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  • I've written a memoir. If I publish under a pseudonym, change names, am I absolved of defamation?

    I don't intend to announce to family the book is mine. But the topic needs attention. Names have been changed, I'll add the blurb about it being a work of fiction and publish under a pseudonym. Does that absolve me of any potential defamation lawsuit if my ex ever figures out I wrote the book. Events, dates, places are the same. Acknowledgments would also tie me to the book. Help! Already have an ISBN, cover, copy editing and it's basically ready to go, but I've been advised to check legal issues that could arise. Thanks!

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  • My left hand and arm are tingling.

    I'm mid forties and on the Master Cleanse (lemonade, maple syrup and cayenne). Today is the final day of the detox for me ~ Day 10. Why is my left arm and hand tingling?

  • I had an amniocentesis and afterward was given a shot to help prevent contractions. What was this shot?

    I live in Europe and communication around me about this was vague as I'm not fluent in the language. I tried to refuse this shot as it's a drug and pregnant women avoid unnecessary drugs! My husband was convinced by the healthcare pros that I needed to take the shot. After receiving it, in minutes my heart was racing like I'd just run 5K. A day later, all is well and there were no contractions. Does anyone know the name of the drug I may have received?

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