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I am an interior public bathroom decorator. I love taking nice showers in the bathroom stalls after closing time while listening to death metal! YAAAAAAAAY! Shoo-pah!

  • Xbox 360 spoofing hard drive through USB/hardmod?

    So I'm fairly new to experimenting with the Xbox 360's hardware/software. I just finished putting iXtreme on with JungleFlasher to play my backups. I'd like to hookup a regular HDD to it thru USB and use something like jtag to get the system to recognize the USB HDD as game storage. Has anyone else done this yet?

    I'm using original/self repaired system, so I don't want to go out and spend much $$ on something that may not work tomorrow, plus the drives sold for the Xbox are horribly priced!


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  • Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 S?

    Tomorrow I'm going to Target or BestBuy, and when I'm there I'm going to buy either a Playstation 3 or the new Xbox 360 S.

    I need your guys' help, I don't care about BluRay, hardware issues, or having to pay for Live, so which one and why? They say PS3 has better exclusives, but 360 has better Online and better looking cross-platform games.

    I just want to buy one, play it, and know I made the right decision.

    I've been reading about both, and it's given me a headache, and I think my headache even has a headache...

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  • Xbox 360 3 & 2 red light error fixing?

    I have a 360 which had the 3 red lights (the Red Ring of Death), which I ended up fixing.

    The 360 now turns on and will play games, but 15-30 minutes in it will quit and gives the flashing 2 red lights, which apparently means it's over heating. I have an external fan to cool it off, but it still happens.

    I have read that after fixing the RRoD, you might have to overheat the GPU and not the CPU to stop it from doing that, but I wanted to double check with someone who may have had the same experience first. The error code is (0011).

    Any help would be nice,


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  • Do new hard drives come formatted?

    Hey hey, so I bought a Western Digital hdd today to replace the one in one of my older desktops. Somehow, I have gone all this time without ever having to install an OS myself (XP recovery disks, yay!). The guide I'm reading says that you need to have the drive formatted before installing the OS (I intend on going NTFS), but I wanted to know if I need to do that since it's a brand new drive. Anyone know? Thanks.

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  • What is the common use translation of this German phrase?

    "In Bearbeitung" Please don't use a translator. It shows as "In Progress", but is it used for a certain action? How would a fluent German speaker use it?

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  • Free online temporary cell phone number?

    I'm filling out stupid surveys and a lot of them require you to receive a text message they send to you. Problem is that I don't have a cell phone, thus no texting. Is there a site where I can get a phone number to give and receive the messages via internet? Thanks.

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  • Uninstall Ubuntu dualboot?

    I recently installed Ubuntu linux Intrepid Ibex on my PC as a dual boot with WinXP, but it just hasn't worked out well, so I want to uninstall just Ubuntu and leave XP alone(and resize my partition to give xp its space). I have looked breifly at some topics but they all seem to need your WinXp install disks to reinstate XP loader. I read that just formatting the linux partition would leave Ubuntu's loader and eff things up. Is there a way I can uninstall Ubuntu and go back to the way it was before it was installed without the damn XP disk?

    1 AnswerSoftware1 decade ago
  • vista laptop doesn't see DVD/CD drive?

    ok, so my dv6646us HP laptop has stoop recognizing my dvd/cd reader, I've had this problem before, which helped me solve, except this time, those UPPERFILTER and LOWERFILTER files AREN"T THERE! so does anyone know how to fix this?

    3 AnswersOther - Computers1 decade ago
  • Can I use my XP key to download a copy of the os from Microsoft?

    Ive had xp on my desktop for 4 years and I want to format and reinstall Xp, but I never got the xp discs. So my question is, is there a way to use my XP product key to download a genuine set of discs from MS?

    3 AnswersSoftware1 decade ago
  • Removing leftover parts of smitfraud.exe for good?!

    My computer was recently infected with the smitfraud.exe virus, and after using smitfraudfix, AVG and MBAM, and SpyBot, it looks like I have gotten the majority of infections, but AVG periodically shows a Fake_AntiSpyware.YR as well as a Zlob.Downloader.

    Every time these show, I delete them, but they seem to come back within a day... does anyone know a way to get rid of them for good? Or is there a way I can manually delete or block these from re-entering my system?

    3 AnswersSecurity1 decade ago
  • I need a driver for my DVD/CD drive!!?

    I have the HP dv6646us and all of a sudden my DVD/CD drive stopped working, the drive itself is ok, but the computer does not recognize it. I uninstalled the driver for it to see if i could reinstall it, but i cannot find the drivers for it anywhere/ the model is:


    if you can give me a link to the driver or perhaps you have the file on your pc or laptop and you could email it to me please,


    5 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks1 decade ago
  • Psp homebrew?

    ok, so what are some useful apps for psp, i have installed DevHook .52 from scratch to em. fw3.03 from fw1.5 and installed IrShell... but thats it, i have been away from homebrew since '06 so i don't know whats new besides those apps, so whats new and where can i get it?

    and also, if anyone knows where i can get the lirc, cff, or text doc codes for the directv remote rc32, it would be helpful, and dont tell me to google it or anything because ive already done that.


    3 AnswersPlayStation1 decade ago
  • PSP video converter?

    Ok, so is there a type of homebrew video converter that i can use without have to connect my psp to a computer... for example, if i downloaded a video in an unsupported format to my psp's memory, then went into the homebrew app, picked the location of the video file, and it trans-coded it all on my psp...

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  • Question of the day: # umm.. how bout 19.857 (?)?

    Ok Nuclear War breaks out and radiation is everywhere... what survives???

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  • Are you sure...?

    Mann, who else hates those things that say, for example 'are you SURE you want to delete this file?'

    Cuz just now i was clearing out my junk e-mail folder and it asked that, and i was like 'Yeah mann, of course- its my junk email that was IN my JUNK EMAIL foler, why would i NOT want to delete it, do you think i should keep my junk email...Yahoo email program?' jeeeeeeeeeeez

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  • American Revolution?

    ok peoples, so my question for today... (its not really a QUESTION.. i guess)

    Please describe the end of the American Revolution.

    Thanks to all.

    6 AnswersHistory1 decade ago
  • Zodiac movie messup?

    i want ppl to correct me if im wrong here, so in the movie where the zodiac stabs the guy and his girlfriend, the guy survives and sees the zodiacs face, then at the end of the movie, when the investigator meets with the man in the Ontairio airport the guy looks at the pictures and says thats the man who shot me. so my question is, is this the guy who survived that was stabbed, making it a goof in the movie or what?? plz help

    2 AnswersMovies1 decade ago
  • Criticism on Allen Ginsberg poems?

    im doing a project on poet Allen Ginsberg, but it requires me to find criticism of 1 poem besides 'howl', but i cannot find any, the only site that has any is made with FrieFox, and i cannot read it.If anyone has their own critique or knows where to find it, i need to know,

    the preffered peoms are 'Homework', 'Haiku', 'An Eastern Ballad', 'CIA Dope Calypso', 'Crossing Nation' or 'First party at ken kessys with Hells Angels'

    2 AnswersPoetry1 decade ago
  • Xbox usb hookup w/o cutting xbox cable?

    i want to put linux on my xbox, but without hacking apart a controller. is there any other way to hook up an xbox to a computer or to put linux on it? and i dont want to buy a cable...

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  • Beavis & Butthead?

    Does anyone know where i can download full b&b episodes?


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