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  • Cat diagnosed with UTI still not feeling well?

    My 12 1/2 year old cat Zoe was diagnosed with a UTI & given an antibiotic injection 2 days ago. She is moving pretty slow, but is eating some canned food. It's easy to see that she's still not feeling well, based on how she is moving & acting (not her normal self). A CBC was also done @ the vet's office, & I am waiting for those results. If a UTI is all we are dealing with here, how long will it take for Zoe to feel better?

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  • What To Do About Pinched Nerve In Lower Back?

    While on a long flight overseas in Sept. 2008, I developed a pinched nerve near the S1 vertabrae in my lower back. I saw a doctor about it & an EEG and MRI were done and that is how the diagnosis was made. Apparently there were no issues with the disc. I was told I have arthritis starting in my lower back as well. I was given muscle relaxers and told it may or may not get better with time and there was really nothing more to be done about it.

    It has not got better. I still cannot sit for very long before my legs, particularly the right leg, start to tingle, all the way down into my foot. I also have what feels like a knot on the right side of my lower back that never goes away.

    I've tried physical therapy and everyday I stretch to try to keep loose. I went to a chiropractor in the beginning and on the 3rd visit he scared me off by hurting my sternum when he tried to do an adjustment while I was lying on my side. I've not been back to a chiropractor since.

    I'm concerned that as I age (I'm 48 now), this will develop into a bigger problem if it's not corrected.

    What can I do?

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  • Husband won't add my name to deed unless I co-sign on refi mortgage.?

    I need some legal advice. My husband & I have been married for 6 yrs, no prenup. Husband built our current Pennsylvania home b4 we got married. I've asked him to add my name to deed for joint ownership purposes in case he gets sued. On advice from his atty, he said he'll only add my name to deed if I co-sign on refinanced mortgage he plans to take for a lower interest rate. Is it in my best interest to add my name to the refi mortgage just to get my name on the deed? I don't know if I should just leave things as they are & hope the issue of him being sued never comes up or if I'm being foolish by not just co-signing on the mortgage.

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