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  • Can you help me with my car problem?

    I have a 2002 Chevy Malibu. I was driving it today with no problems. when I left work, I noticed that my car took a little longer to start up. When I got home and tried to start my car, it just made that noise when you know the battery is dying and then either steam or smoke came from my hood. What could be wrong?

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  • What hairstyle should I sport with this dress?

    I have to go to my bf's friends wedding in two weeks. I have strawberry blonde hair with chunks of blonde in it. My hair is below my shoulders. The link shows a better detail of the dress, I did get in black.

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  • Is this dress ok to wear at the wedding?

    My bf's good friend is getting married. I've never been to an actual wedding before. Anyways, I found this dress which I like. The problem is that it only comes in black. The wedding is being held in a church next month around 1PM. The cocktails and dinner is at 6. I was planning to wear the same dress for both.

    here is a pic of my dress:

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  • What do I wear to a wedding?

    My bf's two friends are getting married a month apart. I have met them before and everything. I've never been to a wedding, so I am not sure what I wear! My bf wants me to wear a dress for sure. Can you give me some examples of what kinds/types of dresses to wear?

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  • What do you think of this name for a girl?

    My BF and I were talking about girl's names. I wanted to name my daughter,Elle. He said that we should name her Ellie, and use Elle for short. I wanted to use Ellie as a lil nickname for her. What do you think?

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  • reasonable behaviour on his part?

    I've been with my bf for 10 mnths. Sometimes he can show some jealously, or disapproval when I mention another guy, ie- I spoke to a guy friend of mine. So today I told him that I had a staff mention, and an older guy co-worker asked for my cell number so that he could call me, and have his client and mine hang out together. I work with special needs and I work one on one with a guy client. So I gave him my cell in the future to have us all hang out. So anyways, my bf said I should have told my co-worker that I have a bf, flat out. I told him how stupid that would have been. I said if my co-worker starts hinting at something other than work, then I will tell him. I would have looked stupid! What do you think? I've never cheated on bf, or given him any reason to think so.

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  • Going reverse on an Elliptical?

    I've started to go reverse on the Elliptical in addition to my normal work out on the machine. Which muscles are getting a work out when used going in reverse??

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  • Good amount of calories to burn?

    I go to the gym at least 3-4 times a week. I go on the treadmill and use the,"Hill" walk option and set the level the highest. It elevates the treadmill from 9 to a max of 15. My walking speed is usually 2.6-3.0. When I do this for 25 mins I burn 260 Calories. When I go for 30 mins, it's usually 320-330 Calories. I was wondering if that's a good amount of Calories burnt off, or really not that much.

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  • Why do I have this feeling?

    I've been with my bf for almost 8 months. We both came out of very bad relationships. Mine was about a year ago. I am still healing from my previous relationship that was emotionally abusive. Anyways, my bf is 4 years older than me. He told me that he will get me a promise ring, but won't say when. He said it could be before or after our one year anniversary. When he said that, I got extremely excited and at the same time very nervous... felt kind of weird. I was thinking, 'holy crap, this is serious'. So I am wondering why would I be all for it? Why so nervous if I love him?

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  • Could this lead to abusive actions?

    I've been with my bf for about 7 months. He has NEVER hit me, or threaten me with violence. Just sometimes he can get very angry, say hurtful things. Then pretty much afterward, he will apologize to me. He will say how he doesn't deserve me, and how is scared to lose me. Also if he lost me, he wouldn't be the same. I apparently make me feel like he is somebody and that he is loved. I can honestly say he is the best bf I've had. I got out of a very horrible emotionless 4 year relationship almost a year ago. So anyways, I was talking to my friend about this, and they said that it sounds that it MIGHT lead on to an abusive relationship. It has some of the characteristics. Sometimes my bf can get jealous if I mention a guy friend of mine, and he'll watch my actions and what I do.

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  • Good amount of Calories to burn at the gym?

    I currently burn around 300-400 on the Elliptical or Treadmill at the gym, for about 30mins. Afterward, I go on the weight machines. I am usually at the gym 6 days a week for an hour.

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  • Which machines do you use at the gym? Have you gotten any results?

    I started going back to the gym. I want to lose my belly fat, so I go on the Elliptical for 30-45 mins then go to the weight machines to work on my core. Which machines have you used to lose weight and did it work?

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  • What machines do you use at the gym?

    I started going back to the gym. I want to lose my belly fat, so I go on the Elliptical for 30-45 mins then go to the weight machines to work on my core. Which machines have you used to lose weight and did it work?

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  • Pls help with my gym work out routine?

    It's been a year since I went to the gym last, but I signed up at YMCA and went to the gym today for the first time. I managed to burn 500 cal on the Elliptical, and then went to the weight machines. I wanted to get rid of my belly fat mostly. I went on the ab machine and did 15 reps on 50-70 pounds. Then went on the machine that work your thighs. Same amount of reps but the weight was 90 pounds. So I was wondering what is the correct way I should be doing these exercises?

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  • What type of router do I get?

    I will be moving in with my dad and I wanted to get a router to share the internet. I don't know much about what type to look for, or whatever. Just a simple router to share the internet pretty much. What do I need to know? My computer is more recent than his.

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  • Should I feel guilty about this?

    My best friend and I wanted to go to this male strip club just for laughs. I told my bf about the idea and he got annoyed with it. He doesn't like the thought of me staring at naked men. About a month ago, his manager took him and his co-workers to Hooters for supper. My bf told me he didn't know that they would be going there. Of course, I felt very insecure and bad about myself when he told me. I was thinking of going anyways and not telling him about it. I'm not there to pick up guys or anything. I am just curious about it.

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  • Girls/ guys... what do you think?

    Almost a year ago, I saw on my now ex-boyfriends cell, pictures of some girl that was his 'friend'. She sent topless pics of herself to him. I asked him about it, he said that all she said was,'check out these pics...'. He didn't know she would be topless. Now I am wondering what kind of girl would send topless pics of herself to a guy friend who told her that he has a gf? Would you believe that?

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  • How much would a driver make?

    I have an interview tomorrow with a big brand auto part store. I would be hired as a driver. I believe I would get to use their company car. Saying that, how much do you think they would pay? Min wage in Canada is $9.

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  • Why would my ex bother to do this? Guys or girls pls help?

    I broke up with my ex about 5 months ago. It was not a peaceful break up at all. My current bf had to experience it with me. So I checked my e-mail today, and the ex sent an email wishing me a merry xmas and hope it was a good one. I haven't spoken to him in months, and out of the blue he did this. Why would he even bother? My current boyfriend was just as puzzled at it. The ex told me that he does have a gf now.

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