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  • Why do people believe global warming is a threat, when 30 years ago the threat was cooling and a NEW ice age?

    When I was a kid the big threat was a new ice age, and my friends and I used to hear this crap and wonder if we all would have to move to Florida or somewhere hot (from Minnesota). Now its warming and the least likely experts (actors) are the most vocal. Explain? Explain to me where Leonardo DiCaprio gets his expertise? He skipped higher education for limo's, planes, world travel, hot brazilian models, etc... now he's an expert on global warming? Why were average temperatures so much higher in the early 1930's than today? Why were the so cool in the 70's? Why are they high today? Consider earth is young in the big picture and we are thousands of years old, a few decades is in each direction (even a thousand years) isn't even a fraction of the data necessary to determine a long term trend when the history is millions of years??????

    Please go back to acting Leo, you are so so at that and the payoff is much better (models, travel, etc...)

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