • telus : i want to sign a new contract but am on my old contract still?

    i am with telus. im about 20 months into my 39 month contract. my current phone sucks so i want to get an iphone. i am willing to sign a 3 year contract with telus, provided i get the phone for cheaper. but i dont know the rules and penalties regarding canceling an existing contract if you want to sign another one with them anyways. they wouldnt be losing any money.

    also, ive had my current phone taken in for repairs twice, and im convinced it is just a faulty phone. could i use that to my advantage to get them to split the cost of a new iphone with me?

    thanks in advance for the response!

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  • how much weight can i lose this way?

    my goal is to lose 10 lbs by December.

    im 5'2, 115 lbs. i gained 10 lbs of muscle this past year without losing much fat, so i have muscle sitting under the fat. my goal for the next 2 months is to lose the fat.

    will running 5 miles a day and eating 1300/cals a day do the trick? my goal is to lose the weight at a rate of 2 lbs/week.

    i do ab exercises, but im trying to hold off on too many weight exercises because i dont want to bulk up anymore.

    any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated!

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  • what are your best makeup steals?

    mine are: l'oreal voluminous mascara, sally hansen nail polish, nyx eyeshadows, prestige eyeshadows, nyx eyeliners, revlon colorstay eyeliner

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  • is there something like a cco in vancouver?

    im spending a few days in vancouver next week, and i was wondering if there was a cosmetics company outlet store or any makeup outlets around there?


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  • what do you guys think of blonde asians?

    check out this link:

    or this:

    im thinking of going blonde. im half asian half caucasian. what you guys say will not really affect my decision because you dont know what i look like, but in general, i'd just like to know what you guys think of them, out of curiosity. i personally think they look so cute and would be so happy if i could pull it off.

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  • Safe tips for travelling with makeup?

    im going on vaycay next week and want to travel light, so no carryon roller-bag, just my purse and then check in luggage. i have a metal traincase to put my makeup in but is there any other way of protecting my makeup to make sure it doesnt break when its in the check-in bag?

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  • who loves their macbook?

    im in the market for a new laptop. i'll be graduating highschool shortly and then going to university.

    im always on my laptop, so i'll be getting alot of use out of it. i also listen to alot of music and have tons of pictures. oh and i love watching videos online. and of course, i need something small and light to carry around between classes and to use for school. im not sure if that info was necessary/useful, but should i get the macbook? what do you love and hate about it?

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  • mac smoke signals quads?

    which one do you guys prefer? (gentle fume, smoking eyes) and why? i really want to get one, but i dont know which is better.

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  • how much makeup is too much makeup for school?

    what makeup do you guys wear normally?

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  • vintage sister lip balms?

    has anybody tried them? what do you think? are they made with natural ingredients?

    i've been thinking of getting some, but since they are only sold online and since i've never heard of vintagesister before today, im understandably a little sketch about it

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  • does anybody apply powder foundation with a foundation brush?

    im thinking of buying the mac holiday gift set of face brushes. it comes with the skunk brush, the cheek contour brush, the foundation brush, and the concealor brush. i will definitely get use out of the concealor brush and probably the skunk brush. i dont really need the contour brush, but if i have it, i guess i'd use it (with bronzer, right?). but i use a powder foundation, (studio fix) and i dont know if the foundation brush would work with that. i was wondering if anyone has tried this and what they think of the results.

    greatly appreciated. also, if you have any other things i can use the brushes for, plz let me know.

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  • what cosmetics should women spend money on?

    i think: splurge on: foundation, mascara, concealer, eyeliner

    save on: blush, lipstick, lip gloss

    eyeshadow can go either way.

    what do you guys think?

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  • can i go blonde?

    im asian-canadian. the texture of my hair leans towards caucasian hair rather than the thick, course asian hair my mother has. but its dark brown. i have light skin (mac C30 shade) and brown eyes. would blonde look good on me? and if so, what kind of blonde?

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  • what's your favorite mac eyeshadow?

    i wana buy another mac eyeshadow, but i want to know what everybody's top faves/picks are. im looking for something on the lighter side, shimmery, and something i can wear everyday.

    i already have sushi flower and humid. thanks!

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  • is the Dove white bar and the Dove beauty bar the same thing?

    i've heard people talk about the white bar and the beauty bar, and i was wondering if they are the same thing. Dove's website does not have anything listed as a beauty bar, but they do have a White bar.

    are they in fact, two diff names for the same soap bar?

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  • best volumizing mascara?

    i have short lashes, but i dont really need them to be long. my problem is that the mascaras that i own (diorshow, hypnose) make my lashes long but they look even thinner than when i started and rather stringy, if you can understand. i want my lashes black and fat, so that from afar all you can see is a wall of black lashes. kind of like what chelsea and both melissas' (on search for the next pcd) have. that's gorgeous, and thats what i want.

    i'll give 10 pts to whoever can also tell me how to do chelsea's and both melissas' eye makeup


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  • am i doing too much to my face?

    my night regime:

    wash face with body shop tea trea oil foaming face wash,

    tone face with body shop vitamin E toner,

    moisturize with one of a few light moisturizers i have (olay, cetaphil)

    apply proactive refining mask to big and/or red zits

    apply clean and clear 5% persagel to small and/or disappearing zits

    my morning regime:

    apply toner all over face to remove dried zit cream

    rinse face

    apply aveeno positively radiant day moisturizer w/ spf 15


    i try to use my body shop tea trea oil face mask once a week

    my friends come over, see everything i have on my counter and hassle me about using too much on my face and i feel bad. am i really doing too much?

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  • has anybody put queen sized sheets on a double bed?

    does it work? or is the fitted sheet just too messy looking?

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  • Make Up For Ever eye seal?

    has anyone tried it? does it work?

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  • maybelline full n soft waterproof?

    for full n soft users only: is the texture much different from the original full n soft? bcuz the mascaras i've tried have been thick and gooey and have made my lashes quite gummy. should i expect this from the full n soft waterproof?

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