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  • How can I get cable in a room without an outlet?

    I have AT&T Uverse cable. Our 4 bedroom house only has cable outlets in the living room, the den and the master bedroom even though it's only a 12 year old house. Other than the master, we have two bedrooms that we have to use the Uverse wireless receivers in. Those work great.

    We want to put a tv in the garage and figured we'd get another wireless receiver in there but the Uverse set up only allows for two.

    The modem/router set up is in the den and there is no way to run cable from the den to the garage or to one of the bedrooms with the wireless receivers.

    Is there any way we can get cable to one of the bedrooms for a wired box in there or out to the garage?

    Is it possible the house has cable running in the walls but no outlets?

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  • Should I prepay mortgage principle to get rid of PMI?

    I have a mortgage balance of $538k at 4%

    I am paying $291/month in pmi.

    Does it make sense to prepay on the principle to get rid of the pmi sooner?

    As it is, it will not end until early 2018.

    If I pay an extra $200/month to reduce the loan balance, I still have to pay the pmi for over 4 years.

    Does it even make sense outside of just creating more equity?

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  • Do I pay taxes if I sell a domain?

    I've had a domain name for 13 years. I formerly used it as an online, e-commerce biz and filed a Schedule C every year. The domain has been unused since 2006 and I now have an offer for it for well over 6 figures. If I sell it, what kind of taxes do I pay and why?

    What is the difference in selling a domain to a private party over (for example) selling a watch to someone on craigslist? If I sell a watch for $10 or even $1000 it's not like I'm going to report my $10 sale as income.

    I will be speaking to a cpa soon but would like some feedback and please cite sources or experience if possible.


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  • Cancerous colon polyp biopsy. Should I wait or have resection?

    I am 55 years old and had my first colonoscopy. The GE found 5 polyps, one was biopsied and came back positive. The polyp is sessile, not pedunculated however the margins of the polyp were clear and there was no evidence of cancer in the colonic mucosa.

    I consulted with a top gastro surgeon (not an oncologist) today who is leaning towards NOT doing colon resection but rather waiting for 2-3 months and then having another colonoscopy to recheck the area where the polypectomy was performed. He is somewhat on the fence but definitely leaning towards waiting.

    Can anyone offer any insight or experiences they might know of?

    Thank you

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  • Do I have Cirrhosis of the liver?

    Brief history: I'm 55 white male. For the better part of my life I led an extremely fit, very active lifestyle which included intense weight training and cardio training 5-6 days a week. I have always eaten a low fat, high fiber, lean diet. At 48 and 6 feet tall I was 210 lb at under 10% bodyfat and competed in natural bodybuilding. Fitness was my life. I drank in moderation if at all.

    Starting in my mid 40's I would overindulge occasionally but when I was about 48 or 49 I had some personal issues that affected my mental frame of mind and I began drinking more heavily and for the next 5-6 years, would drink large amounts on a daily basis, almost always to intoxication. I still managed to maintain a level of fitness that most people my age were envious of and my alcohol intake would begin at 5 or 6 pm and continue until bed time. There would be the occasional "getting healthy" phase and I would abstain for 4-6 weeks but it was rare.

    Around 3 or 4 years ago I began having occasional swelling and mild discomfort in my abdomen and right upper quadrant that would come and go. When these symptoms first occurred in I had a CT scan of my abdomen that came back negative. I specifically questioned my dr about my liver and he said it looked normal. Additionally, my yearly, routine physicals showed all liver tests as normal and in fact, well below any danger areas.

    After basically being tired of being drunk and wanting to return to my former self, I decided to abstain and I have had no liquor for a few months but recently this discomfort has returned.

    At my most recent physical in Feb of this year, my blood work again seemed normal:

    AST 23 units/L

    ALT 24 units/L

    Alk phos 47 units/L

    Total Bilirubin 0.5 mg/dl

    Total protein 8.4 g/dl

    I realize nobody can diagnose from this alone and I've pretty much decided to go to my dr for further exams but was wondering if anyone could shed light for me. And please no one liner answers, I'm looking for someone who might have some medical background or at least someone who is/was in my situation or has a family member or friend.

    Thank you

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  • If I rent my house do I need to claim the rent as income?

    We need to sell our home of the past 2 years. We have about $100k equity but after broker fees etc we'll probably only net about $60k. Due to a job change, we need to move to an area that is higher priced and would need about $120k for a down. If we rent out our current home until we save enough, would we have to claim any rents received as income? How would the IRS know we were renting if I didn't claim any deductions/depreciation etc on the rental.

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  • Should my sister open a Roth IRA or 529 plan for her daughter?

