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  • How does my girlfriend who lives in London UK get visa to come see me in America USA?

    my girlfriend is a UK citizen and wants to visit me soon i see at London US embassy located in London there is different ways to apply so my question is can she apply for waiver program without applying for Visa thats 90 days or better to apply for tourist visa for 6 months and how do you apply can you do it over the phone or need a appointment and i heard you can apply when you buy the plane ticket online so need help this is our first time applying and dont know what direction to go thanks

    4 AnswersEmbassies & Consulates10 years ago
  • My Passport is due Sept 2012 is it still good to travel from USA to UK?

    Curious with all the passport rule changes if i need to apply for a new one or can i still use this one until it expires i dont want to get to the airport then get denied boarding

    5 AnswersEmbassies & Consulates1 decade ago
  • Is there a Las Vegas website where single people can find friends to go to Vegas with?

    i work for the airlines and go to vegas alot im currently single and think there has to be a website where you post dates when your going to vegas and can meet up with other single people

    3 AnswersLas Vegas1 decade ago
  • Laser wireless Mouse Cursor sticks and freezes across computer screen?

    i have iMac 10.6 with new logitech V450 laser mouse that sticks and freezes across the screen on firefox/safari and when scrolling also heres what i have done so far added more Ram and took computer into apple and found no issues also have the internet company come out and run tests good strong speeds no problems also changed out mouse 3 times and talked to logitech support no problems correct drivers and changed out mouse pad even moved all electronic stuff away from computer new batteries i have done everything theres something thats like tunring the mouse on and off but its not really doing that i have 3 Macs and this is the only one doing this HELPPPP

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  • Who else is tired of being redirected to

    Someone has to know how to get rid of this issue.....i delete my cookies but it comes right back i have sent nasty messages to yahoo cuz they are the idiots doing this......i have also tried to block where it says insert address to block cookies and that does not work so anyone have a direct phone number or email address to get rid of this crap

    2 AnswersOther - Yahoo Products1 decade ago
  • On Mafia Wars Home page wheres my Mafia Favors box like other people have?

    I have 2 mafia war accts and one has a box on the home page called Mafia Favors where people in your mafia need help or items but my second acct which is about a month older only have my profile stats in that same box so is there a button or box to check to get it to activate

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  • Deep Fried Artichoke Hearts in Oahu Hawaii by North Shore?

    By the North Shore is a spot where Giovanni's Shrimp Truck and others park to serve food and theres a beached boat that a guy sells deep fried artichoke hearts and im trying to find out the dressing he serves with it at first he wouldnt tell me what it was he said a secret sauce then i seen the bottle said Jamaican dressing but i couldnt see the whole title and he said it was from a local store so please help it was good anyone know the dressing name and if they sell it in the states

    1 AnswerHonolulu1 decade ago
  • Constant Neck muscle pain and headaches behind lower skull help?

    Doctors cannot find out why i have constant pain in my laft and right side of my neck i went to a neurologist and ruled out its not nerves because we took MRI of my skull and neck with no problems showing up on film i keep getting pain just behind my lower skull also its like a headache that you cannot get to because its under the skull i have been to a chiropractor also for 2 years now and he cannot solve it so im hoping to find someone that has had the same problem and got help i need your help in solving this problem so any referrals

    1 AnswerPain & Pain Management1 decade ago
  • wheres the best place to celebrate new years eve 2009 in Las Vegas?

    myself and my gf are staying at the Rio and im thinking of doing the voodoo lounge for dinner then party and celebrate upstairs at the lounge outside to watch the fireworks from up top on the 50th floor but im sure theres other places so give me more ideas please

    4 AnswersLas Vegas1 decade ago
  • How do you rotate my photos on myspace?

    i need help on my myspace photos. when i took the photos with my camera, i rotated the camera so that the picture would be vertical instead of horizontal so when i previewed the photo i rotated the photo to the right so it looks correct and then i saved it and now the photo looks correct but is long ways and when i upload it on myspace to my album it rotates it back to the left automatically so its sideways again......i have a editing program and i tried to landscape it from being long up and down to long ways side to side but i cannot figure it out please help everyone else on here are telling other people it should be real simple but its not working correct

    3 AnswersMySpace1 decade ago
  • Should i let my 17 teen year old daughter move back with me after getting into trouble?

    I am a 44yo father that brought up my 17yo daughter for 5 years from age 12yo to 17yo all by myself with no financial help from her mother and i think, my family thinks, my daughters friends think, and my friends think i did a awesome job i was active with her schools, i helped her with her homework, i clothed her, i taught her how to drive, i took her on trips, i went to her cheerleading meetings(i was the only guy), i bought her a truck, would go to mall shopping with her(hold her bags), i stay up all night when she was sick, i had her teeth fixed(her mom couldnt afford it}, i could go on all day but you get the picture i didnt even do things for myself or spend money on myself because i spoiled my only daughter......well lately she got into trouble her and i sent her back to her moms in another state and she did not want to go but i had no other chose and when she arrived there she would not talk to me and she apologized to me 2 weeks ago and said she wanted to come back but then she started getting mad at me again because i said she could only come back if we sit down and set up more rules cuz i dont want her to come back and cause me more stress by getting into more trouble.......well as of today shes telling her friends im an idiot and she hates me so im very hurt after everything i have done for her but i think her mom has alot to do with this cuz she doesnt want my daughter to come back to me so i sit here patiently for my daughters phone call but its hard not to email or text or call her but she says for me to leave her alone so thats what i am doing

