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  • Would you like to donate money to suicide prevention?

    I hate to Bother people online that I barely know but I'm sure that this topic is very close to some people's heart. It's a topic that MUST be spoken about and people be made aware of. I lost my Mother back in 2010 due to suicide and then again lost my cousin Eric this year. In the United States, a person dies by suicide every 13.7 minutes, claiming more than 38,000 lives each year. Suicide is the second leading cause of death for college students, and the third for youth ages 15-24, with adolescent depression -undiagnosed, untreated or both- as the number one cause.

    None of the money donated goes in my pockets and donating online is safe and easy! All donations are 100% tax deductible and go directly to The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

    This is a very important cause that hits very close to home for me. please feel free to read my story on my fundraising page. I am walking for My Mother but the team I have joined this year is also walking for my Cousin Eric who committed suicide a few months ago at a very young age.

    The link below should bring you to my fundraising page. If you are adamant about clicking on a random link online that you're not familiar with I encourage you to look up The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Our team name is Cire Dragonfly but feel free to donate to any other teams as we all need it.

    Currently I'm at an amazing 78 percent of my fundraising goal thanks to my kick *** friends and family! My team has passed our goal but are just $154 short of making it to $1,000! It feels amazing that we can raise this much money for such an important cause! PLEASE take the time to read my/our page and if you can't make a contribution please share, share away. There are only SIX more days!!

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  • Braxton Hicks at 27 weeks?

    Ill be 27 weeks pregnant in two days. I've been crampy on and off the whole pregnancy and my Dr. Never seemed concerned. Lately I've been so sore and the baby is really starting to hurt me which I also read to be normal. I work at a bank and it can be extremely busy at times so I'm constantly moving, and twisting, and bending, and trying to eat up on my high teller window chair. I've also bee extremely stressed, upset, and depressed over my relationship which I read could be bad on the pregnancy. Last night I went trick or treating with my son and after an hour of walking I cramped so bad I didn't think I was going to make it back to the house. All day today I have felt tight pulling on my sides and in my back. It hurts but it's not unbearable. I've also felt very sick and exhausted all day like I could sleep forever. I came home and went to bed at like 7pm. The pulling sensation didn't bother me again until I started moving again. With my son I remember my contractions feeling like an upset stomach. Could this be Braxton Hicks? They do go away when I lay loan and stop moving.

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  • cramping for over a week now?

    I had my period starting on the 8th of November. Had protected sex on the 14th of November. Then had UNprotected sex on the 22nd of November. Starting on the 23rd or the 24th of November I started getting really bad cramps, back pain, headaches, dizzy spells, and nausea. This has continued until today the 1st of December. What the heck is going on? Is it normal to have cramps for over a week? I couldn't have possibly gotten pregnant on 11/14 and I'm almost positive that i wouldn't be feeling pregnancy symptoms two days after having sex on 11/22. Has anyone had this happen to them?

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  • cramping for a whole week starting two weeks b4 period due....?

    i had unprotected sex and used the "pull out method" on unknowingly what was the day I would be most likely to conceive. I wasn't due to get my period for about another two weeks after that but ever since then I've been getting cramps. The first couple of days were the worst. I was so dizzy and nauseous and with the cramps came sharp stomach pains. I'm not dizzy or nearly as nauseous but the cramping is still there. It's not the pain that's concerning in fact they're not even bad anymore... it's just the fact that I've been cramping every day for the passed week and when it started I wasn't due to get my period for two weeks. Is this normal?

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  • weird things happening two days after sex.?

    I just lost my health insurance a few months ago and just ended my last pack of birth control because of that. My period started a few days after ending the pack but it was very light...which is sometimes normal. A few weeks later, this passed Monday to be exact I had unprotected sex with a guy who is a lot bigger than what I'm use to...if you know what I mean. Regrettably now we used the "pull out" method. Now Wednesday, two days later I have slight cramping and stomach pain. I'm wicked nauseous. I have no appetite. Headaches and I keep getting really bad dizzy spells. Could this be related to having sex? Does it sound like a pregnancy or STD symptom or could it be that he was just abnormally large for me? The flu is also going around and I'm wondering if that's what it could be. Any suggestions?

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  • what kind of allergy causes skin irritation?

    I work in a residential home for troubled girls and needless to say it's not the cleanest environment. There are various molds and slimes, urine and feces. Lots of cleaning fluids and a short haired dog. When I first started working here I had an ongoing low grade fever with a slight rash all over. The last few times I was here my face swelled up and when the swelling went down I had this irritated black and blue dry patch under my eye for days. I was just out of work for two weeks with not a single skin problem and now that I'm back my face is completely oily and broken out and last night I went home with patchy red skin on my face, ears, neck, chest, and arms. The rash was also very tender. I felt like I had a sunburn or bruised skin. Clearly it's some sort of allergic reaction because it only happens when I'm at work and goes away when I'm at home and take Benedryl. My question is though, what could I be allergic to that would cause these symptoms? I'm terrified that it's the mold. I don't think it would be an animal allergy either because I don't get itchy, watery eyes or anything. What specifically cause skin irritation?

