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  • How can I create a system configuration or compatibility test for my site?

    I work for an online school and we are trying to get a page on our site that will let users test their systems to make sure all requirements are met in order to enroll in our programs. The test that I need to add is similar to the following: or I need to customize it for my needs but I can not find anything that shows how to create a code for this or anywhere to purchase software to do this? All help is much appreciated.

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  • Where is Yahoo Notepad?

    I am going to the link but converts it to which is a calendar. Where the heck is my notepad Yahoo???

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  • Who sings this R&B song from the 80's...?

    it goes like this...bada ba bada ba, badi yadi yadi yada. There's a woman singing it. Sounds like Denise Williams but it's not?

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  • Anyone have a direct link to Drjays coupon codes?

    Retailmenot has unreliable codes. Need something that works.

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  • How much should I charge to design a website...

    For a real estate company? Just basic so far with detailed pictures and contact info. And does anyone have any suggestions of what web hosting service I should use? For instance yahoo, go daddy, Lycos, etc.? Which one gives the best for your money? I have a degree in web design but I do layout & design for a magazine so I'm kinda in refresher mode right now.

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  • What are the best anti-virus, spam, adware softwares to use?

    I just got a new lap top and I refuse to use McAfee because last time I got a virus inside of it. I heard AVG is really good is this true?

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  • Ok another stupid software question here...What is OEM?

    What is OEM software? I'm trying to buy some software for a new publishing company & I'm trying to get stuff at a good price.

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  • What's the big difference between Adobe InDesign and Adobe Pagemaker?

    Which one would be better to use for designing a newspaper.

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  • What's the best software to use for creating layouts?

    For newspaper or magazine layouts. I need specifics like the brand, type and prices. All helpful info is appreciated.

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  • Y&R Fans: Are these good spoilers or what?


    Hope will be returning & once again played by Signy Coleman in early February. Her character is dying of pancreatic cancer, and on her death bed she tells then tells Victor Jr. that his biological father is Victor Newman.

    This is a complete shocker!!!! Okay, Katherine confides into Amber about some health related isssues and not only that...................................

    Katherine IS NOT Jill's mother!!!!!!!!!!!


    Victoria Wakes Up

    Phyllis pleads w/Victor to reach out to Nick; Sharon becomes suspicious of Jeff & Gloria {which Sharon does find out about why they got married}; Gloria steals Jeff's credit card number.


    Kay Decides to Retire

    Lily has a photo shoot; Amber suggests that Kay should write a memoir; Kay learns she had a mini-stroke.


    Nikki Wins Her Lawsuit Against Victor

    Brad learns that Victoria is awake; Victor offers J.T. a job; Kay asks Nikki to take over Jabot.

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  • ATWT Fans: Anyone interested in the big shake up on comings & goings?

    I don't know if I'll be interested in watching this show any more after all this happens.

    Grayson McCouch (Dusty) - last aired was Friday, 1/18.

    Cady McClain (Rosanna) - last airdate is Tuesday, 1/29.

    Jennifer Landon (Gwen) & Jesse Soffer (Will) - last airdate in March, will post the actual date once I get it. {They make an exit the same day.

    Scott Bryce (Craig) - last airdate is in the Spring; although he was told he would be let go over the holidays.

    Wally Kurth (Sam) - last airdate is in February.

    Ryan Serhant (Evan) - his last airdate is Thursday, 2/14.

    More to be posted soon as transitions are being made.

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  • Y&R Fans: Any one interested in spoilers?

    Victoria comes out of her coma the week of the 28th. JT promises Reed & Victoria a good life and to protect them from the disfunctional Newman family.

    Katherine gets a health scare and confides in Amber of all people.

    Here comes the quad in business...lets just see how long this will last. {Nick, Jack, Phyllis & Sharon}

    David pushes Nikki to start making wedding plans as soon as the ruling of her & Victor's divorce is final. David doesn't love Nikki, he has one agenda....he owes lots of money to people.

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  • Y&R Fans: Next Week Spoilers?



    ***Reed is taking off the ventilator and can breathe on his own. Just in time for Victoria to come around this month.


    "Jeff and Gloria Decide to Elope"

    April tries to get Heather to leave Genoa City; Nikki learns Victor has frozen her assets.


    "Nikki Agrees to Marry David"

    Victor tells Heather to drop the case against him; Brad turns up at Sharon's hotel door.


    "Victor Fires Nick"

    Brad confesses his feelings to Sharon; Neil warns Cane about his relationship with Lily.


    "Jana Is Released From Prison"

    Nikki is served with Victor's countersuit; Victor vows never to forgive Nikki or Nick.


    "Jack Surprises Sharon"

    Nick and Nikki try one last time to reason with Victor; the finalists are announced in the "Fresh Face of Jabot" contest.

    The following week:The Judge rules on Nikki & Victor's divorce

    Gloria & Kevin decide to plan on framing Jeff for murder

    Jack & Gloria square off about the Abbott Mansion

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  • Y&R Fans: The New Producers & Directors Update?

    Maria Arena Bell and Josh Griffith are the new head writers for Y&R. Bell has written for B&B also. She is the wife of Bill Bell Jr.

    Lynn Marie Latham is in fact a goner. The network will probably release this information once the writers strike is over. Y&R is NOT affected by the writers strike! Right now Sony Exec. Steve Kent is running the show until a replacement is named. Kent's title is Senior Exec. Vice-President of Programming and he oversees Y&R and Days of our Lives.

