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  • Pre-Construction Prices?

    I am looking at a new phase within a large neighborhood being started. It has not been built yet and they are offering pre-construction prices? I am aware of the bargaining power with spec homes, but not pre-built homes? Is it realistic to ask them for a year of no payments and 10-15k in options,plus or minus a 10k price reduction?? New construction companies are offering up to 50k in free options, or free land, or free basements with free options.


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  • Making an offer on New construction home?

    Hi there,

    I am looking to purchase a new home. In Illinois the market is not very good with buying and selling homes. Some home builders are offering 50000 in upgrades, low interest rates plus 10% off on further options, others are saying "whatever you want" others are offering 35-40k off on spec duplexes, another is offering free land. I am looking at a single family home for 195$ base price. This is the builder offering incentives in however I'd like them, just no set incentive.

    So, my question. Is it feasible to ask for 10% downpayment paid, closing costs paid and 10k in options?

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  • Invisible Fence?

    Who has an invisible fence? what are your experiences with it?

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  • Kenmore or Fridgidaire Fridge?

    I am looking to buy a fridge and was curious which brand is better?

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