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  • normal to have hot flashes at 24 after having baby a year ago?

    Ever since I had my son a year ago I have been having these insane hot flashes. I'm currently sitting in what should be a freezing cold ACed room and I can't even feel it. It hits me so randomly. I'll just be sitting there, comfortable and then all of a sudden my face feels like it's glowing and my face and palms of my hands start to sweat. At night when I sleep I have to sleep with light clothing, blankets mostly off, and with the AC on or I soak the bed. I just feel like I'm over heating all of the time. My temp is always about 99 or 100. I thought it was just my hormones being all out of wack from having my son but when I didn't seem to go back to "normal" I asked my Dr. but they didn't seem concerned. Does anyone else think this is normal? I'm kind of sick of feeling like this. Is there anything I can do?

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  • is the Mirena IUD driving anyone else insane?

    I've had mine in since September after having my son in July of last year. Since then I have been extremely irritable, anti social, and just plain miserable. My Dr. diagnosed me with everything from Postpartum, bipolar, ADHD, Etc. Now, 10 months later I haven't gotten any sort of period for about two months (which is great I guess. Won't complain there). My mouth is always wicked dry. I have headaches at night. I'm very short tempered and easily triggered. I have moments where I just break down in tears over nothing. a sharp Pain in my left side under my ribs, swollen but not tender boobs (I guess another plus. haha.) times of sever depression and loss of interest in anything. No attention span. Very forgetful and spacey. I feel like I'm pregnant which I read is a very common thing to feel like with the IUD so I highly doubt that I am considering also that the chances are very slim. I just don't feel like myself. Something is seriously wrong and it's very noticeable obvious. Has anyone else felt like this with the IUD. Has anyone gotten it taken out and felt better because I think that is my next step.

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  • Do Essex retainers fix spaces?

    I had my braces on for two years. Two appointments before I got them off I complained of spaces still there. They told me that there was a contact point between the teeth and not to worry about it. The two appointments after I got them off I still complained. They gave me Essex retainers which are sort of like Invisaline trays and told me that it would fix them. I wear them all day and all night except to eat or brush my teeth and then they go back on. The spaces are still there and to me they're very noticeable. My BF says you can barely tell that they're there but I paid a ton of money and think that I deserve to have them near perfect. I think that they need to be filed and tightened together. What can I do about this? I don't want to wear braces for another two years. I'm 24 years old for crying out loud. Is my Essex retainer made by Invisaline? Can I get them to make more retainers like the invisaline trays to close the spaces after they file them down?

    Here is a picture. If you can't access it I'll trying posting it to photobucket.

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  • Are you supposed to get your period on an IUD?

    I've had my IUD in since September. I've gotten my period maybe twice and even that wasn't really a period. It was more like spotting. Once it was after having sex, in which my partner seemed to have hit something (if you know what I mean) and the other was by it's self. It's been in for about six months. About three months after having it in I was getting sharp pains on my side so they did a pelvic ultrasound and said it was perfectly in place. Should I be setting up another appointment soon to get it checked again or will my Dr. call me when she thinks I should come in for a check up? Should I call them right away and tell them that I'm not exactly getting a period or is that normal?

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  • easiest way to quit smoking and to never do it again?

    I've been smoking since I was 12. I'm 23 now will be turning 24 in two months. I always said that the only thing that would make me quit was if I were pregnant. well, needless to say I got pregnant last year and before I even found out I was pregnant I woke up and didn't feel the need to smoke anymore. It must have been one of those weird pregnancy cravings... The fact that I was pregnant helped me to not give in to the temptation although I use to dream about it almost every night. When I had my son I promised that I would never smoke again. Why quit for so long and then start up again? That would be silly, right? That all lasted about a year and then I couldn't fight the urge anymore. Every time I would see someone smoke I would get so frustrated because I wanted a cigarette SO bad and was angry that everyone else could smoke but I couldn't. After a while my brain turned against me. It was that I COULDN'T smoke, it was that I wouldn't so I let my self have what I told myself that I couldn't because I figured I could make that decision for myself.

    I'm so disappointed. I've been smoking again for five months now. I try and make myself feel bad saying things like, one day Evan's going to have a sick Mommy, no Mommy, or he's going to start smoking his self. Not only that but I smell, my teeth are yellow, it's expensive, and it now makes me sick to my stomach.

