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  • Memory card won't click into place?

    I got a Canon Rebel t3i yesterday. I got it in the mail from Amazon. It's something I've been saving for since fall so I was really excited.

    I took some pictures with it yesterday. I was careful with it the whole time, I never dropped it or anything like that. After I took some pictures I took the memory card out to import them on to my computer. Today, I was going to use it again, but when I go to put the memory card in, it won't lock into place like it's supposed to. I don't know why. It was working fine yesterday. I can still shut it and so I turned it on to see if it would work, and it tells me the card isn't accessible.

    Is there a reason the card won't lock into place like it should? Is there a way I can fix this?

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  • Should I message him or wait for him to message me?

    There's this guy I like that I met about two months ago. I hangout with him sometimes in a group of friends. Me & him always seem to click & talk pretty comfortably with each other.

    About two weeks ago we started talking online as well. I knew he liked talking to me online because he would start some of the conversations just as often I would. Last week, I sent him a message at one point, he read it, and ignored it. I figured he must have been busy and whatever, the next day HE messaged me and we talked a little. The next day, I messaged him and he ignored me again. So I thought I'd just give him some space until he talks to me again. Well, it's been a week and I've heard nothing from him. I find it kind of weird because only a week and a half ago he was messaging me first a lot and seemed like he really enjoyed talking to me, and now he's not at all. I'm really trying hard not to overthink the whole thing but it's really hard because I like him a lot. I know his work schedule recently changed so he very well could just be busy. I don't know whether I should message him or keep waiting since he ignored me you know? I don't want to bug him.. But I don't really want to pass up talking to him either or seem like I'm uninterested in talking to him.

    I know it probably seems like I'm obsessing about it, but I'm really not. I just figured he would have talked to me by now & he hasn't and now I'm starting to wonder what I should do.. Message him, or wait for him to message me?

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  • Do I have a chance with him?

    There is this guy I like. He's a real real nice guy, he's kind of awkward & shy sometimes. I've not known him for too long.

    Me, him & some other people get together and hangout sometimes and it's fun. He's always teasing me a bit & talking to me. We always seem to hit it off.

    We message sometimes too & talk, but, sometimes we'll have a good conversation where we go back & forth talking & he'll even tease me a little, then other times he won't respond (& no, I don't send multiple messages) & sometimes he takes FOREVER to reply or read the message while talking. Like today, he started the conversation with me, and when I responded, it took him about 4 hours to read & reply to the message & we ended up barely talking today because of how long he took. He also told me in his first message that he was just hanging out at home that day, so I knew he wasn't busy.

    I just don't get it, sometimes it seems like he's interested & really wants to talk to me, then other times he doesn't reply or takes forever.

    I do know that he liked another girl before he met me & I guess she even liked him, but things didn't work out. He talked about her recently with a some of us and when he did he said "it's whatever, I'm moving on to better things." & I wasn't paying attention, but later someone told me they saw him look at me right after he said this.

    I know nobody is a mind reader, but from what I said do you think I have a chance with him? Am I just overthinking things? I'm really confused.

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  • Not sure what to do?

    So I like this guy in my group of friends. I can't tell whether or not he likes me back or not. We laugh and joke around and he's nice to me, but it's seriously so hard to tell whether or not he likes me or if he is just being nice because he is a nice guy. I thought he did for a little while, but then he started telling me and my friend about a girl he "liked". He said they were a "thing" but they recently ended it. The reason this threw me off is because he talked on and on about it with us and stuff, and I don't think he would have talked about it with me if he liked me. But I could be wrong, after all he was only talking negatively about the whole thing. But now whenever we're together, I don't know how to act. I want to flirt with him and show him I like him, but at the same time I'm worried if he isn't at all interested then it'll always be awkward between us and stuff. But I feel like even if there is a chance he's interested, I want to show him I'm interested too otherwise there is a good chance that nothing will happen.. So I don't know what to do and I'm really stuck. Any advice?

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  • Should I ask him for his number?

    Okay so there is this guy who I think is cute. He's friends with one of my friends. A couple of weeks ago my friend got a bunch of people together to go out and eat pizza and invited him along so I met him and thought he was cute. I did exchange a few words with him but we never had a long conversation or anything. He hugged me goodbye later, but he hugged everyone goodbye.

