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Well, I love to dance and I love to write. I'm the "good little christian girl" (haha) and I'm probably the most random/out there chick ever haha. Much love to all! I less than three all of you!

  • Injury after car accident?

    On December 3, I was hit in my school parking lot by a girl going roughly 20 mph who wasn't paying attention (aka texting) and hit me in a sort of T-bone type way. My car ended up with about $2500 worth of damage and her insurance covered it as the officer cited that it was completely her fault. An ambulance arrived because my right finger was hurting (ridiculous, I think) but I assured them it was probably just a jammed finger and would heal in a few days or so. I am certainly not the type to go to the emergency room over a sprained finger!

    The next morning, however, i noticed that there was bruising from my second knuckle on my right pointer finger down to my palm, and the knuckle on my hand itself was about four times the size as normal. Unfortunately I had to take my SAT's that morning, but immediately after wards I went to an urgent care. The doctor told me I was fine but was extremely worried about my knuckle and sent me to a hand specialist. I went to him last Thursday and he found that my first metacarpal bone was broken right below the knuckle and the finger is very badly sprained. My question is am I eligible for a pain and suffering settlement? My entire hand is casted and I cannot write nor drive, nor do many other simple activities. I am a working AP student who is also doing an internship and the past couple weeks have been so unbelievably frustrating to the point where I'm in tears because I just want to have my life back to normal :(

    The doctor also said there is a chance I may have arthritis for the rest of my life too, would this contribute to a pain and suffering case?

    Thanks everyone

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  • Speeding ticket help?

    My boyfriend and I (both 17) were driving my sister from Sparks, NV to Truckee, California. I drove us all there in my car, and when we got there I felt very sick so I asked him to drive us home. On the highway (65 zone) I suddenly felt extremely sick and asked him to speed up around the semi truck in front of us so we could find an exit and pull over so I would not get sick in the car. A cop clocked him going 86 mph and pulled us over, which is totally understandable. We were very polite and apologetic and complied with everything he requested. This was the first time he had ever gotten pulled over, and I had my registration and proof of insurance with me. The officer was EXTREMELY understanding and only wrote us up for a 70mph ticket going in a 65.

    I would mainly like to know what will happen now and how much will the fine will be as well as if his parents need to know about this incident as they are very strict and probably won't let him drive anymore :( We just started out senior year in high school and neither of us want to start the year with him in trouble and not being able to see each other. I realize that we were very lucky to have received a lesser fine than we could have had and I do not plan to plead guilty, I just need to know what will happen from here. The officer said something about things being mailed to my boyfriend, but I wasn't sure exactly what this meant. Please help?

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  • Something is wrong with my ankle?

    On June 9, 2010 I was at a lake with some friends and we were being stupid and climbing rocks around the water. Of course I was wearing flip flops and went to stand on a rock that wasn't stable and ended up twisting my right ankle off of the rock, which ultimately affected my malleolus. It was too dark for me to see anything, but it hurt really, really bad. The next couple weeks was very painful for me to walk and I decided that I had probably bruised the bone and that it would heal within the next few weeks.

    Now that it is almost August, my ankle still hurts when I move it certain directions or kneel down, but I can walk on it just fine.

    Normally I would just leave it alone and deal with it, however last week when I was turning my ankle inwards I noticed that unlike my left malleolus, which stays round and normal looking, my right mallelous seems as if either the bone or a ligament is poking out and pointed. What could this be? :(

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  • Help with high school requirements for college?

    A few universities that I am looking into require two years of social studies and three years of history.

    I have taken World Cultures, World History, will be taking U.S. Government soon and have 2 years of Speech and Debate (beginner and advanced, which I heard counted as Humanities credits).

    What do I do? What covers what? :(

  • How should I start a persuasive paper on political lobbying?

    I need a really good hook in my introduction, but I don't know how to start?? Help??

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  • Prom is next week!! Help!!?

    Ok so I am 17, I have long, blonde hair and kinda small blue eyes. I have fair skin, but I'm working on making it tanner haha. Anyways, I am 5'9-ish and weigh about 155. (just lost 20 pounds for my new year resolution) :) I have 2 options for dresses- one is a floorlength long purple strapless dress, and the other one is a short red one that is stapless and has a rouched bottom. I think the red dress would be more fun, but what do you think?