    The producers are Sally McDonald & Anthony Morina has been promoted to Supervising Producer.

    Sally has been a Y&R director for many years and on several game shows.

    Anthony Morina has directed on Y&R also for years w/his wife Sally Sussman Morina, in which they have both recieved nominations and won emmys.

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  • Y&R Fans: New Upcoming Spoilers?

    Nikki slips by telling Victor that she doubts his innocence in the snow storm and Nikki turns down Victor's offer to leave David and he will not call in her loans. Victor then decides to sue Chancelor Industries. Also Victor is arrested @ Newman. (someone has set him up) after he beats this.......Y&R is looking to cast a new love interest for Victor.

    Cane & Lily "FINALLY" kiss.

    JT tells Victor he has found nothing on David Chow.

    Brad tries to enlist Phyllis' help to break up Jack & Sharon. Brad knows that Phyllis hates Sharon and does not want to see her w/Jack. Phyllis thinks about the suggestion but turns him down in fear of Nick & Sharon rekindling. Sharon tells Brad that even though she has decided to stay w/Jack for Noah's sake she still has doubts about her decision. Brad hopes to capitalize on those doubts.

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  • Y&R Fans: Here are some 2008 previews for you?

    Collen/JT: FYI: Don't count on them for more than nothing than a rekindled friendship. {THAT'S IT} JT is commited to Vikki.

    Jack/Sharon/Gloria/Brad: Jack and Gloria square off over John's inheritance, w/surprising results Jack learns the letter from John is not a forgery and they may call a truce. Sharon commits to making her marriage work w/Jack. But Brad will not stand by and let her make what he thinks is a huge mistake. Jack & Brad will go head to head over Sharon again.

    Jack/Phyllis/Nick: Sharon has been to Nick for advise on Jack, but we will see Nick go to Sharon on advise for Phyllis. Nick will have a hard time w/Phyllis' relationship w/Jack and suspects old sparks to fly.

    Lily/Cane: The romance between Lily and Cane will heat up, although there is a big age difference Cane can't keep his mind off her and Neil's not too happy about it, so Karen steps in to try to move things faster along between her & Neil to keep his mind off his daughter's relationships.

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  • Y&R Comings/Goings...About LML this may good news to some?


    Other Stuff

    TUESDAY, JANUARY 2, 2008

    Y&R -- AMELIA HEINLE will put in appearances as Victoria on THURSDAY, DECEMBER 27 and again on TUESDAY, JANUARY 2, 2008


    Y&R -- EILEEN DAVIDSON will be returning to Genoa City when Ashley returns home to visit brother Jack on December 28, January 2 and 3.

    WK 12/17 SUMMARY

    Cane makes a difficult decision about his relationship w/Lily. Nikki enlists unlikely allies when she decides to sue Victor. Amber's spending habits trigger Daniel's suspicions. Sharon & Nikki become roommates. The DNA match on Victoria's baby comes in that J.T. is the baby's father and names him Reed. Victor's target decides to sue VICTOR! Jack insists that he will to change.

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  • Y&R fans: Brief Spoilers for Next Week & Holiday?


    "J.T. Is the Father"

    Michael agrees to represent Jana; Jack gets the wrong idea when he witnesses a friendly gesture between Brad and Sharon.


    "J.T. Names the Baby"

    Cane tells Lily they can only be friends; Nikki tells Victor she is suing him.


    "Nikki is Determined to Make Victor Pay"

    Phyllis tells Sharon to read Jack's letter; the gang celebrates Summer's birthday.


    "Daniel Becomes Suspicious of Amber"

    Kay asks Victor to back down; Neil invites Karen to spend the holidays with him.


    "Nick Tries to Make Peace With Victor"

    Sharon struggles with telling Noah the truth; Kay and Nikki persuade Jack to join the lawsuit.

    Holiday Week....

    A big snowstorm has the residents of GC stranded w/unlikely partners, David who surprises Nikki with an unexpected proposal. Victor has turned the tables on Nikki & Katherine. Sharon makes a decision about her future w/Jack, who gets a surprise visit from Ashley.

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  • B&B Fans: Some Spoilers for Next Week?


    Stephanie and Ridge share a close moment; Stephanie saddens when she thinks of the holidays she and Eric have shared together.


    Stephanie cancels Christmas.


    A shocking confession is made; Stephanie delivers a message to Stephen in jail.


    Ridge convinces Eric not to let down Stephanie; the Logan children stick together.


    Stephen makes amends with his children; Eric shares his plans with Donna and gives her a special Christmas gift.

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  • Y&R Fans: Spoilers and Stuff?

    These are for you Deble

    Daniel starts becoming really suspicious of Amber, meaning she is spending lots of money.

    Sharon & Nikki will begin to bond again once they become room-mates.

    Cane likes Lily, alot-alot but he comes to a painful realization about their relationship.

    "What Comes Around, Goes Around" Angry that Victor is calling in her loan, Nikki decides to sue him and enlists some unlikely allies to join her.

    Cane & Lily reminisce about their childhood and nearly kiss.

    Nick vows to make this a happy Christmas for Noah & Sharon, b/c Sharon begins to lose faith in her marriage. When Sharon later admits to Nick that she is having a tough time forgiving Jack he reminds her that Jack did rescue them when they were all trapped in the rubble. He also syas he believes that Jack really loves her! Jack says he wants to change and admits he needs help in doing so, but where does he go for help and who comes to him......PHYLLIS! Then things get shaky for Nick & Phyllis.

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