    4 AnswersFriends1 decade ago
  • My daughters 19 teen year old girlfriend asked me if i could adopt her?

    i am a single father of a teenage daughter i have brought her up by myself for 5 years with no help from her mother during high school alot of her girlfriends call me Dad because alot of them have no fathers or the fathers are not in their lives so its nothing weird im just the cool dad figure i guess....i am a very good loveable responsible father for my daughter but she moved back to her moms because she was getting into some trouble here so now one of her good friends called me to say hello and she told me that she thought i was a great dad and wished she had a dad like me then she asked me if i would adopt her and have her last name changed to mine.....some people say be careful she might have some evil plan but i know this girl and shes not like that......well my daughters mad at me right now because i sent her back to her moms and i think if i did adopt her friend when she finds out she will really be mad at me but im not doing it to replace her im doing it because i feel bad for her friend so what should i do and how hard would it be to do all of this?

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  • PSP mp4 movie videos keep saying " movie could not be opened " won't play?

    first of all i have a Mac computer and i have a PSP fat version 3.95 that i downloaded mp4 movies and im trying to place them on my psp in the video file and/or the MP_ROOT sub folder 101ANV01 i have a total of 10 movies so 2 movies worked in the Video folder and 2 worked in the MP_ROOT sub folder but the other six keep saying "The file is not a movie file" but they all say they are MPEG-4 how dod i fix this problem with the other six movies HELP

    2 AnswersPDAs & Handhelds1 decade ago
  • My right ear eustachian drain tube will not close always stays open causing echoing HELP?

    i have seen many doctors and they say the muscles on both sides of my ear drain tube are not closing off my right ear drain tube so i hear my voice through my ear which is quite annoying but only if im looking straight ahead if i tilt or turn my head it goes away so im thinking by turning my head i twist the tube and it closes so any solutions? the doctors say the operation is worse than leaving it alone but i hate it so has anyone had the operation before to fix it or maybe its something else PLEASE HELP

    2 AnswersPain & Pain Management1 decade ago
  • Can someone please translate this from Romanian to English language for me?

    CITESTE PINA LA SFIRSIT... CIAO Am invatat... ca nimeni nu este perfect... Pina cind nu te indragostesti. Am invatat viata e dura... Dar eu si mai si!!! Am invatat ... ca sansele nu trebuie niciodata sa le pierzi. Acelea pe care le pierzi tu le prinde din zbor o alta persoana. Am invatat ca atunci cind porti pica si amaraciune fericirea se duce in alta parte. Am invatat... Ca ar trebui mereu folosite vorbe bune...Pentru ca miine poate va trebui sa le retragi. Am invatat ca un suris e un mod economic pentru a-ti imbunatati aspectul. Am invatat ca nu pot sa aleg *** ma simt... Dar pot mereu sa fac cite ceva. Am atunci cind fiul tau nou nascut iti tine degetul in micul lui pumn... s-a lipit de tine pentru toata viata

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  • Can someone please translate this from Romanian to English language for me?

    Pe patul de moarte sta intins un mos de 80 de ani.I se apropie sfarsitul si de jur imprejurul patului sta toata familiaeodata batranul le spune:- Aveam de toate: masini bune, femei frumoase, multi prieteni si un cont mare in banca. Intr-o zi mi-a spus un prieten ca trebuie sa ma insor, ca altfel nu o sa aibe cine sa-mi dea un pahar cu apa pe patul mortii.Asa viata mea s-a schimbat. In loc sa merg la discoteca cu femei.. stau acasa si ma uit la seriale, cu sotia. Masina o folosesc doar ca sa duc si aduc copiii de la scoala si sa mergem in concediu.Toti bani s-au dus pe scolile voastre.Zilele frumoase si libertatea mea… Si acum cand stau intins si astept la moarte stiti ce e cel mai rau din toate? -Ce, dragul noastru tata?il intreaba cu totii -NU mi-e sete ...

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  • Does anyone know how to contact Rudy Gay of the NBA Memphis Grizzlies by email?

    NBA Basketballs Rudy Gay is trying to ask for youtube videos to pick one of his dunks for the NBA dunk contest and i have a suggestion for him but no video but im trying to find an email to contact him to get my message to sure no wants to give out his personal email which i understand so i could give you the message to get to him for me or contact me privately through yahoo my user name is azflyboy6477 this is not a joke this is very important Thanks

    5 AnswersBasketball1 decade ago
  • HELP trying to find old 80's song with the word Juliet in it like "Ja Ja Ja Ja Juliet?

    it was a soft rock band way back in the 80's i think they were from Iowa and all i can remember is the words "ja ja ja ja juliet" in one of their not sure but i think the name of the band was the Bergs or Burbs or ???? im not sure i could be way off

    2 AnswersLyrics1 decade ago
  • Does any manufacture make a flat panel 46" TV single stud wall mount?

    im looking for manufactures of full motion TV wall mounts that can support a Sony 46" flat panel TV that weights 102lbs from a single stud only because the wall is only 4 ft wide with a single stud in the middle i have looked everywhere so i need help

    1 AnswerTVs1 decade ago
  • How do i unblock craigslist to allow me to post ads?

    i can get to the craigslist webpage but when i try to post an ad on craigslist im blocked from them i tried proxy sites and it does the same thing so that will NOT work i talked to my cable company and he thinks if i changed out the modem that would fix it since he thinks craigslist is blocking me with the modems internal code so what do you think?

    5 AnswersSecurity1 decade ago