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  • Exercise Routine Question?

    I am 5'7 and 120 pounds. In the past 2 years I have lost nearly 40 pounds with diet & exercise. I have a great exercise routine going for me but I am finding that I like exercising every other day better. It may sound silly but I feel as though if I don't work out everyday that some of the lost weight would return. I am wanting to ask those who have switched to every other day work outs how it has benefited you? Do you think its a good idea? Helpful answers need only apply, Thank you!

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  • Question for Bank Tellers?

    I just recently got hired as a full-time Bank Teller at Cornerstone Community Financial Bank. I have TONS of Customer Service experience, cash handling and Retail Manager experience. I have to say that I am still a little bit nervous and I start tomorrow. So my question for you is, were you nervous when you started at the Bank in your teller position, how long did it take you to catch onto things? Were the people who trained you patient with you as far as learning everything? Do you REALLY enjoy your job, what are some important things that you would think I would need to know? Thank you so much for your help, helpful answers need only apply.

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  • Gallbladder Surgery Question?

    For the past 2 months I have had severe stomach pains and attacks after eating, vomiting, weight loss, etc. My doctors finally came to the conclusion after some testing and an ultrasound that I need to have my gallbladder removed. I am having surgery next week and for about a week the symptoms subsided and now I am having severe abdominal discomfort. I am just wondering and wanting to hear about those who have had the same situation and surgery done as to what you went through before and after surgery. I appreciate serious answers only. Thank You!

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  • Period Cravings?

    Okay, I know I am not the only one who experiences this. The week before my period I am so hungry that I literally end up eating when ever I can get my hands on food. It's salty foods and sweet foods. This part isn't what bothers me, the part that bothers me is that during the times this isn't going on, I eat less & healthy and exercise. Will the weight I may gain from eating all week last or will I lose it as my period comes along? Dr.'s feel free to answer, thank you!

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  • Lack of Self-Confidence?

    So, here is my situation. I am a 21 year old woman, newly married and recently just recieved my first manager position. I am the Assistant General Manager at Cost Plus World Market. Being my first real manager job, I lack confidence in my job. What I mean is that I feel as though I am not doing well....I know I am qualified for the job but I cannot help feeling that everyone thinks I am incompitent. How do I over come this lack of self-confidence in my job, and has this ever happened to any of you....if so, what do you do to deal with it? Thank you!

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  • Wedding Blues?

    I am a Bride-to-Be, about to be married in 19 days and I am really excited to be getting married to the man of my dreams. Lately though, I have getting really depressed and moody & it really doesn't feel like I am getting married. I have gone through a lot of family drama through the whole wedding process and because of it my parents won't be at the wedding. I don't know if all this depressing and sadness (about my parents) is just coming to a head or whats wrong with me, but I wanna enjoy these next couple weeks and I need some ideas on how I can do this. Any of you ladies experienced this before your weddings? Honest and helpful answers need only apply! Thank you!

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  • Bachelorette Party Question!?

    I am currently a Bride-to-Be and about to have my Bachelorette Party. Let's face it, every Bride wants to feel sexy on such an occasion and I think I have found a great outfit but I wanted to get some other ladies opinions. So take a look and let me know how you feel about it, honest & helpful answers need only apply!

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  • Do you think she stole it?

    I really think my really good friend stole a very expensive bottle of perfume from me the other day. She does have a history of stealing from my parents, and earlier the other day when we were out she stole a Wedding magazine and thought nothing of it. I usually keep all my perfume in one place, and never misplace it. I have searched high and low and cannot find it. I have such a very big itch that she has it, and I asked her if she had seen it and she said "No, I haven't seen it anywhere....but its not like I was looking for it." She is my brothers girlfriend and I am almost positive she has it, but if I happen to be wrong I would feel horrible. But then again, she stole the magazine and I cannot find it anywhere? Share your stories and advice, please help!

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  • Bridesmaid Gift Help?

    I am currently a Bride-to-Be.....countdown 56 Days! My fiancee and I are paying for the wedding ourselves and I really cannot afford to get my Bridesmaids anything else but their jewelry. I feel horrible, but because of our budget its all we can do. Any other brides ever been in my shoes? How did you handle? Please help!

