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  • YO, Whats the deal with these WACK gas prices?

    How bad you getting ripped off where you at?

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  • What happens to the NY Mets if they end the season tied with milwauke?

    do they go to a play off, or does it go by best heads up record

    who has the better record heads up

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  • How do I connect wires for a bathroom light?

    The ground Im all set with.

    The black and white wires coming from the wall into the junction box are solid 14 guage wire.

    The black and white wires coming from the light fixture are stranded 18 guage wire..

    I have twisted solid with solid and stranded with stranded but never solid with stranded.

    How much do you recommend I strip off each wire?

    Should I twist off more stranded?

    What size twist cap(color) do you recommend?

    Is soldering overkill?


    3 AnswersDo It Yourself (DIY)1 decade ago
  • Soldering Question for wires?

    I have 3 14 guage stranded wires that I need to solder together.

    How much of the jacket would you remove on each wire? 1/2in 3/4in, etc.

    Immediately after you pull with the stripper to take the jacket off, should you twist the wires together or should you combine all three loose wires together, then twist. Maybee a braid pattern rather then twisting?

    3 AnswersCar Audio1 decade ago
  • Whats the best way to solder a resistor?

    I am making a cable that goes from my car head deck on one end to female rca(white red) on the other. The connectors are 13 pin DIN.

    After researching, I found out that a 10 KOhm resistor is required between pin 3 and pin 9 in order for the deck ro switch into correct AUX mode.

    The wires on pin 3 and pin 9 are 24 guage stranded.

    a)Should I put a bend in the resistor, or is it best to leave it straight and leave one cable longer.

    b) Should I take the straight end of the resistor, stick it in the middle of the strands, then just twist everything tight then solder? Or should I twist the strands tight first, tin the tip, then solder the resistor in?

    c) Can Shrink Wrap go over the entire resitor or should I leave some of the resistor exposed?


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  • How do I attach factory harness to speaker?

    I replaced my 6" factory speaker with an aftermarket infinti speaker.

    The wire that goes to the speaker has the (male plastic female pins). On the factory speaker is the (female plastic male pin) bracket that has terminals extended on each side, where the wires coming from the speaker are soldered onto. It looks like the bracket was fastened with a combination of glue and soldered square in the middle of the speaker.

    I used a dremel to take off the metal overfill(just a tab) and the bracket came right off. I then used the dremel to remove all old solder so now im looking at a bracket that is close to new.

    On the infiniti speaker, I see a plate with the same square that it lookls like it would fit. Should I just heat up the solder and then stick it on? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  • Should they cut down the number of swimming medal events in the olympics?

    It seems like they have a medal for Every Stroke for Every Distance for Every combination of swimmers. Anyone think they should reduce this number?

    Im from the USA, im glad for phelps and everyone, etc. etc.,

    2 AnswersOlympics1 decade ago
  • How do I figure out what resistor to use for LEDs?

    I want to add additional dome lighting inside of my car. I have decided to add a panel of LED lights and mount it to the ceiling of my car. Please note this is in addition to the existing and I do NOT want to piggy back off the existing dome light wiring. I am planning on hooking this up into a spare openeing in the underdash fuse panel.

    The panel is going to consist of 16 LEDs configured in a 4x4 pattern. Each LED bulb is rated at 30mA & 3.6V.

    Im going to have a basic on/off switch mounted. No fancy patterns, no blinking, etc. Just on/off, 16 LEDs on a 12VDC car.

    If I hooked these up parrallel;

    a) What size resistor should i use?

    b) How many amps will this be drawing?

    c) What size inline fuse should I use?

    If I hooked these up in series, would a) b) or c) change?

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  • How do I find the right powered car speakers?

    I have a Kenwood Exelon head unit (KRC X657). I want to replace the factory speakers because they suck. They are paper and all I see on them is 15W

    Coming straight from the manual, i got these specs for the unit.

    Max Output Power = 44w x 4

    Full Bandwidth Power at Less than 1%THD = 22w x 4

    I am looking for 6" speakers. I plan to run all 4 speakers off the deck only (no amp)

    The speakers that I see state the

    1)Peak Power Handling in Watts

    2)RMS Power Range in Watts

    Going for the loudest sound possible off the deck but not distorted, what type of specs should I look for in 1) and 2) above.

    4 AnswersCar Audio1 decade ago
  • Can resistors and capacitors be stripped from old electronics and used on new projects?

    I have a old external cd-rom drive that I took apart. On the circuit board, there are tons of resistors and capacitors. Can I cut them out and use them in experimental projects on breadboards?

    3 AnswersEngineering1 decade ago
  • Figuring out car alternator amperage vs device amperage?

    I want to add some aux electronic components to my car and hook them up to the empty spots in the fusepanel located just above the clutch pedal. I am going to hook them up into the switched (on when the key is turned into the on position).

    What info do I need to obtain or measure to determine if my car alternator/battery have enough juice to run the aux items.

    Say for example, Device A are a set of fog lights. What infor should I take off the box of the fog lights.

    Amps required during startup?

    Amps required during normal operation?