    About a week after this, he added me as a friend on Facebook, but never tried talking to me or anything on there.

    My friend knows I think he is cute as well. A bunch of us are getting back together to grab something to eat again this weekend. I'd like to ask him for his number or give him mine, but I'm not sure if it would seem weird considering we don't really know each other? The thing is, with Christmas and the New Year coming up, I have no clue when I'll be seeing him again after this weekend. So I'd like to be able to get his number to be able to text him and get to know him better, also asking for his number might show him that I am interested in him a bit. But I don't want it to be weird since we don't know each other that well and this will only be our 2nd time meeting. Would it be a good idea or no?

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  • Social anxiety + making friends?

    Basically my story is, I joined a youth group when I was 14 and LOVED it. I enjoyed it so much and made so many friends. But my social anxiety was always there, every week I was so nervous to go and interact with people but I forced myself to go, that way I could see my friends and meet new ones. I always hoped over time my social anxiety would get better, but it's only gotten worse. A year ago, youth group ended because people stopped coming. I tried a new youth group, which was really really hard. I went to this new youth group for a month, but I felt like a total outcast. Everyone already knew each other, people totally snubbed me when I tried speaking to them, I sat alone and no matter what I did, nobody really seemed to like me or care that I was there. So I stopped going after a month. Well my friends from my first youth group have told me about this new youth group they've been going to and they want me to come, but I haven't been able to make myself go. I'm just soo nervous about it, I get so anxious and shaking just thinking about going and meeting new people. But I know it'd be fun, plus I'm in grade 12 so this would be my last year to go to youth groups.

    Anyone have any tips for me? Like as far as social anxiety and making new friends and stuff.. Any ideas on how to make it easier?

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  • Scared about college?

    I'm 17, about to be a senior in high school. I'm homeschooled as well. I'm scared because I graduate next year, and I really want to go to college. But, I don't know if I can.. I read somewhere online, that if you are not an a and b student you will not do well on your SATs. And that scares me because I'm more of a C and D student, I really do try, I just have a hard time. Thinking about taking my SATs or going to college really scares me because, I just don't know if I'll be able to. I don't know if I'm good enough honestly.. just thinking about it sends a lump in my throat and I want to cry. Because I want to go, I just don't know if I'm smart enough for it.. any advice on this?

  • I accidentally opened porn on my phone?

    I'm 17 and basically I was just going down a tumblr blog looking at it (it didn't even have anything to do with porn) I was on Safari using my iphone and basically everyone knows that on tumblr you can post WHATEVER you want.. And apparently this was a porno video but I didn't even know it was a porno. The thumbnail was black and so I opened it trying to see what it was & a porn video came up. I got out of it right away, but now I'm worried. Could it somehow charge my dad through the phone bill or through his Apple ID or anything? (I use his Apple ID to download apps) i would really rather not get in trouble for this as I didn't even mean to do it! Anyone know?

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  • How to stop overthinking everything?

    So, I literally overthink EVERYTHING. Every little thing ever.

    I hung out with some friends last weekend, it was my first time hanging out with them. and today I was thinking "none of them have talked to me since then.. Weird" and the truth is, they're probably just busy and stuff, we didn't talk all the time before we hung out so why would we after? But, after I thought this I started thinking how I probably said something stupid and now they don't like me and there was this one joke I made and not a lot of people laughed and so maybe it offended them.. And I literally go on and on driving myself crazy. I do this with every situation and it just destroys me and I don't know why I do it. I don't know why I can't just relax and go with the flow, instead I read way too far into everything. It drives me crazy and causes me to be unhappy all the time. I constantly feel like people hate me and dislike me and I only think this because I read too far into everything.

    Anyone tips or ideas on how to STOP overthinking things? :/

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  • I can't stop thinking about him:/?

    Basically I saw this cute guy at a birthday party two months ago, I thought he was super cute, he continuously stared at me, i tried talking to him a couple times but never got the opportunity (Someone always interrupted or something) then I had to leave early. A few days later, someone tagged him in something on Facebook from the party, so I looked across his profile. I realized we have a lot in common, we are both homeschooled, we both have a lot of the same interests etc. in hopes he would recognize me, I added him. But he never accepted it. He did other things on Facebook, but never accepted me. Im guessing he didn't recognize me, or he just doesn't know me well enough or Facebook didn't send the request right or something. Could be any reason really. I didn't really stress over it.