    I know I can quit cold turkey. I did when I was pregnant but also being pregnant was a big help. How do I quit and stay not smoking for the rest of me and my Son's life?

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  • is it normal for my 8 month old not to have a bowel movement in 4 days?

    He is just getting over a cold and he has barely eaten in three days. Twice he threw up like crazy. He usually eats about 8oz every 5 hours and recently he has been eating 2-3 or 4 oz every 7 hours. Since he is a boy he naturally soaks his diapers. His diapers have been wet but not AS wet as they usually are. The Dr. said his belly, ears, throat, and gums look good and told me just to wait it out but I really don't think it's normal. He's losing a lot of weight. He was 9lbs at birth and has always been a big boy. Ever since he reached 6 months no matter how much he eats he doesn't seem to gain weight. He was supposed to double his weight by 6 months and he's just reaching that now at 8 months. I'm so worried and I wont except "just weight it out" as an answer. something seems wrong... what do you think?

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  • my 8 month old is sick and wont eat. why?

    My little guy just turned 8 months today. He has had a very small temp on and off for the passed three days and has been very congested and also hasnt had a bowl movement in three days. Last night he threw up like the exorcist. More than Ive ever seen him throw up before. It may have been because he ate a lot of cheese curls or because he went to bed screaming so bad that he made his self sick. He wouldn't sleep ALL day so I was forced to let him cry it out. I sat there rubbing his head and talking to him sweetly to calm him down but he just kept screaming uncontrollably until he got sick. He usually has about 8 oz of formula but for the passed two-three days he will only eat about 2-3 oz. This morning he had 5oz but after that he would only have sips and then would wack the baba out of his mouth. I thought that maybe since he was so congested he couldn't drink his baba so I tried giving him baby food and also tried giving him small bits of adult food. He wouldn't have anything to do with anything. I took him to the Dr. today and they said everything looks fine and that for his cold I couldn't really do anything or give him anything. Ive been elevating his mattress and running his humidifier and he seems to be a little better but he still wont eat. The Dr. said just to wait it out but this is killing me. Does anyone have any suggestions? The Dr. said his ears look good, his gums look good, his belly didn't seem to hurt when he pressed on it... he doesn't know why he's not eating... has this happened to anyone before?

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  • why does my baby throw his self to the side?

    I heard of babies throwing their self backwards when upset but my son is in this new phase where he sort of dives off to the side. It looks rather fun to him but I just want to make sure it's normal. He doesnt do it often. Sometimes when you're holding him he'll just repeatedly throw his self, head first off to the side. It makes it hard to hold him. He does it in his jumeroo too. He has his 6 month old appointment next week. I'm going to make sure to bring it up but I would just like to ease my mind ahead of time.

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  • dreams about killing three black birds?

    Before I found out I was pregnant I wasn't even thinking about being pregnant. One night I had a dream that I was pregnant with a baby boy and sure enough about three weeks later I found out I was pregnant. A few months down the road after everyone convincing me that I was having a girl an ultrasound confirmed my dream, I was having a boy.

    I've always been a believer when it comes to dreams and what they mean. They've always been dead on in regards to what was going on in my personal life so when I had a dream about black birds last night I became deeply concerned. Black birds in dreams that wont go away symbolize the world trying to tell you to pay attention to something life threatening. Possibly to pay attenetion and tend to my health or it could just possibly be me worrying about my age...

    My Grandfather has been really ill and a lot of his close friends (some in which I know) have died. I worry that he will not be able to handle it or even that my unstable Mother wont be able to handle it. I've also started smoking again after a year of quiting. My Son's Father also smokes and mouth, throat, and tongue cancer run in his family...

    The fact that I was actually brutally killing these three black birds could that mean that I'm fighting the bad... what could that possibly symbolize? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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  • how do i deal with a needy newborn?

    They say you can't spoil a newborn but my 2 1/2 week old seems to need Constant physical attention. I love him to death but I can't get anything done. I can't eat, sleep, shower, clean, leave the house... I'm a prisoner! lol.

    He was going through a comfort feeding phase. I am breast feeding and bottle feeding and sometimes I swear he just wants to eat so that he can be held. He does what hubby and I call, "The hungry dance" where he kicks and punches, wiggles, roots, wines, and moves his head around with his mouth open. lol. He started doing this every 45 minutes to a half hour yet we know he's sometimes eating about 3+oz.

    Now, I can't even put him down to sleep! He fusses all day and fights falling asleep until I pick him up and snuggle him. I know I shouldn't do this but if I don't he cries so hard he chokes and coughs. I feel horrible to let a newborn "cry it out". I just can't do it.

    Does anyone have any tips, suggestions? please help? :(

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  • Why can't I sleep my baby on his side?

