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  • what are these black and white marks on my goldfish (pics included)?

    I've had my goldfish for around 4 years now and in the last few months she's developed some white dots on her tail, having looked around online I haven't been able to match these to any sort of disease, she's had them before on her fin and I bought some fin rot and fungus control but it didn't do anything and they've not grown in size or anything over time so I just attributed it to her changing colour as I've read they can do. However this week on her front fin a black streak has appeared, I put in some fungus control as a precaution but I don't want to keep unnecessarily adding to the water because I have other fish in there and I don't want to harm them.

    Unsure if it is relevant but she has a few scales missing too, which I know can be due to bad water but I'm sure the water is in good condition, I don't overfeed, I do water changes every three weeks/ month, she has a 60ltr tank which is shared with 2 Butterfly Hong Kong Pleco, which I was advised to get to keep the mess down.

    Any Ideas? (This shows the missing scales and the white dots on the tail) (This shows the black streak and white dot on the front fin)

    Thank you in advance

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  • Unable to see my SATA hard drive?

    I have two hard drives in my computer, I have a solid state drive (which my OS runs off) and a SATA drive which was taken from my old computer.

    My computer only recognises that I have the one hard drive - the solid state drive.

    To find out what was wrong with it I first swapped the power cable between the SSD and the SATA, which although the SSD still worked I still couldn't see the SATA. I also swapped the SATA cable too and again, this had no effect on either the SSD or SATA.

    I went on to disc management and it still only could see the SSD.

    Thinking the hard drive had broken, I took it down to PC World where they plugged it into the case of an external drive and when they plugged it in they could see all of my files.

    However, after bringing it home and plugging it in again, I've still not been able to get it to work.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance

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  • Memory_Management error on Windows 8?

    I should mention, first of all, that my computer was built by my brother who isn't an expert and has only built one computer before mine.

    This error has only recently started but I'm not sure whether this is because I tried to do something I hadn't done before on the computer or if it's only something that has recently gone wrong. The first time it happened was when I was trying to copy and paste a large number of pictures and the blue screen came up with a sad face and said there was a Memory_Management error. This error is happening increasingly often now, occurring regularly when I'm just turning on my computer.

    I am also unable to install anything on my PC that isn't from the windows store. Programs get to the install screen but the bar doesn't even start to fill up, no matter how long I leave it for. This wasn't always the case though, I have installed things on my computer since it's been built.

    I have a two games on my computer: 'Harry Potter Lego 1-4' and 'GuildWars2'.

    Guild wars functions perfectly but the lego game rarely opens and when it does open then quite often the screen goes funny and it's almost like you get stuck inside objects and you get odd code written across the screen - i don't think it's a game error though because occasionally it functions fine.

    My brother (who,again, is no expert) seems to think there is a problem with the motherboard. I have replaced the RAM, to find no change, we've moved the RAM around, and found that the other two slots don't work, we took out the CPU to have a look for bent pins and found none and we don't know what to try next.

    List of my hardware:

    Graphics card: Asus GeForce 650

    CPU: Intel i5 Sandybridge

    Mobo: Asrock Z77 Extreme 4

    RAM: Corsair vengeance 16G (2 x 8)

    OS: Windows 8

    If anyone knows what's wrong or can point me in the direction of what piece of hardware might be broken then I'll be ever so grateful.

    Thank you in advance.

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  • (Picture included) What are the line of red dots on my goldfish?

    I've had my goldfish, 'Tuck', for over a year now and have just noticed today that she has a line of red dots on her scales from gills to tail on both sides.

    I'm unsure of what could be causing this because the only thing that has changed recently it that when I've cleaned out the tank I've used a different water treatment, having gone from 'Water Safe' to 'Aqua Safe' - which my brother has used before on his fish without any problems.

    I've taken a picture, if this helps:

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Why can't I access my D drive?

    I have a C drive which I use for most of my stuff, but I use my D drive for all of my work and music.

    Yesterday I was going to back it up onto my external hard-drive, when I couldn't see it under My Computer. I tried to use a shortcut from my desktop to open my most recently updated file in my D Drive, but a message appeared saying:

    "The drive or network connection that the shortcut 'foldername.lnk' refers to is unavailable. Make sure the disk is properly inserted or the network resource is available, and then try again."

    I'm not sure why it was suddenly not working, so I opened the computer and all the leads were all connected to the D drive just fine.

