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Mrs.Frank Sinatra

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  • what's the name of this 80's or 90's song?

    it's sung by women (the chorus at least) & goes "ah ah ahhh ah ah ah"

    and it sounds like a really easy going song.

    Sorry that's all the info I have, Please if you have any idea of what song it might be let me know. I NEED to know the name of that song.

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  • Can an Italian speaker translate these lyrics for me please?

    C'e la luna mezz'o mare

    Mamma mia me maritari,

    Figghia mia, a cu te dari

    Mamma mia pensaci tu.

    Si ci dugnu lu babberi

    Iddu va, Iddu veni

    'u rasolu manu teni.

    Si ci pigghia la fantasia

    Ti rasulia la figghia mia.


    O Mamma, piscia fritta baccala

    O Mamma piscia fritta baccala.

    Si ci dugnu falignami

    Iddu va, iddu veni

    'u chianuzzu manu teni.

    Si ci pigghia la fantasia

    Ti chiannuzulia la figghia mia.

    Si ci dugnu lu scapparu

    Iddu va, iddu veni

    'u matteddu manu teni.

    Si ci pigghia la fantasia

    Ti matteddia la figghia mia.

    Si ci dugnu zuppunaro

    Iddu va, iddu veni

    'u zappuni manu teni.

    Si ci pigghia la fantasia

    Ti zappunia la figghia mia.

    Si ci dugnu macillaiu

    Iddu va, iddu veni

    La sasizza manu teni.

    Si ci pigghia la fantasia

    Ti sasizzia la figghia mia.

    Si ci dugnu piscialiolu

    Iddu va, iddu veni

    E lu pisci manu teni.

    Si ci pigghia la fantasia

    Ti pisciulia la figghia mia.

    Also, none of the lazy marry stuff.

    Grazie :]

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  • FREE Zune movie downloads?

    where can I get some other than limewire.

    If you know of a website even better, but make sure you don't have to pay anything.

    & idc if it's illegal.

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  • question about free ZUNE movie downloads?

    where can I get free movie downloads for my zune?

    [somewhere that isn't limewire, I'm really looking for a website that I can download movies out of]

    so if you know of a website where I can download movies for free please let me know =]

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  • how do I hide specific detail sections in my myspace but leave the others?

    I would like to hide the sections of heroes, movies & television but leave the other ones.

    Don't say put a <z> because I want to hide the titles too.

    First answer that works will get the 10 points.

    Thanks =]

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  • Italian Spanish speakers, did you find it easy learning Spanish knowing how to speak Italian?

    I've noticed the similarity in the languages so I was wondering.

    grazie, gracias.

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  • Anyone know where I can get rose flavored Turkish delights in Miami?

    I have never tried them and I keep hearing they are really good, thanks. Best answer will go to the first right answer.

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  • I need answers from animal psychologists or people who know about animal psychology.?

    I need to know this for a career project:

    what will be the demand for this occupation in the next 5 year?

    how much can you expect to get paid?

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  • Know any good songs preferably from the 60's and 70's, jazz or Classical?

    don't get me wrong I like some modern music too but I love oldies.

    As long as it's not rap or reggue I'll listen to it. I like to listen to music where you can hear the instruments.

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  • if you are confident in yourself, please answer this..?

    1) what makes you confident in yourself?

    2) Do you think when people give you compliments on the way you look and or your personality it helps boost your confidence?

    3) How important are positive and or negative comments of others to your self esteem?

    4) Lastly do you feel comliments are nescesary to have a high self esteem?

    Thanks for the help, I'm curious to how much people pay attention to the comments of others and how much they let it affect them.

    Also those are some questions I have which are relative, If you just want to answer one or just write about what makes you confident in yourself then that's great.

    thanks =]

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  • crank that kosha boy???

    this song is so funny, anyone know the lyrics?

    toda =]

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  • Cingular/ AT&T- how much is text messaging alone per phone?

    We have a family plan with 4 phones and I just wanted to know how much text messaging was per phone and if the texts are roll over like the minutes?

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  • Natural Resources in Coniferous/ Boreal Forests (Taiga) ???? Please Help!?

    I need to know some Natural resources and Places of Interest of Coniferous/ Boreal Forests (Taiga).

    If you know something please tell me.

    also if you know of a website containing information on Taiga and it's natural resources that would be very helpful, Thanks =]

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  • TURN ON'S/ OFF'S [survey for guys, will really help out with a project.] please take it!?





    Has a nice butt:

    Plays musical instrument:

    Is taller than you:

    Is shorter than you:

    Has green eyes:

    Has blue eyes:

    Has brown eyes:

    Has hazel eyes:

    Has long hair:

    Has med. hair:

    Has short hair:

    Drinks alcohol:

    Smokes cig's:

    Smokes weed:

    Has blonde hair:

    Has brown hair:

    Has black hair:

    Has red hair:

    Calls you just to say hi:


    Compliment you:

    Belly piercings:

    Tramp Stamp:

    Doesn't party:

    Likes to party:

    Wants to party:

    laughs a lot:



    Has enormous breasts:

    Has small breasts:



    Shy and quiet:



    self centered:



    tells you how they feel:

    likes sports:

    plays sports:

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  • Biologists or science teachers help please!?

    I need to know why some "biologists are of the opinion that coconut palms are not true trees" ??? your opinion on the subject and why you feel that way will be of great help also, thanks.

    2 AnswersBotany1 decade ago
  • Dumbledore in love with Gellert Grindelwald???

    for those who read the last book, so Dumbledore is really gay??? I never expected it

  • Jewish ancestry???

    My ancestors were Jewish from my dad's side, and were forced to convert to Christianity during the spanish inquistion. I have always had a special interest in the Jewsih culture and religion. Not so long ago I found out about my ancestors [not to mention all the crap and persecution they had to put up with ever since they were slaves in Sicily] and I felt even more interested in the Jewsih culture, I really like it and might someday convert to Judaism but could I identify myself as jewish? I know in orthodox judaism you are only jewish if your mother is jewish but jews are decendents of Abraham and since my ancestors were jewish aren't I a decendent of Abraham? And then I have heard I am jewish but not by religion [or yet anyway] so I'm confused, It's very sad that because of anti-semitism I'm not jewish. And most of my family is Christian so they had told me about Jesus and what not but that never made sence to me [though perhaps that has nothing to do with the jewish ancestry].

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  • Please, Please answer! Clarinet players!!!?

    I am going to start playing the clarinet and I just wanted to know what are some good clarinet brands and good reed brands, also the cost would be quite helpful, thanks =]

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  • question for clarinet players..?

    I am going to start playing the clarinet and I just wanted to know what are some good clarinet brands and good reed brands, also the cost would be quite helpful, thanks =]

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