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  • California eviction law concerning a verbal sublease..specifically San Diego Co.?

    Alright, my sister needed help paying rent/utilities after her seperation from her husband and put an ad on craigslist (gasp!) for a roommate. She got a few responses but after meeting them, the girl she liked best moved in. She was responsible for paying $500/month. Her mother repo'ed the car from the girl so my sister let her borrow her pick up truck to get to and from work while she saved up to buy a vehicle of her own. Well in the past month and a half since she has moved in, she has not paid a cent of rent, wrecked the truck, caused a 100 vet bill and the list goes on and on. Well today my sister told her to stop taking the truck (she found out about the accident this morning), the girl went ahead and took it anyway and when she got hom my sister demanded rent money and the girl said she didn't have it. She then sat on the couch and started watching a movie. So my sister calls the police to have her removed from the property. The cop finds out that the girl has established residency (basically a room and incoming mail to that address) and tells my sister unfortunately they can't make her get out. And in the course of the conversation the cop about tells her that hypothetically she could put her belongings out and change the locks, but didn't spell it out that easily. My sister feels that the cop wasn't able to legally tell her that, so she asked me to look it up because she doesn't want to get arrested for doing it. So does ANYONE know if she can do this, or does she have to file eviction paperwork with the courts? She wants her out tonight!

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