    Today I backed up my C drive and was going to do a system restore, because it was only working the day before last, and I have not made any changes to it. The only thing I've done differently is installed a new program on the computer - but the D drive was still fine after that. However once I chose the date to revert the computer back to the following message came up:

    Could anyone give me any advice on what I should do to get my computer working again?

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  • Computer not allowing me to log in automatically to sites?

    Previously all was fine, I use a lot of different sites online that require a log in i.e email account, facebook, twitter, mibba, tumblr, all of which I use on a daily basis.

    Because I don't share my computer I have all set to log me in automatically.

    For a while I didn't have any antivirus protection and I had some viruses on my computer for a while before I got any proper protection, but I tried to use some free ones - all of which were useless.

    I can't recall if it was before or after I downloaded the freeware that all websites logged me out. It sometimes happens when I install antivirus software, so I logged into all of my accounts - ticking the "log me in automatically/ keep me logged in" boxes, but for the last week every time I go on my accounts I have to log in to them all, even if I just close the window and open another.

    There is probably some good explanation and fix for this, but if anyone could let me know I'd be grateful. It's very frustrating.

    Thanks in advance

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  • What's wrong with this contact form?

    I have been trying to make a contact form for a website I'm currently working on, however, I'm unfamiliar with PHP. I have something that I thought should probably work, however it tells me that it hasn't sent every time.

    If anyone could point out any errors, it would be a huge help.

    Thanks in advance.




    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="contact.css" />



    <form action="./contact.php" method="get">


    <legend>Personal information</legend>

    <table border=0>

    <tr><td>Name:</td> <td><input type="text" name="name" class="textl" /></td><td class="RQ">*</td></tr>

    <tr><td>E-mail:</td><td><input type="text" name="email" class="textl" /></td><td class="RQ">*</td></tr>

    <tr><td>Subject:</td><td><input type="text" name="subject" class="textl" /></td></tr>




    <legend>Personal Statement</legend>


    <textarea name="message" rows="10" cols="40"></textarea>

    <input type="submit" value="submit" class="button">



    <tr><td class="RQ">* Required Fields</td></tr>








    setlocale(LC_ALL, 'en_gb');

    $var_to = '';

    $var_subject = "Site Message:".$_REQUEST['subject'];

    $var_name_field = $_REQUEST['name'];

    $var_email_field = $_REQUEST['email'];

    $var_message = $_REQUEST['message'];

    $var_body = "From: " . $var_name_field . "E-Mail: " . $var_email_field . "Message: " . $var_message . ". End";

    if($var_name_field == '')

    echo "<p style='color: #000000; text-align: center; margin-top:200px; font-size: 20px; font-family:arial;'>Please enter your name</p><br/>";

    if($var_email_field == '')

    echo "<p style='color: #000000; text-align: center;font-size: 20px; font-family:arial;'>Please enter an e-mail address</p>";

    $send = @mail($var_to, $var_subject, $var_body);



    echo "<h3 style= 'color: #000000; text-align: center; margin-top:200px; font-size: 20px; font-family:arial;'>Thank you ". $var_name_field .", your message has been sucessfully submitted!</h3>";




    echo "<h3 style= 'text-align: center; margin-top:200px; font-size: 20px; font-family:arial;'>Sorry ". $var_name_field .", your message has failed to be sent. Please try again.</h3>";



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  • XP service pack 3 computer issues, help needed urgently!?

    I've been having quite a bit of trouble with my computer lately due to this, I've had to reinstall everything. When installing Microsoft Office 2010, there was an issue, and it required me to install XP Service Pack 3.

    I also had trouble installing this, and an error message saying:

    "Service pack 3 setup cannot update a checked (debug) system with a free (retail) version of service pack 3"

    When I looked around online, the answer seemed to be opening regedit, going to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion and changing 'current type' to checked, rather than free.

    I went to location and replaced the word free with checked and the service pack installed successfully and asked if I wanted to restart the computer. I clicked to the affirmative and upon restart I was presented with the blue screen of death.

    Each time I restart the computer I get the same blue screen.

    I have just managed to start the computer in safe mode and am unsure of what I have to do to correct the situation.

    Any help is very much appreciated.

    I'm a student and I'm willing to do almost anything to get it working again so I can hand in outstanding assignments.

    My Operation system is now XP Media Center Edition (not sure if this makes any difference at all)

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  • Using browser detection...?


