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Brutal Honesty

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Just as crazy and lost as the rest of you out there, but finaly figured out that if I don't start realizing what it is I do know. I'll be lost forever to what I don't. Thru that path I've found truth in my life, not from anyone book, not from anyone person and not from any institution that exsistence, but thru the people I feel for and those that felt me back. Realize also that the most important thing in your life is purpose, doesn't matter what the purpose is. Only that you are willing to die for it. To treat it any less, to believe in it any weaker then that, is to make your life meaningless and your choices impossible. Without a light to guide yourself, you are purposeless, you are lost..... So expect me to brow-beat you about this fact constantly, I don't care if your purpose is religion, or to follow some person thru hell, the fact is you better take it seriously, you better believe in it completely, and you better be willing to sacrifice yourself for it.