    But, It's been two months, and FOR SOME reason I keep thinking about him.. I've met plenty of other cute guys, and I've been really busy the last two months yet I keep thinking about him? I don't know why! It's sort of driving me crazy because I know there's really no way of me being able to see him again any time soon because we only have like one mutual friend and I don't really even know her well. Is this creepy? Is this weird? I feel like it's really creepy.. It's driving me crazy.

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  • How to be confident about stretch marks?

    Okay so, I got stretch marks about 3 years ago on the back of my legs. They are big, and pink. From puberty. I've tried creams and lotions and home remedies, nothing has worked. They're still there. I've always avoided wearing shorts or going to the beach or anything like that because I'm just simply too embarassed. My friend invited me to go swimming on the beach this weekend and truthfully, I would say "nah let's do something else" but I don't want to, I want to go swimming and be confident I'm just scared about my stretch marks. People will see them, and that makes me really nervous and insecure. Does anyone have any tips on how to not be so nervous about this? And how to just be confident?

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  • How to turn off ask on tumblr?

    I want to turn off my ask completely.. I mean I can remove the link from the page (I did) but people are still sending me messages by just going to my URL/ask. So how do I turn it off? Is there anyway?

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  • Nervous around people?

    Basically, I need some advice on how to be confident and how to not be so nervous around people. I have this ultimate fear that people will think I'm weird or they'll hate me if I say or do the wrong thing. It's gotten to the point in the past 6 months where I've stopped trying to spend time with people my age, I just kinda gave up. But I want to start trying again.. I need to start trying again, I can't just live at home all the time. (I'm homeschooled, keep in mind) tomorrow I plan on trying to go to a new youth group my friend goes to.. Hopefully she will help by introducing me around and stuff. Any tips or advice?

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  • Should I message him?

    Okay so basically I saw this really cute guy @ a party about a month ago. It was just a simple birthday party my friend was having. I kept trying to talk to him but every time I did, I would get interrupted or something. I then had to leave early and never got the chance.

    I tried adding him on Facebook and he never accepted it.. It's been a month now. I want to message him and just say something like "hey, I was at ____'s party, sorry if it was weird I added you you just came up as a suggestion so I sent a request." But I'm worried.. I'm worried it's going to look weird or obsessive, like I've been obsessing over this for a month and just now decided to send a message.. which I guess I did but not in a weird way lol.

    I'm just not sure, should I?

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  • What should I do now:/?

    There was this guy at a bday party I went to a few weeks ago, I thought he was really cute, but never got the opportunity to talk to him :/

    I tried adding him on Facebook but he never accepted. Recently me and the girl who had the party have been talking, which we never talked before, now we have. We've talked maybe 6 times via IM and our convos have all been good so I decided to mention him to her, I basically just said I thought he was cute. And just kinda brushed it off.. I kept hoping she would say something like "oh maybe I can introduce you!" Or something, but she said she doesn't really know him, her sister does so that's why he was there. And I don't know her sister at all. Then she moved on to a new topic.

    Now I don't know what to do.. I guess just give up? I thought he was so cute and I kept hearing him talk to other people and his personality and stuff was so nice! I really wanted to get to know him.. But there seems to be no way to. :/

    Any ideas?

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  • Should I ask her about him?

    About a month ago I went to a friends birthday party, I saw this cute guy there and I know he saw me.. I kept trying to talk to him but then someone would interrupt or something and I ended up having to leave early so never got the chance. I tried adding him on Facebook, but he never accepted :/

    Lately I've been talking to that friend a lot more, (the one who hosted the party) and we have plans of hanging out soon and stuff, we got on the subject of boys and I really wanted to mention him to her.. But I'm worried it'll look weird. We've never been super close, up until now we've just kinda known each other without really knowing each other if that makes sense. I was also worried I would mention him, and she would say she liked him (because he's her friend) but then she said she had a boyfriend! (And it isn't him) after that I was going to say something to her about it.. Then she had to go to bed -.- so I didn't get to.. But I'm still thinking next time we talk maybe I will.. Just say "I thought that guy at your birthday party was cute" or something when we get back on the topic of guys, she might offer to introduce me to him.

