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  • What nick name will dslcobra use next to get all his best answers?

    Check this link for the answer points and stats for "dslcobra", almost all best answers of which come from "normgarry". dslcobra obviously has no credability at all (not that I care or get wrapped up in it), but the question is, what will be the next nick to come out and ask questions that dslcobra gets all the best answers to?

    And, does anybody get a bit tired of reading all the bias? dslcobra has an obvious bias about a great many things. I hope people take all yahoo answers with a grain of salt because of characters like this that apparently think they're going to change the world through voicing themselves on yahoo answers. And, this query won't change anything either-there's probably a thousand characters just like this one on yahoo answers...

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  • Gee. Why is every best answer for normgarrys questions given to dslcobra?

    Check out the question/answer profiles for these two characters;

    normgarry and dslcobra.

    dslcobra is a level 4 yahoo answers profile w/ (as of the typing of this question) 4,926 points and a 58% best answer ratio! Almost every one of his best answers is from a question from normgarry. Almost every question asked by normgarry is awarded best answer to dslcobra.

    Does anyone have any doubt whatsoever as to what is going on there?

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  • Law enforcement corruption query?

    I'm interested in input and viewpoint on law enforcement corruption; what are the extremes, what do you think the scale and prevelance, stories, known statistical facts from various credible sources, etc.

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