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  • Bride Vs. Groom?

    With all the stress that a wedding brings, and all the problems between my mom & I, my mom & my future mother-in-law, and everything else everyone is saying to put their 2 sense into the wedding plans it has caused chaos between me and my future hubby. Generally I never feel like we are on the same team about everything. We fight because I am stressed and I make him stressed. I go to him to talk and to vent and it really seems as though he doesn't care. I am just a frustrated Bride that feels like her wedding is about everyone else and I feel like my groom just wants nothing to do with me or the wedding. Please tell me I am not alone on this, what can I do? Serious answers need only apply.

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  • Are any Brides-to-Be with me?!?

    It seems as though from the second my fiancee and I got married until now (3 months before our wedding) everyone wants to put their 2 sense into everything and wedding planning has become full of Drama! My mom just dropped out of helping with my Bridal Shower when her and my mother-in-law were already doing it together....its less than a month away. She is driving me crazy! She always has something she gets me all worked up about. Do any other Brides feel as though their wedding is a distaster and stressed out about everything?! How do I learn to enjoy the last 3 months before the wedding? Please Help, I want to know I am not alone!!

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  • Could I be pregnant?

    My period was a week late and all of a sudden I was having severe cramps to the point where I really thought I was going to die. I bled heavily for one day and its like my period completely stopped....and its been 3 days since then. Could I be pregnant? Has this ever happened to anyone? Whats going on? Only helpful answers need apply!

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  • Make up & Hair Run-through?

    My mom and I want to go a couple weeks before the wedding to get our hair and make-up done, just to kinda see how its going to look. I have heard of many brides doing this. My question is...what do I do after the hair and make up is done? I will have my tiara and veil I just take my hair down and take the make-up off? I feel as though that would be a waste of money. All you brides out there that have done this, let me know please~

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  • 3 in 1 Invitations?

    My fiancee and I are looking to save money on our wedding invitations. We were looking at the 3 in 1 invites that are an invitation, reception card, and a response card in one. They have no envelopes to send them out or return just simply put a stamp on the front and on the inside folded respose card. I am not sure how I feel about sending them in the mail without envelopes. My questions is....all you married ladies out there who used this type of invitation....tell me about it. Was it worth it? Was not having the envelopes and maps enclosed okay>? Thanks for your help!!

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  • Question for Doctors?

    I don't believe I am lactose intolerant, but everytime I drink milk I break out with bad acne....can you explain? Please help....respectful answers need only apply.

    5 AnswersAllergies1 decade ago
  • Wedding Invitations?

    I am wondering....I know you can put the paper squares for your registries in the Bridal Shower invitations but it is unproper to put them in the wedding invitations of guests that didn't recieve them previously?

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  • Wedding Help?

    I am getting married on July 20th of this year. I know you have to send out invitations 2 months before the wedding. What is the latest I should order them?

    Second question, I am thinking of using fishbowls for my centerpieces at the reception. Any women who have gotten married use this idea? How did it go? How did the guests like it, did they end up taking the fish at the end of the night?

    Only helpful answers need apply, thank you!

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  • Wedding Make-up?

    I have been doing my own make-up for years and I would actually be really comfortable doing my own make-up for my wedding this July. I am wondering how I should do this as far as the colors, how to get my lipstick to stay, how to make my make-up a step up from what I usually do. Any brides out there that have done their own make-up for their wedding? Any good website? Any advice or ideas? Its an outside wedding in July, PLEASE HELP!! Thank you!

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  • Mother-in-Law Help?

    Don't get me wrong, my future mother in law is a sweet heart, but she is currently planning my Bridal Shower and she isn't allowing anyone (my mother & bridesmaids) get involved. My mother, her, and his sister are all helping pay but she is being stubborn and wants everything to go the way she wants it to no matter what I (the bride) or my mom is suggesting. My groom, naturally, is taking his mother's side on this....what can I do to help my stress and nicely find a way to tell her that everyone needs to be involved and she needs to stop being so controling? Helpful answers need only apply. Thank you!

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