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  • Used car salesman scam?

    My Son bought a used car from a local car lot. He gave the salesman the down payment and in turn was given a 30 day tag and temporary registration. After the 30 days he called the salesman about his tags, and the salesman said I can't give you your tags until you pay for them. The guy wanted my son to give him $264.00 which was already paid for as stated on the temporary registration form. After hearing what this salesman was trying to do I contacted the NC DMV, who told us to contact our local fraud investigation unit over used car dealers. Meanwhile DMV contacted the salesman and he then called my son to give him his tags. This guy was trying to take advantage of a young kid, and I'm sure it wasn't his first time using this tactic. I'd like to know if my son has legal recourse to sue this company for fraud and deceptive practices.

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  • Is there a law for truth in hiring of a perspective employee?

    I applied for a full time position online with a business. I interviewed for the job and told them about my qualifications pertaining to my work experience. I got a call back asking about the hours I can work since I had another job in another State. The bottom line is I was told by other workers that they only intend to keep 15 to 20 people of the 56 they had setting up the business, which I was never told during my interview. And I was let go after 6 weeks by phone the next day, even though I worked the day before because my position was eliminated. And now I'm unemployed. There was no truth in hiring only to get bodies in and then eliminate after wards. Plus they hired 4 more after the fact of the store being completed. Is there a cause of action on my part to pursue this matter in court for misrepresentation of a job posting and failure to disclose information which resulted in my having resigned from my other job of which I had been at for a year. The manager also told me she would recommend me for training in management because of my qualifications.

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  • Can a bank charge a $35 overdraft fee for two transactions when the first had one had enough funds to cover it?

    I made a debit card purchase for $400 dollars on Monday, and an ATM withdrawal for $300 on Wednesday. I checked my balance to see if the $400 dollars came out of my account, and it was deducted from my balance. Days later I took $300 out of the ATM which I knew would cause me to incur an overdraft fee. I called the bank after I received two notices for two overdraft charges of $35. I was told the first transaction was put aside in a pending status. And when the second ATM charge was made that withdrawal created a second overdraft. If my first debit transaction was pending and funds available. How can I be charged for it as well.

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