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Hi How are you? Just an Insecure patriotic Guy from India. :)

  • I'm sad... i really need help....?

    I'm a guy 17 from india. I'm light skinned and fat, have hair on only legs and arms and little bit on belly and no hair on chest and have beard, the problem is i have chest fat, it killingly embarrassing, really :'( i'm afraid to take out my t shirt, it is really embarrassing. And there are thoughts unwanted, about my masculinity, it gives me night mare. I am very insecure. I'm afraid to look at my face in the mirror even. Sometimes i feel like dying. Those thoughts keep coming over and over, and scare me haunt me, and then force me into thinking certain thought, i want to ignore them but scared to let them go, thinking whatever kind of description of appearance about a body the thoughts had will change my body into that body, which i don't want. I want let them go. And i also want to lose weight and be able to study with focus.

    I don't wanna hit the gym, i want to workout at home. But i don't know which workout, please help, i want to lose chest fat, thigh and butt fat, belly and love handles, and face fat. HOW DO I LOSE WEIGHT?

    I don't wanna diet, i'll just eat healthy food.

    I want to focus on studies, what should i do when these thoughts arise, counter thoughts aren't helpful, so just tell me if i let these thoughts go, or ignore these thoughts, will i still be okay?

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  • Why did he do this?

    I am a Guy from india, when i was coming back from a village, i stopped for a Restaurant. After i did all my eating and other Business, i went to a nearby stall for a chewing gum. As i was taking the Chewing Gum from the Stall Owner, i felt a Slight Massage on my back, i ignored it at first, it happened again, so i looked back i saw a guy(completely unknown to me), he laughed, and then went away.

    Why did he Do that? please share your thoughts. Thank you.

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  • please Help....!?!?

    Thanks, if you came. 

    I wanted to ask Does thoughts, which are repetitive and not in control, can change your appearance? I am afraid, i have bad thoughts of changing appearance  they just repeat, i keep trying to get rid of them, i’ve thought of ignoring them but ignoring them scares me too, cuz i start thinking that if ignore that will really happen to me and change my appearance. 

    So does Thoughts which are Unpleasant and Bad about appearance changing change your physical appearance if you ignore them?

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  • Does it happen?

    If i go and stand infront of mirror and think there are wings growing on my body, is that really going to happen? what should i do?

    Diet & Fitness2 months ago
  • hmm need a little help...?

    I'm a guy, i'm having weird thoughts lol about physical appearance, actually i read somewhere about law of attraction, about how they change physical appearance using that. The issue is i'm having weird thoughts, i'm afraid those thoughts will change my physical appearance if i ignore them. Will they change my appearance if i ignore them? help i don't want them to take over my mind. I want positive thoughts not weird negative and bad thoughts which i am having, i want to ignore them but am afraid that if i ignore them, that will happen.

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  • help here! I am an insecure guy... :'(?

    I'm 17 year old guy from india, i'm a light-skinned guy. I'm short and a little chubby( have chest fat too) I have no hair on chest and very little hair on belly( worst part ), I feel very insecure about it, i don't take out my shirt because i feel embarrassed. Only hair on my body are on my legs, Arms, and my face(beard you know) and pubic hair too. When i was a kid, i looked really feminine, some people even used to mistake me for a girl. But the problem is nowadays i still feel and think that i look feminine, and i spoke with my parents  and my sister about it they said i look normal and pretty masculine, and people on public too think that i go to gym or something( i don't they say because i look very masculine). I know i look masculine now as a 17 year old(as people say ) but still i feel like i look feminine. I know i'm a coward. Please help, what should i do?

  • pls help here?

    i’m an 18 yr old boy, i’m born a guy and i identify myself as guy. I respect the Lgbt but But the Problem is i’m very very insecure about my masculinity, I'm always thinking ‘what if’, which i don’t want to think, thoughts like “ what if i become a girl next morning” I don’t want to be a girl( i respect girls,pls don’t get me wrong) and i dont want to have these thoughts. Also when i see transgender people, those thoughts arise, i don’t want those thoughts. I’m afraid to look at trans-people and all. I’m always getting those thoughts. Even if by-mistakenly someone refers to me feminine, i get really bad thoughts. Please help, help please help. :’( What should i do?

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  • Please listen up?

    i am a straight 18 year old Guy, i crossdress sometimes. But i have this sexual fantasy of having sex with an old guy(while wearing female clothes) and letting him dominate me and romance, getting spanked. And also perform anal and oral sex with him. I am scared, am i normal? where can i find an old guy? is some old dude there in here?

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