    I've started to make a website and I have most of the layout the way I want it, however I've imported an external CSS file to get it that way. Unfortunately, using CSS means the site looks different depending on the browser, particularly IE.

    I want to use browser detection so I can import different CSS files for different browsers, however I am pretty much clueless when it comes to JavaScript.

    I've looked online for browser detection codes, however, as well as many of the codes differing, I can't find one for all the browsers I want (Safari, Mozilla firefox, IE and Opera) and I wondered if somebody on here could help.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Payment ref in PayPal?

    I recently looked at my bank statement after being surprised about how little was in my bank account. As I was looking through the statement I found three different pay-pal payments, only one of which I remember.

    I logged into my pay-pal account and looked at my payment history and there was only one there, the one I recognized, which was from a couple of weeks ago, however the other two payments, one of them dated from just two days ago, didn't show up.

    On my bank statement, the two payments I don't recall have payment reference numbers and I wondered if there is any way to use those numbers to find out what the payment was for. I'd like to do this before I phone my bank and tell them that the payment was unauthorized, then remember later on that I had in fact bought something.

    Thanks very much, in advance

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  • Sound on my Computer?

    I have a relatively new computer and I look after it well; I do disc cleanups, defrags and anti-virus scans often. But recently the sound has stopped working, haven't done anything differently, that I know of and it's nothing to do with the speakers, because I've tried headphones too, and this also doesn't work.

    I've made sure all the plugs and cables are pushed in properly, and there haven't been any differences in computers performance.

    Could anyone tell me what's wrong with my PC and how to fix it?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Does anyone know the name of this eye colour?

    A long while ago I was reading a book and one of the characters in the book had a very light grey eye-colour. It gave a proper name to it, and it was something rare and I looked it up on wikipedia.

    Now I'm trying to remember the name of the eye colour, but I can no longer see it on wikipedia, and i wondered if anyone else had heard of it.

    It's a very, very light grey, almost unnaturally so, at one point it was described to being a similar colour to a wolf's eyes.

    If it's any help, the book was called 'The devil you know' by Louise Bagshaw

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Opening up to people emotionally?

    Hi, I'm 18 years old and I find it really hard to trust people.

    Even when I was a toddler I was shy, my mum says that i hardly ever smiled or laughed, even when I was having a good time, for example; when my mum used to take me out to play-parks or to a farms, people used to ask if i was okay because I'd never smile or laugh and I didn't really socialize with other kids much.

    When I was old enough to start school I was bullied from reception all the way up until I was 15/16, not by the same people because I moved house a couple of times, but I got bullied in all four schools I attended, it wasn't too bad, it was mostly just verbal bullying.

    When I was six I was sexually abused, by a guy whose house we often visited with my family, for about a year, I never told my parents and only very recently have I told a couple of close friends.

    Both of these made me even more introverted and in order to make myself feel less vulnerable, I hide my emotions and kind of act more masculine. Since I was about 13 or 14 I've had depression which at times makes me feel like I'm really happy and hyper and makes me feel confident and creative and other times I can just break down on the floor, and during these times I have strongly contemplated suicide. I've never cut myself in the traditional sense, but I once cut open my arm with blunt objects, such as a house key, in order to prove to myself that I don't really want to die if I couldn't do it with something that made it difficult.

    I don't really like people touching me, and I don't really open up to people anymore and it frustrates me. Recently I was asked out by a guy who I was interested in, ordinarily I would have declined, but i decided that i was emotionally ready, that i'd accepted everything in the past and that I could have a normal relationship.

    However, on the contrary, I found that I was always nervous and a little scared around him, and after I while I managed to control these feelings. Then he started touching me, just hugs and casual touches on the shoulder and waist. First of all I found that i stared to have panic attacks, not being able to control my breathing and shaking, which I did manage to keep from his attention.

    Then he would start leaning in to kiss me and i would duck my head out of the way, and later on i would bury my head into his chest. It was then that I decided that I was being unfair to him, and that he would understand my mixed signals, so I told him about being abused and how I still don't really trust people, expecting him to dump me.

    He was actually very understanding and said that he'd help me through, he eased off trying to kiss me for a while and he spent a lot of time with me and made me a little more comfortable around him.

    During one of our 'dates', we were at a pub having come back from the aquarium, and we were sat comfortably until he took me by surprise and kissed me before I had the chance to move my head. I don't know what to call it but i had a sudden vivid memory of the abuse and thought i was back there for a second, then I started shaking and rocking backwards and forwards, and only just managed to stop myself from crying and was embarrassed by myself.

