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  • What did I do so wrong?

    I truly helped a friend of over 4 years through a very difficult time. We had dated once or twice in the past, but through my help, she and I became very intimate and learned a lot about each other. We shared a lot along with long term dreams. I know that it went from 0 to 100mph in about 4 months, but after several talks, she insisted that we keep it going. One or two misunderstandings had happened in the past month, as every thing is never perfect forever. Now, she has moved back home, and says amongst all the other outside pressure in her life, she wants to take a break from things, and slow down. She says she loves me unconditionally, and wants to make sure that this is truly what she wants, but wants to clear her head of all the other problems before going full steam ahead again. I am giving her the space I can, but I really am in love, and want this back to normal again. Any advice on how to speak female?

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