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  • Taekwondo Studio Charging a Yearly Insurance Belt Testing Fee ( more like a maintenance fee in a gym facility ). What is your take on this ?

    My last Dan Testing which was over 5 months ago was Paid in Full. And I'm under the assumption that everything was included in that Dan Testing Fee. Yet now I'm being told my membership association is expired and they need a payment from me immediately for insurance purposes! I'm very skeptical on these type of things as this does not make any sense. I'm not saying I'm not going to pay it but why is this not included in the Dan Fee in the first place and why do Taekwondo Schools make you pay an extra yearly maintenance insurance fees ?

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  • This Taekwondo Studio I currently train at is a very good school however the owner/master charges very high prices.?

    Black Belt Club (includes Unlimited Training) = $372.00 per month for one person

    Standard Training Monthly Tuition Rate = $250.00 per month for one person

    Other Taekwondo Schools in the area charge between $110 to $160 per month for Monthly Tuition Training which is the average in the area. I just don't understand why this owner/master has to charge to such ridiculously high prices. Your not going to get any potential students to sign up once they see that high monthly price tag as it will be a big turn off to them.

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  • Is the Galaxy Note 3 worth the purchase ?

    Currently have the 5s and been an iPhone user all my life. Is it worth switching to the Note 3 ? and why ??

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  • 13" Haswell Macbook Air i5 1.3ghz or 13" Retina Macbook Pro i5 2.6ghz?

    13" Haswell Macbook Air

    Dual Core i5 1.3ghz

    256gb PCIe Flash Storage

    4gb memory


    13" Retina Macbook Pro

    Dual Core i5 2.6ghz

    256gb Flash Storage

    8gb memory

    - running Aperture, iPhoto, iMovie, Camtasia, and little bit of World of Warcraft Gaming

    - might try using Final Cut and Adobe later on...

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  • Taekwondo 4th Dan at 18 Years Old ?

    This girl at this Taekwondo School says she earned her 4th Degree Black Belt when she turned 18. This school is not ATA, but a chain franchise school called "Robinson's Taekwondo" here in Northern California. I'm highly doubting that's she is a legitimate 4th Dan unless I see valid Kukkiwon Credentials, as I've never heard of an 18 year old earning their 4th Dan that young of an age! I only know the first and last name of this girl, so how would I verify this with Kukkiwon ??

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  • TSA Policy with Martial Arts Equipment ?

    Can I pack my Uniform and Belt as a Carry-On item on the plane or does it have to be checked-in ??

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  • Taekwondo Dan Fees.. Average Cost ?

    what is the average cost for Taekwondo Black Belt Dan Fees ?? If the school is within an association but also adheres to the Kukkiwon Curriculum, would there be more of a charge as in this association

    below ?

    UWTA - United World Taekwondo Association ( Main Location: Roseville, CA )

    1st Dan - $550

    2nd Dan - $750

    3rd Dan - $950

    4th Dan - $1150

    5th Dan - $1350

    6th Dan - $1550

    7th Dan - $1750

    .. amount goes up every $200 as you advance higher in rank !!

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  • Taekwondo School Opinion ?

    Need your personal opinion on this Taekwondo School Organization.. are there mainly in it for the money or for quality instruction ??

    - Free Trial to try out a Class

    - 2 or 3 Year Contract Required if decide to sign up.. $200 down payment fee (includes 2 uniforms and belt).. Contract can be cancelled w/o penalty on the 3rd Class day, medical injury, move more than 25 miles away..

    - $200.00 Cancellation Fee if chose to cancel contract later on..

    - $100.00 monthly tuition fee

    - School organization uses a 3rd source Company to collect monthly tuition fees via EFT Electronic Funds Transfer.. company is called Education something!

    - Color Belt Testings held every 2 months / Black Belt Testings held Twice a Year in Spring and Fall

    - Black Belt Dan Fees; 1st Dan - $550, 2nd Dan - $750, 3rd Dan - $950, 4th Dan - $1150, etc.. cost amount goes up every $200 dollars (payment of Dan Fees is spread out every 3 months, so making a payment of $100 every 3 months)

    - Tiny Tigers Classes for Children / Kickboxing Classes for Teens and Adults

    - Summer Camp held on a 3 day weekend which costs XXX.XX per person..