    When my sister was born about 10 years ago it was said that sleeping babies on their side reduced the risk of SIDS. This went for all of my nieces and nephews as well.

    Now the new rule is to sleep your baby on their back. SIDS is very rare but I actually know two people who have lost their baby to SIDS and it worries me constantly. The Mother of one of the babies who died constantly laid her baby on his belly since this is the way he preferred to sleep. Everyone got on her case about this and the one night she laid him on his back he choked on his own vomit. This happened to my baby last night. Luckily I was close by to pick him up immediately and make sure he was okay.

    They say that your baby has a chance of choking in his sleep if he isn't burped properly. I'm currently rotating between breast feeding and formula feeding due to an infection and lack of milk production. This incident happened after breast feeding him for the majority of the night. For some reason I cannot get him to burp well with breast feeding no matter how long I try to but he does fart a lot. He burps fine when he's formula fed.

    Not letting him sleep on his belly makes complete sense to me since he would be likely to suffocate if he got stuck face down. He does have good neck control but I still wouldn't trust it. So if he could choke if on his back and could suffocate on his belly why can't he sleep on his side? I've been letting him sleep in the bad with me in which he prefers to sleep on his side. What are the cons of letting him do this?

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  • Normal baby fit or seizure?

    I may just be a paranoid new Mother but I'm worrying myself sick thinking that something is wrong with my child. He has a Dr. appointment next week in which I'll bring this up but I want to see if I can easy my mind i'ncase I'm making a big deal over nothing.

    My little guy is a week old. He started throwing really bad fits when he was just two days old. These fits just consisted of screaming until he coughed and choked. I've seem plenty of babies do this so I thought nothing of it, but now his fits seem to be getting worse.

    Recently he started throwing fits which consist of him kicking and punching violently and pushing away from me while picking his head up which makes his head bobble really hard all over the place. It's almost as if he's trying to get away from me... and then all of a sudden he just stops and completely relaxes as if nothing happened, sometimes either falling asleep or just staring at me or something off in the distance.

    He has also been staring off into space. We thought it was really cute at first and thought that it was a good thing that he is so alert but now I'm sort of worried. He seems stare right at you when you're speaking to him and even tries to follow his mobile around in circles so maybe he is just alert... I don't know...

    One more thing that I'm concerned with is him sleeping with his eyes open sometimes, Sometimes before he dozes off he stares all awkwardly and starts making these weird faces and sounds and then his eyes roll in the back of his head right before he closes them. He'll go into a deep, deep sleep after that. Sometimes he doesn't even close them all the way. Sometimes they're open just enough for me to see them moving right behind his eyelids.

    Is it normal for a newborn to have such violent fits? Sometimes it looks exactly like this

    Youtube thumbnail


    but not a severe. I almost cried when I watched this because I got so scared. Am I just being way too paranoid or should I be concerned? The Dr.s at the hospital where I delivered never seemed concerned with anything...or at least they never told me. As far as I am concerned he was born completely healthy. He scored a 7-9 on his Apgar test. Is that good or bad?

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  • How do I keep baby warm and avoid SIDS while sleeping?

    My room is over the boiler so it gets extremely hot and stuffy in my room. To cool the room down we keep the AC on low, but then I get too worried that my week old newborn is going to freeze to death or get sick. My room is small so it cools down very quickly so I swaddle him in a fleece blanket to keep him warm. Now I'm scared that I'm going to either over heat him or that he's going to suffocate on the fleece blanket.

    He sleeps on a sleep positioner on his back and his bassinet is literally up against my bed so that I can check on him with ease. This still doesn't cure my constant worry that he's going to stop breathing though. I keep nervously checking his temperature and every time I wake slightly the first thought that pops into my mind is to check and make sure he's still breathing and I jump up to check him.

    I do tuck blankets in the sides of him in hopes that this will keep him from rolling over, but this just adds more to suffocate on...

    what is the best way to keep my baby warm but not too warm? I know that SIDS is impossible to avoid but what are some ways to avoid it. Also what are some signs to look for in his breathing? Some times when he's sleeping he breaths very heavily. It almost looks like his chest is making this weird pumping movement and then other times his chest moves rapidly. I assume this is related to him dreaming because he still moves and makes faces, but I still worry.

    I didn't smoke during my pregnancy, had plenty of prenatal care, and never had any pregnancy, labor, or post pregnancy problems. I ate rather healthy and even took DHA Expecta supplements. I try keeping a binki in his mouth to keep his brain alert while he's sleeping like suggested but he always spits it out once he's asleep.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm thinking about purchasing one of those monitors that clips on to his diaper. Has anyone had any experiences with this product? What did you do to ease your worrying?

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