    Max Amps consumed?

    Could you let me know what the correct terminology is and what numbers I need to pay attention to from the device?

    Also regardin the alternator / battery, what numbers do I need to know?

    amps at startup?

    amps at normal operation?

    max amps able to put out?

    can a multimeter be hooked up to measure amp consumption when car starts up and when car is running normal?


    2 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 decade ago
  • Should I put an illuminated car switch in a box?

    I added a fuel pump kill switch for security purposes and am wondering what I should enclose the switch in. Is it safe to assume that the switch should be mounted to a fixed surface or be placed inside a self contained box?

    There are three male spade connectors coming off the switch in which i have 3 wires with female spade connectors on each one and then I soddered them to make them permanent.

    Is wrapping the back witht he connectors in electric tape sufficient?

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  • When working with electricity, what wire(s) zap you?

    For AC systems - assume everything is wired the way it should be.

    When you take the cover off an outlet and pull the recepticle out

    If you only touch the exposed metal part of the wire for the ground will it zap you?

    If you touch the exposed metal part of the wire for the neutral will it zap you?

    If you touch the exposed metal part of the wire for the positive will it zap you?

    12 AnswersDo It Yourself (DIY)1 decade ago
  • How do I use a multi-meter on a car cigarette lighter?

    My stock cigarette lighter on my honda had something put into it that was too large, now it doesnt work properly. Besides, I dont like wire clutter where things(ipod charger, cell charger) plug into the stock location.

    I want to run an extender kit but want to find out information about the wires going to my stock cigarette lighter.

    The cigarette lighter only works when the car is switched on.

    Their is a blue/white wire and a black wire going into the stock outlet.

    Im assuming the blue/white is the positive and the black is ground, is this correct?

    I have a basic crafstman digital display multimeter. I AM A TOTAL NOOB to this so any help would be appreciated.


    Im assuming that since the battery is 12V dc, when I touch the black probe to black wire and red probe to blue/white wire and set multimeter to voltage and turn car on, I am going to get 12V, does this sound right or will it be less.

    How do I test amps with multimeter?

    Does something have to be drawing (cell phone charger) in order to get a reading of amps?


    4 AnswersCar Audio1 decade ago
  • Air Conditioning causing car to stall?

    I have a honda. When I turn on air/conditiong, the car starts to stall. What would cause this?

    3 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 decade ago
  • North Bridge vs. South Bridge Motherboard question?

    I am in the process of building my own computer and need to get a motherboard.

    I am on and looking at motherboards(intel) and see two different categories, north and south bridge

    North Bridge

    a-intel x38/48

    b-intel p31/p35

    c-intel q33/q35

    d-intel g31/g33/g35

    e-intel g965

    f-intel p965

    South Bridge

    g-Intel ich7

    h-intel ich7r


    j-intel ich8r

    k-intel ich9dh

    1) Whats the diff between north and south bridge?

    2) Any comments on any of the above board styles - Just use letter for referencing.

    Thanks !!!

    1 AnswerDesktops1 decade ago
  • How can I clean spark plug chamber with head on?

    For a aluminum head(honda 4cyl dohc engine), I am replacing the spark plugs. On the new spark plug box it says clean the threads(in the head) before installing new plug.

    How do I get all teh way down and clean the threads with the head still on while avoiding gettin stuffin combustions chamber?

    I was thinking of using a shop-vac and placing the vac tube down into the spark plug chamber to get anythin that might have fallen in there and just a general cleaning.

    Would the vaccum pressure cause any problems?


    8 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 decade ago
  • Any tips or tricks for tightning belts to the proper tension.?

    This is for a power steering belt for an acura integra.

    The tensioning of the belt is controlled by a wing nut

    RIGHT - bring assembly up - tightens belt

    LEFT - brings assembly down and takes tension off the belt

    Im not too sure how to set the proper tension.

    The service manual states two methods, using some OVERPRICED honda belt tensioner tool and the other method is measurin the amount of deflection.

    I understand that.

    too loose - slippage or worse come off

    too tight - stress the mechanisms or belt wears out fast.

    I can measure the distance between outer edge to outer edge of belt across middle = call is BASE #.

    The manual states to put 20lbs of tension then measure deflection. I have a pocket scale that is used to weigh fish (LOL) Would this work

    1)Place zip tie around one section of belt midway between belts.

    2)Hook zip tie to scale hook

    3)Pull till scale registers 20, then measure outter edge to outer edge - then subtract BASE #

    Any Ideas

    I hav

    3 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 decade ago
  • Proper Torque number for Spark Plugs?

    I have NGK - copper core - v power BKR6E-11 Stock No 2756 spark plugs for an acura integra gs-r 2000 dohc vtec engine.

    On the box, its states for aluminum heads torque to 18-21 lb/ft for 14mm Gasket Type and 7-14lb/ft for 14mm Taper Seat.

    Im assuming the difference between the two is if the threads for the spark plug are straight or if they taper down as you get closer to the combustions chamber.

    Any idea what numbers I should torque these down to?


    3 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 decade ago