    - Black Belt Club (open to color belts.. includes a special uniform / again another contract here)

    - Instructor Trainee Course (not mandatory, but again another contract here.. when I asked the instructor for the overall cost of this course, the instructor declined to comment)

    - School has their TKD Website URL printed on some of their Clothing Apparel.. for example

    "TKD School"

    - School Name printed on Sparring Gear and Back of Dobok Uniforms

    - School Organization Practices both WTF and ITF Style

    - School Organization adheres to the Kukkiwon Curriculum

    - the School Organization sells Dobok Uniforms at a much higher price point than what you can find online.. for example I can get an Adidas Dobok online for $40. the school charges $40 to $50 dollars more for that same exact Adidas Dobok!!

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  • Kukkiwon Certificate and ID ?

    How long does it take to get your Kukkiwon Certificate and ID ?? Do they send it your home address or to your TKD school ?

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  • 19 Year Old 4th Dan Taekwondo ?

    Is it possible for a 19 year old to be a legitimate 4th Dan Kukkiwon Taekwondo ?? On kukkiwon it says 18 years old 3rd to 4th Dan if starting from Poom...

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  • 13" MacBook Air or 13" MacBook Pro Retina ?

    heading to Apple Store in 2 hours and trying to make a decision:

    13" MacBook Air 1.8Ghz or 13" MacBook Pro with Retina Display 2.5Ghz ??

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  • Galaxy S4 or iPhone 5 ?

    If you had to choose between the Galaxy S4 or the iPhone 5, which model would you go with and why ??

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  • 4th Dan TKD and College Student ?

    Would you train under someone who is a 4th Dan Taekwondo and College Student ? This female TKD practitioner claims she is a 4th Dan TKD and is a 1st Year College Student !!

    I'm finding this to be very fishy, as the Black Belts in my previous school have trained 10 to 12 years from 1st Dan to 4th Dan !!! I've also seen a few Black Belts at this Current school who are 3rd Dans and don't even look 18 years old or older !!

    Kukkiwon Time and Age Limits:

    1st to 2nd - 1 year (16 yrs old)

    2nd to 3rd - 2 years (18 yrs old)

    3rd to 4th - 3 years (21 yrs old)

    Facts about this school

    - Blacks Belts are Kukkiwon Certified

    - is a WTF School and ITF

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  • What are an Athletic Trainer ATC and ATS Job Duties and Responsibilities ?

    What are the Job Duties and Responsibilities of an ATC Athletic Trainer and ATS ? If you can give me a brief overall description of each ATC and ATS, I would really appreciate it !!

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  • Plastic and Non-Plastic Examples ?

    What are some examples of plastics and non-plastics that a person would encounter everyday ?

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  • Is Geek Squad's Accidental Damage Plan Reliable ?

    Buying a 15" Retina MacBook Pro from either Best Buy or the Apple Store.. Since im spending over $2K on this laptop, I would also like to have some Damage Protection as Apple does not provide any!

    Is it worth the extra $149 for the 1 Year Geek Squad Accidental Damage Protection Plan ??

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  • Best Buy Accidental Damage Plan worth it?

    I'm planning on buying a MacBook Pro from Best Buy tomorrow along with the 1 Year Accidental Damage Plan.. I asked the Employee if they would have to ship it to their repair center if I brought it in for Cracking the Screen or Dropping it.. the guy told me they would just replace it right there and then ? Was just curious if this guy is lying to me or not telling anything else I should know ??

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  • Best Buy Accidental Damage Plan worth it ?

    I'm planning on buying a MacBook Pro from Best Buy tomorrow along with the 1 Year Accidental Damage Plan.. I asked the Employee if they would have to ship it to their repair center if I brought it in for Cracking the Screen or Dropping it.. the guy told me they would just replace it right there and then ? Was just curious if this guy is lying to me or not telling anything else I should know ??

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  • 13" Retina or 15" Retina MBPro ?

    Deciding between a 13" Retina Dual-Core i5 128GB Flash or the 15" Retina 2.3Ghz Quad Core i7 256GB Flash ??

    Primary use for Video/Photo Editing, and WoW Gaming and Diablo 3...

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  • IPad Mini Availability ?

    Does anyone know if the Apple Retail Stores have any iPad Mini's currently in stock? Just looking to get a 16gb Wifi only model..

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