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  • Were the muckrakers genuinely appreciated by the progressive era presidents?

    By the progressive era I mean from T. Roosevelt's presidency to Woodrow Wilson's.

    Anyway, I know they were liked among the people but to be precise, was Upton Sinclair liked by Teddy Roosevelt. I only ask this because I know he might have tried to stir trouble but his work is reflecting on Roosevelt's 3 C's - One of which being consumer protection. Anyway long story short, was Upton Sinclair disliked or was he helpful, because TR's response (Meat Inspection Acts, Pure food and drug act) was a positive outcome of his presidency?

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  • So i bought black ops via the ps3 store but it takes forever to download?

    right now it is literally only extending the estimated download time. this happens often but this is the first time i've bought a full game via the ps3 store... 0% progress and it doesnt seem to be getting anywhere anytime soon.

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  • What is a good caloric intake for a wrestler at 138?

    I wrestle at 138 and I'm 137 right now.

    I get about 2 hours of hard exercise a day so I want to know what a good caloric intake is for someone who's leaning more towards trying to lose weight or at least stay the same weight.

    And I stay away from sat and trans fats but what are some other things I should shy away from?

    1 AnswerDiet & Fitness9 years ago
  • how much would it cost to professionally put a carburetor into a 1985 honda magna cruiser?

    i was looking online and i saw pretty cheap honda magna 500cc cruiser. it was 800 dollars but there was a catch, the carburetor was taken out for cleaning and wasn't put back in. i'm no mechanic so i wouldn't try to put it in myself. but i was wondering if it would be cheaper to get this motorcycle and get the carburetor professionally put in or to buy another used bike. another issue is that if it doesn't work when i pick it up, if i do buy it then there are other problems with it when does run. but the guy said that the carburetor is the only mechanical issue with it.

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  • I am trying to introduce 2 female adult rats to 2 other female adult rats, any advice?

    the first thing i did was plop all of them down on the couch, and quickly realized the error of my ways and put the original rats back in their cage and the new ones in a temporary aquarium. since they are adults and most of the websites i am reading are about introducing babies to adults i am a little confused. my new rats showed no signs of aggression but only one of my old rats were aggressive. my plan is to quarantine for 2-3 weeks, there are no visible signs of illness in the new rats, regular breathing and no eye or nose discharge. after the quarantine, should i follow the steps for introducing a baby to an adult? which would be masking their unique scent with vanilla extract and putting them in a neutral environment for meetings? if so, how long should i do this for? their two separate cages are a few feet apart. all of these girls are more than a year old, the originals being a little older. if you have any advice, please submit it, and if you can link me to a website specifically for introducing senior females please share.

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  • Can rats get their period?

    I have three rats and one of them is bleeding out of her ladyparts. So i'm wondering is its her period of its something different.

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  • My rat makes a lot of noise when sometimes when she sniffs around?

    I adopted 3 senior rats and the oldest one (1 and a half years old) has been making a lot of noise ever since we got her about a month ago. it's almost like she's talking but it's not. i want to know if it is normal for a rat to make noise when she sniffs around or not. it doesn't happen in her sleep and its usually when she's exploring. another rat i adopted use to be bred for her children to be fed to snakes. she is really skittish and any sudden movements and she'll run into darkness quickly. she's really started to warm up to me but i'm wondering if she will ever not be so skittish. can you answer these two questions, is it normal for my rat to make a lot of noise and will my other rat get over her skittish ways?

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  • can i take the head of my lacrosse goalie stick and put it on my short shaft?

    my goalie stick (which was given to me by my school) is too heavy and too long. my short stick shaft is very lightweight and of course, short. my short shaft is about 30.5in and the goalie head is about 16.5 in so together they about about 47 in. so according to lacrosse high school rules, is that too short or allowable? and will having a short stick shaft affect my movement (negatively)? any input from other goalies, coaches, or just people who know enough about the goalie position is appreciated.

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  • Can rats have side effects to the antibiotic, doxycycline?

    I went to the vet on Monday, she was not diagnosed with anything, but I was given medication. Now she has taken a rough turn. She has become drowsy and here feces have a green tinge. I am calling up the vet tomorrow to ask, but I would like an idea now.

    Rodents10 years ago
  • my rat (berry) died overnight and i have a few questions?

    Should i show my other rat (blue) her so she understands why she's not around? she died with me because i took her out and noticed something wrong in her movement.

    how can i totally know she's gone?

    should i bring her to a vet just to make sure and its not that she just can't move?


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  • are the norse related or have they left influence on celtic people?

    particularly in the scottish highlands. if so, how?

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  • What were some architectural firsts for the Greeks?

    I can't think of anything else besides the columns.

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  • Could my rats have a gender bias?

    I feed my rats and give them the most attention out of anyone in my family and one of them (Berry) usually likes to lay down next to me when i take them out but the other (Blue) likes to sleep off under a cover somewhere. But, when my mother is sitting near me, my rats scurry over to her and rest up near her. So my question is, since my rats are females, could they somehow determine whether someone is a female and would they feel more comfortable around them than males?

    2 AnswersRodents10 years ago
  • can i clip my rats nails on my own?

    one of my rats has maintained trimmed nails (no idea how) but the other has not. how could i trim these at home without damaging her feet?

    4 AnswersRodents10 years ago
  • what is an effective way of making a 3D model of Hadrian's Wall?

    i was planning on piling rocks together, and hot gluing them to fasten it well. my main concern is that would hot glue properly fasten the rocks together? also what would be a foundation for it so that i can show the landscape around it, like grass and the ditches in front of it?

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  • when was the tartan introduced to scotland?

    or was it unrecorded?

    is it pre or post roman?

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  • Are there vitamins that I can get my pet rats?

    Because my rat is acting kind of odd... she is sluggish and unbalanced. I am planning on bringing her to a vet but I think it might be because of lack of vitamins. She is a very very picky eater and she is fairly skinny, as opposed to my other rat who eats mostly everything I give her and she's fairly chubby but she's also full of energy. My other rat use to be like that (except not chubby) in the summer so she might be sick with a cold or worse, cancer. But in the meantime I was wondering if there were some vitamins that I might be able to give her so I can see if that has anything to do with it?

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  • is raising a baby field mouse whose mother is presumably dead a safe idea?

    it is just a baby, big head, small body, tail about as long as the body. i'm assuming the mother is dead because otherwise it probably wouldn't be away from it. its eyes barely opened. it barely moves at all except when i move around myself (this was outside and the temperature is about 50 degrees so i don't know if it was just really cold). could it be sick? i don't have it right now though but i want to raise it up. its a long story.

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