    Oh, and what make up should I do?? My accessories are all silver (shoes, necklace, etc.)

    (sorry for being so annoying thus far) and what should I do with my hair? I prefer down styles, but What do you think?

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  • The theme of my prom is "Hollywood Through The Ages" but I don't really know what the best look to go for is?

    Basically I was thinking that something sleek and red would be "Hollywood." I just am not sure of the style or color of dress and accessories...Any advice?

    Oh, and as far as the dress goes, I am about 5'10" and 160 pounds. I'm not fat but I'm definitely not skinny and I'm wondering what type of dress would look the best?

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  • Am i the only girl left who still thinks?..?

    I feel like anymore I am still the only girl who believes that women should stay home and help with kids and cooking and men should have jobs. This is NOT to say that I do not support women who are doctors or laywers or in politics and what not, as I myself am captain of my debate team and plan on going to college. But is still feel like there are so so so many women right's activists in the world and it is kind of annoying. Women can do a lot of things that men can't and vice versa, in my opinion. And men should be the breadwinners and women should raise the children primarily and cook and clean. But if women really do want to do more then that is great and they should not be limited. Does anyone else agree too?

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  • I need help with making a business title?

    Hi there, I'm starting my own business from home in which I make custom designed browbands for horses, collars for dogs, earrings, and stockpins. Basically I just take a regular plain one and sew pearls, crystals, beads, etc. on it. I need help with a name though!! Any ideas??

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  • Costume ideas?? Read description!!?

    Hi everyone! Hope you are having a good day :]

    Okay so a few days before halloween my school is doing something called trick or treat in the halls, which is basically where all the clubs put together fun games and give out candy to little kids.

    I am in several clubs and therefore have to participate, which i am totally fine with, except there is one problem... I don't know I should dress up as!! Any ideas??

    I have medium length choppy brown hair and blue eyes, and i am 5'9".

    Based on this basic description, are there any ideas that pop out at you? I don't want to be anything scary, and i would like to be something that the kids will recognize...

    I know this may sound lame but are there any like princesses or characters from movies that would match this description?

    Oh, and by the way I am a sophomore if that makes a difference :)

    Thanks everyone!

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  • Help, i need to earn kind of a lot of money!! suggestions?

    Hey guys, my name is Morgan, i live in the United States and i am 15. I am in a bit of a situation. I have just recently been offered the most amazing opportunity in the world to go to Australia and New Zealand and Fiji through an organization called People to People. The purpose of this is to get to know the outside world and the fellow leaders of tomorrow. It's a chance to bring new ideas and make a change for the better in our home towns.

    The problem is that the cost is very very high. Around $9,000 (ahh! so many zero's!!), to be specific. I need to earn that much in a year. I am 15 years old, in 4 honors classes at my school as well as community service clubs in my school. I also participate in dance, so it is really going to be hard to get a solid job.

    I already work for a hospital doing medical transcriptioning and i am putting all of that money towards this amazing trip. I was wondering if there were any other ideas that you had to earn some extra money? Any input is greatly appreciated!! Thanks again!!

    ~Morgan :)

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  • New make up ideas?? (pics included...)?

    Okay so I have dark brown hair with some suttle highlights and some thicker darker pieces. It was halfway down my back and heavily layered, but i recently cut it to about my shoulders for back to school/new look/the dyed brown was getting kind of grody (i'm naturally blonde)--- anyways, i have pretty fair skin and blue-green eyes. My eyebrows are thinner, i don't have huge lips but they are kinda full i guess..

    i was wondering if you had any new make up ideas for me? I can show you kind of some bad pictures just so you get an idea of how i look-- i hope the link works!! I'm really sorry if it doesn't. but i have a small description of how i look in case it doesn't :)

    Thank you soo much!! i just feel like i've been doing the same make up for forever and that i needed to change it a bit :)

    ok so i am on the far right in this one:

    the top right in this one:

    still the top right :)

    and on the right in this one too!!

    i'm really sorry if the links don't work!! I'm sort of computer-stupid haha :)

    thanks again everyone!!


