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  • Anxiety. Stress. Or OCD. HELP.?

    I've just starting to notice I may have an anxiety disorder. I haven't been diagnosed because i haven't seen an psychologist or psychiatrist. But here's my story: note I'm 21 currently,.. All my life I've been a worrier I think, but it usually will go away after so long. I was afraid to use towels or anything of that nature that had a stain or any kind of mark on it. I was dating this guy who broke my heart and sent me into a world of depression. I also I obsessed over him for a long time almost. Now I have this new job and I'm obsessing over making a mistake and losing my job. I'm so confused I need help asap. I need to see someone to help me get over my fears and stop this obssessing . Also, al my life I have been called "GAY", I never really knew my sexual orientation until later in life (now). I still to this day hate being called GAY. Being called gay makes me obssess and cry constantly . But my ocd or whatever mental disorder I may have didn't flare up until I broke up with my boyfriend and he broke my heart that's when it went into full gear. Help me please. Refer me to someone. Where do I start to get help? Please help me understand.... 😓

    3 AnswersMental Health5 years ago
  • My boyfriend and I broke up.?

    My boyfriend and I broke up after 10 months of dating. We had a very vad public split. We were together 10 months December would have made a year. For some reason, I can't get him out of my head. I wake up in the morning and he's there. I go to sleep and hes there. This is my first relationship. Anyone know if this is normal, and how long will he stay in my head? Also, how long do it take to move on, I find it hard to move on. What do I need to do?

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  • Was it lust or love?

    I was in a relationship with this guy for 10 months. We finally broke up recently. I was so hurt and devastated. I am not sure if I was in love or lust. I always wanted to have sex but after sex it was like whats next. Also, is it normal to obssess over someone once y'all break up, how long does this anxiety stage last?

    3 AnswersSingles & Dating6 years ago
  • I am a gay man?

    Me and my boyfriend have been seeing each other for a long time. I recently started getting bumps between my legs when he kiss me between my legs. I'm curious, what could it be and what should I do?

  • My Experian credit score is "605".?

    I don't understand why I can't get a credit card or anything in my name. I have a experin credit score that's 605 in only 8 inquires in my name. Can someone give me advice. What should I do to increase my credit score?

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  • Drivetime?

    Is Drivetime a good place to buy a car with no established credit. Also, are the cars overpriced?

    2 AnswersBuying & Selling6 years ago
  • i applied for a payday loan?

    I applied for a payday loan and the funds were sent electronically to my bank. I see no deposit into my bank account. Why is it taking so long, when should i expect the funds?

    1 AnswerCredit6 years ago
  • I applied for a Student Loan.?

    Okay, I applied for a student loan through my school. I applied for a federal student loan. It was processing and now it says, 'Loan will be processed once there is a schedule". What does that mean exactly?

    1 AnswerFinancial Aid6 years ago
  • first time student loan?

    I applied for a student loan through my school, I will like to know is there a way a can check the status of that on the internet. It was a Government Student Loan.

    1 AnswerFinancial Aid6 years ago


    1 AnswerFinancial Aid6 years ago
  • my mom is on my fafsa?

    I put my mom on my fafsa and I also filed a amended return. If i put my mom on my fafsa but she didnt carry me on her taxes will that interfere with my federal student loan. Also, I also filed an amended tax return. Will i br able to get my federal student loan of i filed a amended tax return. I am a second time freshmen and this will b my first loan. I am 20 years old.

    2 AnswersFinancial Aid6 years ago
  • I filed my amended return March 1, 2014?

    I filed my amended return on March 1, 2014. I checked the status return online and it said to call the irs number and gave me an extension, because it was not processed. Anyone know the possible reason for this?

    3 AnswersUnited States7 years ago
  • How old do you have to be for a Sallie Mae student loan?

    I am only 20 years old as of now, but when I was 19 I applied for a Sallie Mae student loan to meet the cost of my education needs. I was denied. I don't understand why, I know a lot of people older then me with horrible credit and still got a student loan. I didn't have a lot of credit but I did pay off two things. Why did they deny me, what do I need to do. For people my age, whats the best loan for education? Help Please!!

    2 AnswersFinancial Aid7 years ago
  • Can my brother co-sign on a parent plus loan for me? My brother is 21.?

    I will like to attend school out of state, and of course, I will be charged the out of state tuition rate. The school is Wisconsin. Also, my dad lives there in Wisconsin and I am a dependent student of my father though I live in Mississippi. Also, my brother is 22.

  • the state of florida racist?

    Is Florida racist?

    9 AnswersGovernment7 years ago
  • us embassy?

    What is a us embassy? What do the people work there do?

    2 AnswersEmbassies & Consulates7 years ago
  • I have 51 credit inquiries in my name.?

    As a teen I applied for numerous items and got turned down. I now have 51 credit inquires in on my credit report which drastically ruin my credit. I will like to know how i will it take for these credit inquires to go away?

    3 AnswersCredit7 years ago
  • When you amend a tax return? How long?

    I amended my taxes, and they received them on 3/1/2014. I will like to know how long will it take for it to say adjusted and then complete, I know the whole process take 8-12 weeks, I'm wondering will it say adjusted before 8-12 weeks are up.

    4 AnswersUnited States7 years ago