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  • Everything is faint in MS Office 2007 problem?

    I have been using MS office 2003 for long time. It was fast & good. Now my friend installed MS office 2007 saying that it has good features. But as soon as I opened anything e.g. excel, word etc it look very faint. Everything i.e font, toolbar etc is very light. whats the problem? My PC is P3 catagory (old PC) with 1GB Ram.

    3 AnswersSoftware9 years ago
  • How to recover Fedora 16 iso image?

    I have downloaded Fedora 16 LXDE & burned it on cd.but it is not booting so I run sha1sum & found that there is a problem with the image. Its value is i.e SHA256 (42bfd26f88bf2a245b5b0594d6f188cb26918a6efb4b71bd38b1912df75e7e1e *Fedora-16-i686-Live-LXDE.iso) & mine is (C21772A0 169EE810 B57E2C03 973E973B C6B55694). I have spent several hour to download this image by torrent & don't want to again spend that much time. Does anyone have any idea how can I recover this image?

    1 AnswerSoftware9 years ago
  • How to remove operating system completely?

    I have recently got a laptop which has window 7 installed. I want to remove this os completely & want to bring back laptop to original state of no operating system at all. Then want to load Ubuntu linux in it. I have no data in my laptop so I am ready to format but I don't know which procedure to follow in all this operation. Please guide if any one know. (Will my DVD player work with the new os similarly as it was running with window os or I will need to download another driver software because I have no experience of using ubuntu linux os)

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  • Please tell me 'What is bet marketing?

    I have come to this question & searched all net but after a long struggle, I could not find out the answer. Please tell me if any one know this.

    1 AnswerMarketing & Sales9 years ago
  • Help in buying external hard drive!?

    I want to buy external hard drive (USB connectivity) but I don't know whether it require a particular technical specification to match up with your motherboard. I have AsRock 775i65G motherboard with window Xp Sp2.Is this drive need to be supportive with motherboard or I can connect any external drive to my pc with usb. please answer.

    Also suggest good & chip external hard drive which I can purchase online.

    5 AnswersOther - Hardware9 years ago
  • Good software in the management field?

    I have been working in the field of Electronic manufacturing industry as Electronic Engineer & presently taken admission in EMBA coarse to make a career in the field of management. I want to pursue some software skill regarding management. Please guide me which software should I learn which will add value in my Management Master Degree.

  • Website for speaking English?

    English is my second language & I am searching for online people with whom I can talk in English. Please tell me if you know any good free website where I can meet number of people to talk in English (But they should know that I am not that much fluent & I am talking with them just to improve my language in other word I am looking for community working for language improvement)

    Thanks in advance

    2 AnswersLanguages10 years ago
  • How to use 'would' in English?

    English is my second language (First is Hindi & Marathi) & my vocabulary of English is strong enough to speak fluently, but there are some word which are really confusing me. I am totally unaware of how to use 'would' 'would have' & 'would have been'. What is the difference between would & will? can we use would everywhere instead of will? This obstacle is really hampering my speaking skill & I badly need help to solve this problem.

    Please guide me if there is any good teacher or refer me any good site

    Thanks in advance for your answer

    4 AnswersLanguages10 years ago
  • help me for finding kalyan taluka map?

    I am looking for a political map of kalyan taluka (Taluka in Maharashtra) I searched net (Wikimapia & yahoo too) but they are all satellite map & this map is also not available in the nearby bookstore. Please help me if you know any bookstore or site where I can get this map.

    1 AnswerMumbai1 decade ago
  • A source of Electronic business ideas?

    I want to start a business in the field of electronic & therefore looking for a good book (which I can buy or download from net) which will have different electronic gadgets ideas.If there is any good site, then that will also do but book is on preference. Please guide me if anyone knows.

    2 AnswersSmall Business1 decade ago
  • Scanned .pdf to .doc converter?

    I have one scanned pdf document which I need to convert into doc format for editing. I tried several pdf to doc converter but they just transfer image of scanned document into doc format which is useless for editing. Please suggest me a free software which really convert scanned pdf into real doc for editing.

    3 AnswersSoftware1 decade ago
  • Pressure vessel & Tank design software?

    I am looking for good pressure vessel & Tank design software which can show pressure vessel in both 2d & 3d view. It should have good library of pressure vessel & Tank parts as per standard. Please let me know, if there is any software or corresponding site.

    2 AnswersEngineering1 decade ago
  • SOLAR ENERGY Institute in Mumbai?

    I am looking for some institute which can give me practical knowledge in the field of Renewable Energy especially Solar energy. This training should make me able, that I can start my own business. Please let me know if anyone have idea about this type of institute in Mumbai.

    1 AnswerGreen Living1 decade ago
  • SOLAR ENERGY Institute?

    I am looking for some institute which can give me practical knowledge in the field of Renewable Energy especially Solar energy. This training should make me able, that I can start my own business. Please let me know if anyone have idea about this type of institute in Mumbai.

    4 AnswersGreen Living1 decade ago
  • Problem with Camera Canon PowerShot A460!!?

    Whenever I tried to shoot the video by this camera, it always give humming sound. I thought first that it is because of surrounding air could be captured by microphone of camera. But when I tested in shooting complete calm area, it again gives this problem .What’s the matter?? Is there any particular setting in the camera in this regard?

    Please guide me perfectly because I am completely new in this area.


    2 AnswersCamcorders1 decade ago
  • How to get stamina in Martial Art?

    I am martial artist & I perform energetically all kata & stepping in Dojo. But while I perform kicking I soon get exhausted within little time. This does not happen while I punch. Please guide me how can I overcome this problem. (Please mention, if you know any exercise routine which can improve stamina or any best martial art site in this regard)

    9 AnswersMartial Arts1 decade ago
  • Ninjitsu Martial Art in Mumbai?

    I am badly looking for any dojo where I can learn Ninjitsu Martial Art. Please help me if anyone know this type of Dojo in Nerby Mumbai or Maharashtra.(Please dont suggest me google type search engine)

    3 AnswersMartial Arts1 decade ago
  • Help to find out right Diploma after ITI?

    One of my friend is ITI in electronic & he has been working since 4 year .He is interested to do Diploma in Engg. But he is suspicious about

    1) Which university is good for correspondence Diploma? (Study centre should be closer to Mumbai for coaching simplicity)

    2) In which Engg branch he should do Diploma?

    3) Is Correspondent Diploma as worth as regular Diploma? (Means, after doing diploma will he be able to apply for the post of Diploma engineer)

    Please answer me soon as I can guide him better.


    1 AnswerOther - Education1 decade ago
  • Shotokan Karate Kata In English?

    I am looking for shotokan karate Kata explain in English. Please tell me if you know any site where I can get this type of English explained Kata.(Picture or video)

    4 AnswersMartial Arts1 decade ago
  • Need charity help badly?

    We have one well-known person who badly needs money for his wife’s Heart operation. The require money is sum of 1 lac rupees. I thought I can help him by searching on net, if there is any charity that helps this type of person. If anyone knows about this type of charity in Mumbai, please provide me its contact detail so that we can approach them soon.

    1 AnswerCommunity Service1 decade ago