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  • Ok so i wrote this about twenty minutes ago..let me know what you think?

    Step by Step

    Step by step, getting further away

    Can a heart break like this every day?

    He doesn't belong to me, nor i to him.

    "Just friends"...So why do i feel like this?

    Like I'm broken inside, and he the missing piece

    an unsolved riddle longing to be complete..

    He says he'll never hurt me, but i suppose

    that i can hide the pain so it doesn't show.

    Looking fine on the inside, destroyed within.

    He'll never know the tears I've poured over him.

    But i want him to be happy, and so I'll try

    to fight this battle, conceal my lie.

    Step by step, getting further away

    Can a heart break like this every day?

    He doesn't know how i truly feel

    nor will he ever, for i won't reveal.

    And as i start to read him i start to see

    that he has eyes for anyone but me

    What to do? Laugh or cry?

    Whichever hides my feelings inside.

    I tell him everything..or so he thinks.

    I guess he can't see that I'm on the brink

    of finally dying and giving up.

    Who knew that love would hurt this much?

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  • help!!! i dyed my hair brown (naturally blonde)-- what do i do?

    Ok so I dyed my hair brown back in December and I LOVE it. (Sadly I'm a natural blonde though.) :( I got it touched up before the roots were too bad, but now they are horrible!!! What can i do to disguise this until my mom can get me into see someone for a touch up? Any hair styles or products that will help or anything??? Thanks!!

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  • Help!! Ballad?? (I wrote my own...)?

    Ok so i wrote what i think is a ballad but i don't know if if fits the requirements. Help me please? Feedback? Thanks!!

    His Eyes

    Stone cold, yet holding fiery gaze,

    I stare at him, my soul ablaze.

    Thinking of their color unlike the rest,

    Shuddering because his eyes see me best.

    Walked out and gone, leaving me here,

    I remember his eyes that loved me dear.

    And I look down, collapsing in sorrow.

    My soul aching for heartbreak of morrow.

    I search so hard for his comforting arms.

    The ones that tricked me into charm.

    He didn’t love me, said in spite

    Of eyes who guided me towards light.

    I should’ve known he was full of lies,

    That he doesn’t know how it hurts to cry.

    And now I lay here, numb and broken.

    Do his eyes know I’ll never be open?

    But he can go, my heart can’t lie.

    I’ll love him until the day I die.

    Waiting until my mind can find,

    A reason to keep this soul alive

    -Morgan R.

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  • why do people curl hair (with a curling iron) from the roots down to the end instead of the opposite?

    I was just curious as to why a lot of stylists use a curling iron at the top of the hair near the scalp and then wrap the rest of the hair around the barrel. I have always started from the ends and curled it up towards the top. Doesn't it produce the same curl?

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  • What should my friend do?

    So my best friend (female) really likes a guy and is friends with his younger sister. The younger sister knows that my friend is straight and has strong feelings for her brother, yet she is still in love with my friend. The younger sister is bipolar and blames her depression on my friend and doesn't know what to do because she knows that my friend doesn't feel for her like that. My friend is really stressed out about the situation because she doesn't want to not be friends with the girl and leave her with nobody to talk to, but at the same time she is in an awkward situation. Can someone please give any advice for me to tell her?? I'd really appreciate it!! Thanks all

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  • Does anyone else have this problem? How can i fix it?

    Every time i meet a guy they always try to be more than friends with me when usually that's not what i want. When i explain this to them they get really hurt or mad and then don't want to talk to me at all. On the rare occasion that they do want to stay friends, things are just awkward. I only really have one guy friend, and i like having guys for just friends. How do i get guys to just be friends with me, and not want anything more?

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  • What do i do?

    Ok, so i am in high school and i just met a gu i really really like. we connect very well and have a lot of the same morals and stuff and i would really like to try my chances with him. The problem is that we have a HUGE height difference. see, im fine with a guy being a few inches shorter, but im 5'10" and he is 5'0. ten inches is a lot. so...what do i do? how do i handle it? do i wait for him to get a couple inches taller? help!

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