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  • Is This An Good Idea For An Story On Wattpad and what would be an good title for it?


    planet cry


    in 2060 after earth was made inhabitable by an nuclear war humans were forced to live with an post biological robotic alien race called the cocathians(co-ca-thian) on an far away planet called Nora during the decades and centries after the humans arrival both the humans and the cocathians decided to form small governments called factions to keep peace on the planet

    300 hundred years later everything went to hell an evil military government called the new order started taking over the cities and evantually the whole planet an special race of cocathians who wield special powers called guardians protected our planet for thousands of centries but our facing extinction as they are hunted and captured alive by the new order not only killing them but draining their powers to make their leader twoken(two-ken) stronger and more powerful than

    any guadian on the planet


    the story follows an ex assassin named keeda who is haunted by his past who must protect an young innocent cocathian girl named kathrana who loves her planet but is heartbroken and struggle to survive after realizes she's an guardian

    They both must trust each other as they fight back against the sinister new order and embark on an epic adventure that creates an strong bond between Keeda and kathrana

    PG 13 for strong violence , mild cussing and an depressing story

    I'm working on the sixth chapter right now i haven't published any chapters yet i'm deciding either

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