    I'm a little confused on this. Some well known sites seem to indicate that a Roth IRA is okay for college but others seem to say that you can't have a Roth for a child since the child has no earned income. My sister, single mom, has a large lump sum she wants to put away for her daughters college. Which is best?

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  • What is the best free movie maker software?

    What would you recommend I use to make personal, home movies ( with music) on my new computer that has Windows 7? Some people have suggested Windows Movie Maker 2.6 rather than bother with Windows Live Movie Maker. I prefer not to have to pay an arm and leg for just fun videos for my own enjoyment

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  • Can I use a Visa giftcard online?

    I have a visa prepaid giftcard that has $100 balance on it. I want to sign up for a membership site online that will cost $24.95 so I thought I'd use the card. But you have to enter your name, address etc when putting in the card number. That's fine but the card was a gift to will the site know my address and name are correct? Will it authorize the sale anyway?

    1 AnswerCredit1 decade ago
  • Can I use Quickbooks 2003 on Windows 7?

    I have an old version of Quickbooks (2003) that I used to use. It's on an old computer. I'd prefer to only use my new computer that has Windows 7. Can I install this old version of Quickbooks on my new computer? I do have the cd and license. This would be for very basic stuff for a small biz I run from home and really don't want to buy a new version.

    6 AnswersSoftware1 decade ago
  • Can I open a SEP IRA if my wife has a 401k at work?

    My wife makes over $125k per year and receives a w-2 from her employer. She contributes to a 401k through her employer. I am a self employed consultant, sole proprieter with NO employees and receive 1099's from my clients. I earn about $80k/year. I know any standard IRA contribution by either of us is not tax deductible since she is in the 401k but if I open a SEP IRA are my contributions, tax deductible? Also, can I still open a SEP IRA before the filing deadline of April 15?

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  • Worm attached to my yahoo contact list?

    I got an email from a friend. It was from an old AOL acct she hasn't used in some time so I should have figured something was up. When I opened it, I saw it was cc'ed to her entire AOL contact list. The body of the email was junk with a spam link. I did NOT click the link. Well since then, I've had two spam messages go out from MY yahoo contact list to all my contacts. I run Kaspersky virus, Malwarbytes etc but I guess they aren't set up for yahoo.

    How do I clean this up? I'm ready to dump yahoo.

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  • HELP! Has my computer been hacked?

    I use Kaspersky antivirus but it was unable to catch some malware called "av_md.exe". After emails and more, I finally got an anti-malware software to resolve it and then Kaspersky was updated to clean things up. However, ever since then, if I do ANY search on yahoo, the first 4 or 5 results in the organic search results (not sponsored searches) come up as normal results but the url that I'm directed to is starting with some more url info followed by the actual url I should be directed to. For example, the search for "malware" brings a listing on wikipedia but the url shown is the above and then at the end is wiki's site url.

    This is for any search of any term on yahoo only and only on firefox, not IE and only on the computer that was infected.

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  • What song did Pink sing on the trapeze?

    What was that song title that Pink sang on the MTV awards when she was on the trapeze?

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  • Question for athiests?

    Please no answers from believers of any faith, this is for atheists: If you do not believe in any afterlife, god or judgment, what keeps you from doing bad things? I ask this as an agnostic who has always wondered how someone who absolutely believes this is the only life they will live carries on with civility and plays by what are most judeo-christian guidelines.


    35 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • What order for hebrew letters if vertical?

    When reading hebrew, the text and letters flow from right to left. If I wanted to write a word in hebrew vertically, would the lettering start at the bottom or top? For instance, a vertical sign with my family's last name on it. Would the first letter be at the bottom or top of the sign?

    Thank you

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  • can someone fluent in spanish translate this?

    I hate the online translators, it's like every one comes up with a different translation and they are NOWHERE similar! Can someone translate this into casual spanish? This is spanish as spoken by someone from Mexico. "Do you like?" As in "Do you like Beyonce'?" or "Do you like country music'" etc


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  • what is the song they played at the end of entourage tonight? season 6 first episode?

    july 12, season 6 end of the first episode. what was that song?

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  • When does the new Star Trek movie come out?

    Trying to find info or any sneak peaks on the new star trek

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  • How do I claim (back) property taxes we paid on a foreclosure?

    We purchased a foreclosure in November of 2008. We paid substantial back property taxes on the new home. We did not receive a 1098 form for this portion of our property taxes. Our lender is saying to use our HUD statement to show the back taxes. I'm afraid the IRS does not have records we paid those taxes. How do I file to reflect this payment we made?

    2 AnswersUnited States1 decade ago