    But will it look odd? I also don't know her that well and I'm worried she'll tell him or something. I also know her sister is friends with him so I'm worried maybe she likes him and it's going to make it awkward. I don't know, what do you think? Will it look weird to ask her about a guy I don't even know? Should I ask?

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  • Thunderstorm + prom pictures?

    This weekend I'm supposed to be doing a prom photo shoot for a few friends. (Keep in mind, I'm 17 and an amateur, this is my first prom photo shoot)

    Up until yesterday it was supposed to be sunny the day of prom, then bam now they think it is supposed to storm that day. We were planning on taking pictures on the beach, and going to this public garden. Usually where I live when it rains, it rains on and off.. so we might have a few chances to take some, but no guarantees, and even if we do get a chance it will probably still be cloudy so the lighting won't be great. She said there is no where inside we could do them at either.

    Any ideas on what we could do? I know there is a gazebo at the garden, which might work but I'm worried about the lighting.

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  • My Mom doesn't like me?

    My Mom takes all her stress out on me.. I'm a decent kid, I get good grades, I stay home to babysit my brothers 5 days a week (even though they're old enough to be by themselves), I help them with schoolwork (we're homeschooled), I never talk back, I do hard chores when my brothers have none, I try my hardest in everything I do. But if I even say anything that comes off a little rude to my Mom she flips out on me. The other day she walked into the room and said "your aunt will be here at 5" and I said "yeah I know" she then proceeded to yell at me and tell me how I need to learn how to talk to her nicely and how I'm so rude and stuff. She also claims I'm mean to my brothers which I'm not, like the other day me and my brothers were having a discussion about something and I corrected my brother about something he said and my mom heard and told me how rude it was and how I'm acting like a know-it-all even though I wasn't.

    The worst part is, my brothers are mean to me daily, all the time. They call me a cow, elephant, and a squid because apparently I look like them, they tell me I'm stupid and fat and my Mom doesn't even care because they're a couple years younger and boys so it's just "what they're going to do" because "boys will be boys"

    My Mom knows how I feel, I've told her before and gotten upset infront of her before, she doesn't care.

    I love my Mom, I just wish she would lighten up a bit.. I don't know what to do anymore. Any advice?

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  • Should I make a Facebook page for my photography?

    I'm an amateur photographer. I'm seventeen, in 11th grade. My camera is not that great, it was $200, my parents couldn't afford anymore than that. (I plan on trying to get a job this Summer and save up for a better one) lately, I've been doing a lot of photo shoots with people and people asking me to do their senior pictures, prom photos etc. Which, I LOVE doing! It literally makes me so happy and everyone always loves them. I don't charge people because as I've said, I'm not the best, I mostly do it for the fun and experience. I hope to one day in the future have my own photography business with better equipment and more experience.

    I was considering going ahead and making a Facebook page for my photography and pictures, then there is a place for people to see them and somewhere they can go if they're looking for them (it also may help other people see my photos and contact me to do theirs!) but I'm not sure.. It seems wrong, it seems like I'm claiming I'm a professional and trying to be like those great photographers with Facebook pages.. You know? When truthfully I'm just an amateur. What do you think? Should I?

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  • Should I be mad about this?

    I'm 17 and extremely interested in photography. I recently got a new camera to take pictures with and I asked my friend if I could take her and her boyfriends pictures for experience and whatnot. They're an attractive couple, and I know they'd be great for photos. I asked her a couple weeks ago and not only did she say yes but she acted very excited about it and happy, we hung out about a week later and she talked about it then and acted excited. She's a busy person, and the weather here hasn't been great I wasn't in any rush to do them. I sort of just told her to let me know when a good time for her is and we can do them. Well, today she posted pictures of her and her boyfriend she had done.. and I don't know, it just sorta hurt my feelings. There is no point in me doing a photo shoot of them now. She could have let me know she was going to have them done by someone else, but no.

    It made me mad.. but more so hurt my feelings. Do you feel like this is wrong to be upset about? Or am I overreacting?

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