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  • Evolutionists, explain please.?

    1. So how did the eye evolve? The whole "light sensitive spot" theory doesn't hold up; even a light sensitive spot is an organ of irreducible complexity. If one component is removed, the organ becomes useless and even detremental to the host organism.

    2. How could something so complex as DNA be formed gradually? DNA has a very high information content. As far as man has observed, natural forces have failed to produce anything that remotely approaches the complexity of DNA.

    Snowflakes have low information content; they are just geometric designs - a few directions that are repeated over and over.

    The same is true of crystals.

    So how did all this happen? Wouldn't there have to be some driving force that made organisms evolve to more complex life forms?

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  • If there were no God, would there be any atheists?

    Perhaps, for the sake of easier speculation of the theoretical, I should say "if there were no belief in God".

    Though the answer to the main question is obvious, please take your time and think before you answer others. I'll read all the answers, no matter how long they are, so there's no need to rush.

    Additional Questions:

    What would you do if nobody believed in God?

    What is your idea of a perfect society?

    How would you define right and wrong without a God?

    These are not rhetorical questions - I am just curious to hear what Atheists say about this. (I already know what christians say, and though I agree with the christians, I just want some views from the opposite perspective.)

    Atheists, thank you for your time.

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