    He was very apologetic, but seemed a little distant with me after that, which made me feel really guilty. Only about half an hour later he received an important phone call, which led to him running out only saying that he had a 'family emergency'.

    After making my own way home and being guilt-ridden all night, I woke up the next morning and after going online I found that his latest facebook status declared his undying love for his ex-girlfriend (who he had dumped previously for cheating on him). I decided wait until I next saw him to find out what was going on, which was a couple of day later and all he said was; "About that facebook thing...sorry for leading you on" then he walked off.

    I wasn't actually angry at him at all, just a little hurt that I didn't even get an explanation, but I just acted normally around him when i saw him, which was quite a lot because he's on my college course. It was a couple of weeks later that his girlfriend announced that she was pregnant, which explained his behavior.

    Anyway, since this relationship I realize that I'm not ready for another one, and i don't even feel like I want one anymore but i still want to be able to act normally. I want to like being touched and I want to be able to make conversation and not be so socially awkward. I want to be able to trust people and to let the people that I do trust know how much they mean to me, but I just can't say stuff like that.

    I considered counseling for a while, I even went and inquired about it, but I don't like talking and I don't like people I don't know and it takes a long time to trust people and for this reason I never went.

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  • How can I create a web based...?

    I'm starting to create a website with some friends, it's an online store. Does anyone know how I can set it up so people can have their own accounts and be able to log in and out - like many online shops nowadays? I'm not too great with computers.

    Thanks in advance

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  • Inserting flash embed code...?

    I and a few friends are starting a website together, for the opening page I wanted a pre-loader as the website will probably contain a lot of information and therefore take a while to load. I made the pre-loader in Adobe Flash CS4 - with the help of a tutorial, however I'm uncertain of how to put the flash animation on the web page, the only flash option asks me for the flash embed code, I'm not really sure what that means, I'm not very good with computers.

    If anyone could tell me how to insert the flash animation, it would be great.

    The web host is

    Thanks in advance.

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  • What is the formula for...?

    Can anyone tell me the formula for working out monthly compound interest?

    For an assignment i have to (on an Excel spreadsheet) show how to calculate loan interest rates as a part of an Excel user manual, however, i've forgotten the formula.

    Thanks in advance

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  • The historical meanings behind piercings...?

    Does anyone know all the meanings and/or original purposes of piercings?

    for example: How the ancient egyptian royals had pierced navels to represent beauty and wealth.

    And how native americans pierced their labrets to show their status and is a mark of high birth.

    does anyone know any more?

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  • what's wrong with me...?

    I've lost my appetite and i can't be bothered to do as much as i used to anymore, i'm getting worn out easily and I can't remember the last time I was properly happy. I know the cause of the feelings but i just want to know what i can do to make it stop. I feel like i don't care about anything anymore and it's getting increasingly difficult to sleep.

    I used to be a relatively active person, i took my dog for a walk about 6 times a week, read a lot, wrote a lot, managed school work, and i just can't do any of it. i get bored easily. i do 30 mins of studying and get fed up and i can't even read a chapter a day because i can't concentrate right whereas i used to read a book a day.

    Also, when i think of a particular subject (i.e one of the causes) my hands shake and i noticed a few days ago i was rocking backward and forwards on my chair. A few months ago (about the end of september) Something happened that unexpectedly reminded me of the cause and i had some sort of panic attack - where i could only take small gasps of breath really fast.

    what is actually wrong with me.

    A friend wants me to go to a counsellor, but i REALLY don't want to, and have refused.

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  • how do people choose partners?

    sometimes i think people choose partners to make up in what they lack, for example, a lady who can't speak any foreign may choose to be with a man who can speak two or languages fluently. Or if a man has a big nose, he may choose a lady with a small nose, to even it out? is that how we choose?

    Or do we choose people through what we want, for example, if a lady wants to be tall, will they choose a man who is tall. Or if there is a man who wants to be able to play an instrument, will he choose a partner who can play instruments?

    Or do we choose partners by unconsiously choosing the person who will most likely help the process of evelution. for example, instead of survival of the fittest, humans just choose the person with the right qualities?

    Or is there any other theories anyone else has?

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  • Chemical that can knock a person unconsious without harm..?

    I'm writing a book and i need to know about a chemical that can knock a person unconscious without any or with little harm for a few hours. Also if there are any side effects can you tell me?

    Thanks in advance

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